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Amazing DIY beaded belts
Amazing DIY beaded belts

Look from afar - an interesting belt with a pattern. But looking closer, you understand that it is made of the smallest grains of multi-colored beads. And such painstaking work attracts your eye and fascinates for a long time. So why not try to create such beauty with your own hands? A beaded belt is great for many wardrobes, for many styles. And in the eyes of others, you will be the owner of a truly chic accessory.

Basic techniques for creating an embroidered belt

There are several ways to create a unique piece of clothing. They will differ in the time spent, and resources, and your imagination. You can always combine several techniques into a single one, then you will end up with an original thing. Check out the basic options for how to make a beaded belt:

  • woven fabric made of beads and nylon thread or fishing line for weaving,
  • openwork weaving from the same materials,
  • embroidery with beads on a satin ribbon,
  • beaded embroidery on leather belt,
  • soutache belt.

Of course, such accessories will not become superfluous in your wardrobe. Therefore, pay detailed attention to the method you like.

Solid beaded canvas

In addition to beads and fishing line, you will need accessories, scissors and needles. The very essence of weaving is as follows. You collect as many beads on the first row as the width of the belt itself is planned. The second and all subsequent rows are created by adding two beads at a time. Thus, a semblance of a woven scarf is obtained entirely from beads.

Beaded belt with geometric pattern

A separate nuance is the creation of holes in the beaded belt. As with a regular belt, you need gaps for fasteners. And this is done by simply skipping two beads in a row. You can adjust the frequency and number of such holes to suit your needs.

The result is a magnificent accessory, consisting of continuous rows of beads. You can approach the creation of such a thing in another way. Try to weave a similar belt on a special machine. This method takes less time, but the quality will not be affected at all.

Color and story lines of the beaded canvas

In this matter, everyone will decide for themselves. Some choose monotonous one-color belts, others prefer to combine several shades of the same color. Still others make a beaded belt with some pattern or pattern.

Green beaded belt

Amongvariety of schemes for your accessory, there are the most used, for example, floral motifs can be attributed to the classics of the genre. Equally popular are embroidered animals or birds, as well as imitation of a skin pattern. The ornaments on the belts remain relevant and fashionable. Abstract geometric or openwork patterns are used as a universal scheme.

Belt Pattern Ideas

You can use ready-made schemes or come up with your own. You can pick up and replace with your favorite colors in the finished pattern or leave the original source. Everything is entirely up to you.

Openwork belt

In other words, instead of a solid beaded canvas, you adorn your waist with a figured beaded belt. So now, instead of choosing a pattern pattern, you are focusing your attention on embroidering a repeating element from beads. It can be connected flowers, geometric details or any other beaded elements.

Beaded openwork belt

Such belts look great in monochrome, for example, a translucent white belt will be a great addition to the bride's costume. Use bright and rich colors such as yellow, orange, light green, blue. And your accessory will become indispensable in summer outfits. Black or black and white belts will perfectly complement and diversify the official style, giving some zest to a business look.

Beaded Satin Belt

This option is perfect for those who want to use a colored substrate under the bead layer. Asthere will be gaps between the beads, then the background will be slightly visible. Therefore, a satin ribbon will serve as an excellent material for embroidering pictures or a pattern of your future accessory on it.

Beaded belt on a satin ribbon

Among other things, you can make a belt that will hold its shape better, unlike a beaded fabric. To do this, you will need two ribbons of fabric and a ribbon of a more durable material, such as foam rubber or thick cardboard.

Leather and glass beads

An interesting combination is a beaded belt on a leather backing. You can use the finished belt as a base. Or do all the necessary preparatory work yourself from a piece of leather.

Leather belt embroidered with beads

In this case, keep in mind that leather is a material that is strong and thick enough. Therefore, it will be a little more difficult to embroider than on fabric.

Bead elements

Some like a solid beaded fabric, while others prefer to embroider a belt with beads in fragments. In other words, your openwork belt is superimposed on a different base - leather, fabric or another belt.

This way of creating a belt is good because the embroidered pattern will look more voluminous and spectacular than in a solid beaded belt.

Openwork belt

You can use any motifs and patterns, ornaments. Try to use the part of the picture you like and just repeat it throughout the entire belt.

Soutache technique

This technique is distinguished by its sophistication,elegance of lines. Accessories made using the soutache technique perfectly complement the wardrobe of both graceful girls and respectable ladies of the age.

Belt on a satin ribbon

You can create a chic buckle for your belt, make a belt entirely from soutache cord, beads, cabochons. In order for the product to retain its original shape, fix your embroidery on a reliable material. Again, this could be a sturdy leather belt, reinforced satin ribbons, or a felt lining.

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