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Board game "Children of Carcassonne": game rules, reviews
Board game "Children of Carcassonne": game rules, reviews

Among modern board games for children, the "Children of Carcassonne" strategy from Hobby World occupies a prominent place. This is a children's version of the world-famous strategic and economic game "Carcassonne", extremely simplified, but not boring at all. Fascinating and beautifully designed, it is able to brighten up children's and family leisure, bringing a lot of pleasure to the players. In this game, a fun unpretentious plot is ideally combined with simple, extremely clear rules. This version of the famous game is enjoyed by children around the world.

Game genre

According to the genre, "Children of Carcassonne" is a strategy. To play and win, mere luck is not enough. It is a leisurely but dynamic game that requires mental action from the players. Children will have to think carefully about their moves and calculate the further actions of their opponents, make informed decisions that will lead to victory.

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What is the game about? The plot is quite simple and even funny. July 14 is celebrated every year in France. And Carcassonne, one of the country's localities, is no exception. Here, inthis day is fun and frolicking not only children. Domestic animals and birds also have a kind of "holiday". Cows, chickens, cats, piglets, sheep are released to graze, and the animals briskly scatter in different directions. Thus, the children have fun - running around the city and its environs, find and drive all living creatures to their homes.

For what age is it suitable?

The creators of the game indicate that "Children of Carcassonne" is a board game intended for children who have reached the age of 4 years and older. In fact, this is not only children's, but also family entertainment that will make any evening interesting.

Four-year-old children are attracted to the game with a simple plot, bright design, and the opportunity to show logical abilities. According to parents, this entertainment is designed for children up to about 8 years of age, although it all depends on the individual interests of the child.

Due to the simplicity of the rules, children can play this game on their own, without the participation of parents or other adults. In children's companies of preschoolers and younger students, the game can be an exciting and rewarding entertainment.


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The game box contains:

  • 36 land cards that together make up the game board;
  • 32 figures of men (4 colors in total - red, green, yellow and blue, 8 pieces each);
  • detailed game rules.

The quality of game elements is very high. All of them are made from safe and environmentally friendly materials. Bright and colorfulsquares with land plots are made of solid durable cardboard, and figures are made of wood. High wear resistance is one of the game's many benefits.


The rules are very simple, even four-year-olds will have no difficulty understanding them. The game "Children of Carcassonne" is played by 2 to 4 players. Each is given figures of little men of the same color. When there are less than four participants, the figures of "extra" colors do not participate in the game, they are put aside.

Each card shows a piece of land in Carcassonne with paths that pass through the card or run into an object (building, river, well). Children in clothes of different colors are also drawn, running along the paths. Absolutely all cards are joined with each other. Before the start of the game, cards turned face down are shuffled. From the common pile, players take them in turn and place them on the table or on the floor with the images up.

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The goal of the game is to put their figures on the playing field faster than other players. The one who managed to do this is declared the winner. If the cards are over, and no one could arrange all their figures, the one who put up the largest number of them wins.

So, in the strategy "Children of Carcassonne" the rules of the game are as follows:

  1. The first player chooses a card from the pile and places it in the center.
  2. The rest of the players in a certain order (for example, clockwise) do the same. Thus, graduallya map of the area is being built with paths, fields, ponds, buildings.
  3. You need to lay out the card in such a way that at least one of its sides is in contact with the card (cards) that were laid out earlier.
  4. If the path, the sections of which are shown on the cards, closes (like a circle, a loop, or rests with both ends against some object), then the players, the little men whose colors are depicted on this path, put their figures on top.
  5. To get closer to victory, you need to try to build closed lanes with people of your own color, and at the same time, prevent your opponents from doing the same.

On average, each game lasts from 15 minutes to half an hour. The game doesn't get boring. On the contrary, as soon as they finish the game, the children will probably want to repeat the game again and again.

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What are the interests of all parents who plan to buy their children the game "Children of Carcassonne"? Reviews of those who had a chance to try it in action. According to the general opinion of parents, the game definitely deserves the right to take pride of place in the home game library. Everything is good in it: a fascinating plot, colorful design and solid performance. The game is moderately reckless, requires a certain mental activity, and for many children it becomes one of the favorites.

Definitely, "Children of Carcassonne" is an educational game. It does not require a high reaction speed, but it is necessary to think, calculate your moves and the actions of your opponents. Thanks to it, players develop suchqualities like attentiveness, perseverance, logical, strategic and spatial thinking, imagination and prudence.

Having mastered the rules and tricks, learning to think through their own tactics and guess the intentions of the enemy, children will be able to successfully play more complex and exciting strategic and tactical games.

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A child asks for a new interesting board game? Need a good birthday present for friends or relatives? Do you want to replenish your home toy library with something exciting or buy useful fun for kindergarten? In all these cases, the game "Children of Carcassonne" is a good choice, which you will not have to regret. It will give the participants vivid emotions and new impressions.

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