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Schemes of black and white cross stitch: why are they attractive
Schemes of black and white cross stitch: why are they attractive

In order not to lose interest in a new hobby, craftsmen advise starting from the basics, from the simplest pictures. Gradually, as you get more comfortable, you move on to more complex projects.

simple embroidery pattern

Now you will get acquainted with the first steps in embroidery: black and white patterns with a cross, or rather, with their merits. In the photographs you can see examples of work in this technique.

monochrome painting girl

What makes simple options good

You have purchased the necessary materials: canvas, hoop, thread, needles. Back home and start thinking about what's next. There is no secret here - the choice of the scheme of the future picture. Modern computer programs allow you to turn any image into a black and white cross stitch pattern. Therefore, it should not be difficult to choose a plot.

bird embroidery pattern

The first and significant advantage of choosing simple variants of the picture is the speed and ease of implementation. The embroidery process itself is quite long and painstaking, so this hobby is only suitable forassiduous and patient people.

Another big plus, for beginners, black and white cross stitch patterns are a great starting point. Of course, they are also suitable for professionals in their field. But your first attempts should start with the simplest option. After all, beginners first need to fill their hands in speed, in the quality of cross stitching. And only after that move on to complex multi-color paintings.

simple goat embroidery pattern

Simplicity and sophistication in one bottle

It's not without reason that they say that the simpler, the more attractive. This does not mean that complex paintings made in several dozen thread colors are less beautiful or worse. Multi-color images can take months to be created by embroiderers. They turn into true artistic masterpieces.

But ordinary black and white cross stitch patterns turn the canvas into an elegant and rather sophisticated image.

monochrome embroidery on the bag

Here you can draw an analogy with secular evenings: ladies dress in simple black dresses combined with exquisite jewelry. The same two colors are obtained, without pretentiousness and excess.

hoop embroidery

Alternative to colorless selection

Usually, embroidered paintings are framed in a baguette and hung in the interior as a decorative element. Therefore, they are often matched in style and color so that they are in harmony with the room.

black and white simple diagram

Black and white cross stitch patterns use two contrasting colors. Sothat they can always be easily changed. For example, yellow and blue, red and black, pink and purple color combinations.

monochrome embroidery in red

When you are designing a picture for yourself, you can always optionally change the neutral combination to your favorite combination of two thread colors.

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