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DIY leather goods for beginners: photo
DIY leather goods for beginners: photo

People can be divided into two types: the first throw away all unnecessary or broken things, the second put them away until better times or for further restoration. Often, among all such goodness, things made of leather, natural or artificial, come across. Not always a shabby little thing can be restored. Therefore, a completely logical question arises in my head about what can be done with this material.

This article will present the simplest options for making leather products with your own hands and a photo as an example. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy working with this material so much that it will turn into a permanent hobby?

Simple basics of work

The simplest and most accessible action for everyone is to take scissors and cut along the line. And in the end, you get a great bookmark for books.

Firstly, it can be an ordinary leather rectangle. No frills, no pretentiousness, some kind of eleganthandicraft.

tab for books

Secondly, you can always decorate and give a piece of leather individuality. These can be paints on the skin, glued rhinestones or beads, sewn on buttons of an interesting shape or color. Here your taste and preferences already play a role. You can create abstract patterns or come up with a themed pattern. Some people like to sew the edges with decorative tape, which will give a rather rough material a grace.

Third, there is no need to stick to the simplest geometric figure. Quite interesting look bookmarks oval, zigzag, in the shape of a wave or the silhouette of some object. In this case, to begin with, it is better to draw the shape of the future product, and then cut along clear lines.

This option is perfect for lovers of books and diaries. Handmade leather products are always considered unique and original accessories.

If you love decorating keychains

Have you often seen this picture: one key and several key fobs hang on a metal ring? Sometimes it happens. But usually, among several keys, an original and memorable keychain hangs modestly or not very much. This is also a kind of manifestation of individuality and self-expression.

In order for your link pendant to be of excellent quality and last for a long time, you will have to work a little on its creation. And you can come up with hundreds of options for such leather products. With your own hands you will create a unique keychain.

feather keychains

It can be a simple square (or any other geometric figure) of printed material: embossing, paint, thread.

You can cut out two parts of any object or animal, sew them together. It turns out a double-sided keychain. For example, a house, a fish, a heart or an Egyptian pyramid.

Not so long ago, tassel-shaped earrings came into fashion among girls. Why not repeat this idea in your new trendy keychain? So everyone can find their favorite idea and bring it to life.

Pack your glasses and pencils

What do-it-yourself leather products for beginners are available at first? What is your advice to beginners? Another option is covers. It doesn't matter if it's glasses or a knife, stationery or drill bits. Many of you like to keep your things organized.

When it comes to the packaging of a single item, in this case it is enough to sew a kind of bag that fits the size of the two halves.

DIY leather case

But keep in mind that the item is voluminous. And to make it fit comfortably, leave a gap for the thickness.

If you decide to collect all the pencils, you can make a simple folding pencil case.

pencil box

What is he like? Just a regular rectangle of leather with pencil holders (keep in mind that the pencils are just an example). In this case, the cut can be carefully processed or left in its original form. Skin is not fabricwill not bloom.

Artful interior decoration

Probably, you immediately realized that we are talking about a panel. And this is an easy-to-create product from pieces of leather with your own hands. After all, what could be easier? We took the base, attached a few multi-colored scraps to your taste and the original picture is ready.

With due diligence, you can create a certain subject, for example, a landscape or a still life. Otherwise, an attractive abstraction will result.

You can take an ordinary picture canvas as a basis. Using a glue gun (quite convenient and fast), attach the leather cuts. Just try to degrease first so that the future work is securely fixed.

Do not bypass the representatives of the stronger sex

After all, men also have every right to look original and stylish, for example, at some event. And what catches your eye the most? That's right, interesting and unusual accessories.

Now we will talk about ties, bow ties and similar accessories, as well as other leather goods. With your own hands, you can make such beauty a reality.

the bow tie

Firstly, such decorations can be made in one layer or two. In the first case, you will have to carefully cut and process the edges of the product so that everything looks up to par. The material itself must be thick enough so that it does not lose its shape. In the second option, you sew two identical elements together. Therefore, it will be necessary to use sufficiently thin and elastic skin,so that there are no fractures and visually everything looks neat.

Second, move away from template standards. Butterfly does not have to resemble the classic version. Today you can see such products in the form of a bat, wings, tree leaves or any other images. Or you can cut out only the outline of a butterfly from very dense leather. With this approach, you will capture the attention of others for sure.

Spruce up your outfits

It's about creating jewelry. And this is just a bottomless topic for expressing your imagination. It is worth briefly giving examples for each accessory separately.

Earrings, or rather pendants for earwires. Such products are made in the form of tassels (so popular with the representatives of the fragile sex), silhouettes of animals, birds, objects (be original in this matter), round or any other form of double-sided medallions. These earrings are easy to make and make a great addition to any outfit.

leather earrings

Bracelets of all kinds. About twenty years ago, leather threads with knots in several turns around the arm came into fashion. Today you can find any design made of leather: from a simple wide band around the wrist to ribbons of various weaves.

woven pigtail bracelet

The ring doesn't have to be metal. Cut the tape from a piece of leather and fix the desired diameter. The cut can be glued, stitched. And you have an original designer piece.

simple rivet ring

Make some figurines out ofskin, such as balls or circles. Connect everything on one cord - and you are the owner of a fashionable necklace.

A brooch clasp, glue, a leather figurine are three simple ingredients for making a brooch. Put these pieces together for a contemporary piece.

Decoration options for the main material

Making leather goods with your own hands involves the use of additional elements for decoration. And it's quite easy to come up with an interesting decor for your future accessory.

The simplest and most colorful option is to use a special paint for the skin. Taking brushes in hand, you begin to create your most cherished and original ideas. Pieces of skin become a canvas for you, and you yourself become an artist. Ordinary paints will not work for one banal reason: they will not stick well and peel off quickly.

For lovers of glitter, all kinds of rhinestones and sparkles will become indispensable. Using a glue gun or any other suitable glue, lay out the intended pattern. How beautiful the pattern will shimmer in the sun!

Leather edges and cuts can be processed to a presentable appearance. Otherwise, you can decorate with thin ribbons from the skin itself or take textile ribbons. This option will look neat and professional.

More complex, but still suitable for beginners, decorating methods will be embossing with and without foil on genuine leather. With your own hands, you are able to create stylish things with the help of three-dimensional images. Special foil for hot stampingcreates iridescent patterns. And for this it is enough to know how to use a soldering iron. That is, you apply a sheet of foil and the necessary elements to a piece of skin, circle it with a heated tool. And in the end, a brilliant pattern seems to be imprinted on the material. For more complex options, you need to use stamps, hammers for working with leather. But this is a more professional method and a completely different story.

Slice Processing

And now to the technical details. In order for your design creation to look neat and professional, you need to pay attention to the cut edges of the material. You can process a leather product with your own hands at home using commonly available tools. The process is simple, but requires time and accuracy.

  1. First, take ordinary PVA glue, dilute with water in a ratio of 2: 1 and coat all sections with a brush or cotton swab.
  2. Before the solution is completely dry, tap the perimeter with a hammer. Otherwise, your cut will become noticeably thicker than the rest of the skin.
  3. The next step will be sanding the ends with sandpaper. But only after complete drying of the impregnation. For the first run, you can take a grain size of 220.
  4. And now repeat again in a circle: glue solution, hammer, drying the product, rubbing with sandpaper. But now work with a finer, like 600 grit.
  5. Can be repeated a third time with 1000 sandpaper. That is, your task is to bring the state of the slices to the look you need.

That's the whole process.

Choose tools with the right calculation

No need to rush to the store for expensive professional scissors or profile hammers. Especially if a leather product with your own hands will be made in a single copy. In practice, it turns out that everything you need is at hand at home.

If you plan to paint on the skin, then paint can be applied with any brushes available to you. The difference is in the stiffness of the pile, so the paint layer will look different. But any brush will do for the first try.

Rhinestones and other small items for gluing. Firstly, for a comfortable grip, you can take any tweezers, and you can stick it not only with a glue gun. If there is no such unit at home, any other suitable glue will do. For example, superglue remains transparent after drying.

An awl will be needed if you plan to stitch decoratively around the edges of the leather. First, you make holes of the desired size, then thread the cords through them with ease.

There are professional scissors: tailor's are sharp, there are special ones for working with leather. But it makes no sense to spend money on them for the sake of one cut. Ordinary, but well-sharpened household scissors are perfect. And, of course, the right attitude.

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