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Embroidery game Round Robin ("Round Robin"): the rules and essence of the game
Embroidery game Round Robin ("Round Robin"): the rules and essence of the game

Among needlewomen of all ages, 2004 was the "Year of Robin" in honor of the Round Robin game of the same name. As a new sport and as an unknown viral disease, this game captured with its excitement not just tens, but hundreds and thousands of people. Experienced embroiderers and beginners share their knowledge and tricks with each other in the process. And in the end, everyone gets an unforgettable experience, a priceless canvas that has traveled around several cities or even countries.

The essence of the game is to create for each participant their own robin (the so-called embroidered canvas in this game). She goes around each needlewoman in a circle, and she, in turn, leaves an embroidered pattern on her piece of fabric. As a result, such panels return to their mistresses, but already filled with all the participating craftswomen.

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Dealing with the name

To make it clearer, it's better to start with the basics of theory. The name of the game comes fromEnglish, in the translation "Round Robin" what does it mean? The concept is embedded in the content of the game. This is a "circular system". That is, all participants move in a circle to each new stage.

To make it even clearer, we will analyze in detail all the stages of this game, which is gaining popularity.

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Who and how much

First of all, you need to decide on the number of participants in the circle of the game. If you decide to organize everything yourself, you will have to start from the preparatory stage. The number of embroiderers can vary from two to infinity. Although it is clear that the more people, the longer the game "Round Robin" will take place. But it is always worth knowing the measure. The most optimal is from four to 10 participants. If participants, it is better to split into groups for individual games.

It is also worth deciding on a circle: acquaintances, friends, work colleagues, to unite city needlewomen, regional, and maybe affect several countries. It is clear that the farther you live from each other, the longer the game will last in time (sending by mail between cities, and even more countries).

For the first experience, you can gather a few close friends who are into the same hobby and practice before entering the big arena.

Your responsibilities

In addition to gathering participants in the embroidery game, it will be on your shoulders (as the organizer) to collect complete information and regulate controversial issues during the game.

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That is, you will have to collectthe correct postal addresses of each of the participants, to regulate the transfer of robins (from whom and to whom they are transferred). It is better to have enough contact information from each player, such as contact mobile and home phone numbers, e-mail boxes, Skype or other forms of communication. Although this is a game, everyone should feel responsible to other needlewomen. You will be responsible for managing the timing of the embroidery. Yes, the only thing you can't influence is the speed of mailings (there, of course, no one will help).

Besides this, make the following points clear to all participants in advance:

  • materials used (thread brand);
  • additional possible decorations (beads, rhinestones, sequins and so on),
  • terms for embroidering each stage (it must be taken into account that someone is working, someone is on maternity leave, not everyone can afford to spend the whole day playing Round Robin), usually two to three weeks are determined for one stage;
  • permissible picture sizes for each, it is better to try to make equivalent conditions;
  • possible situations in case of force majeure (someone may get sick, delivery problems);
  • other organizational issues.
  • round robin christmas

Such questions require a preliminary decision, so that later conflict situations do not arise. After all, only positive emotions should be received from the game.

Everyone needs to break their heads

Before playing Round Robin, each participant contributes. Not only the organizer decidesall questions. A number of actions remain at the discretion of each embroiderer.

  1. Acquisition of the canvas itself (it is better to check in advance if anyone has vision problems to take into account the density of the fabric).
  2. Markup for future images. Most often they use the option where there is a division into squares or rectangles of the desired size (there is even a standard of 70 x 70 cells already). But it's your choice and your imagination, even in the form of stars.
  3. Choose the theme of future drawings on the canvas for each of the embroiderers. It can be: cats, dogs, teapots, flowers, angels, landscapes, village houses, and at least multi-colored balloons. The rest of the participants will create patterns on the fabric based on your motives.


Everything is agreed, prepared. The matter is left to the very process of the game "Round Robin". Each participant creates the first story on their own canvas.

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In addition to the picture, embroider the name, city, date or other information agreed in advance.

After going to the package:

  • canva;
  • notebook or notepad where other participants can leave any wishes, comments, personal opinions about the game, photos of the embroidery process, diagrams, any comments.

At the agreed time, when everyone has finished their work, they are sent together to the post office to send to the next participant. The organizer must carefully manage the forwarding scheme to avoid inconvenient moments (two canvases for one player or an incomplete recipient address).

Next member,having received an envelope, he starts embroidering the desired picture. Again, the agreed deadline for completion passes, again a valuable parcel is collected, and a happy walk to the post office. And so on in a circle, that is, through each of the participants in the Round Robin, each of the fabrics passes.

At the end of the circle, the hostesses receive their canvas in their hands and enjoy the result. Yes, enjoy, even more rejoice, because you participated in such an exciting game!

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As a result, the whole company can put the resulting work on the Internet.

It is worth noting some nuances and notes

For embroidery, it is best to choose popular enough motifs so that other participants can easily find suitable patterns. Otherwise, you will have to take care of creating a drawing scheme for the others and send it to them.

For the uniformity of the panel, specify in advance the selected brand of thread. Choose your canvas with her future travels in mind. For the game, it is better to buy high-quality fabric. And the most optimal canvas in terms of density is "Aida 14". Do not load the eyes of other participants with small cells.

Mark the fabric preferably with threads. A pencil or marker tends to wear off over time. In addition, it is worth processing the edges of the canvas in advance to avoid fraying.

Discuss embroidery techniques in advance. Usually it is a cross, half-cross, tapestry. Keep in mind that beginners also play the embroidery game.

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Try at least once a day to get in touch withthe rest of the participants. After all, unforeseen questions can always arise.

Do you need a win?

Usually when people hear the word "game" they associate with victory, the best result. But the purpose of the round robin game is to have fun, a souvenir and new friends.

There are no losers and winners here. But this will not make the taste of excitement less. The essence of "Round Robin" is to rally needlewomen from all over the world, expand their horizons and skills.

For variety

This game is dedicated not only to skilled embroiderers. The essence of the game is communication. The output is an original and unique plaid of connected squares, rectangles or other specified shapes, as well as various paintings, panels.

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Don't stop there. Your kind of needlework can also be a reason to start a new game of Round Robin. Perhaps it is you who will initiate a new species.

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