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Knitting men's hats with a description
Knitting men's hats with a description

Walking bareheaded in cold weather is dangerous to he alth, because meningitis does not sleep. Therefore, if you care not only about your he alth, but also about the he alth of your man, be sure to knit a stylish hat for him. The product created by you personally will allow you not only to save the budget, but also to find an accessory that is ideally suited to the wardrobe of your loved one. And besides, like nothing else, it will warm a loved one in the cold. Have you decided? Then let's start knitting a men's hat with knitting needles. But first, let's decide on that…

What materials do you need?

You will need: knitting needles, stitch markers, yarn, auxiliary knitting needle for braids, hook (you can do without it). It is better to take circular knitting needles, then the product will turn out without a seam and will look more impressive. You will need thick ones to create the main fabric, thin ones for a tight elastic band. Herethe main rule is to choose such knitting needles that will be 2 times thicker than the thread used. Otherwise, the fabric will be inelastic and too stiff.

Yarn for knitting a men's hat with knitting needles for beginners and experienced craftswomen is better to take woolen, mohair or merino. Also, angora and wool mixture (mixture with acrylic) are well suited to create a product. When purchasing a thread, it is important to pay attention to its color. Preferred for men: blue, black, navy or white. And one more thing: to create demi-season hats, you should take synthetic yarn, and for winter products - one that contains a large amount of wool. Bulky threads will look great in coarse knits with large patterns.

yarn for knitting men's hats

How to cast on loops?

Before you start knitting men's hats with knitting needles, you need to correctly calculate the number of loops for the set. To do this, measure the circumference of the head and the distance from the earlobe to the top of the head. So you can find out the width and length of the future product, respectively. To calculate the number of loops, you can use the following formula: (width - 2-3 cm)2. For example, if the circumference of the man's head is 58 cm, you will have to dial 112 loops. But these are rough estimates. To get a more accurate figure, it is better to knit a sample from the selected threads and calculate the required number of loops. The set of loops can be carried out in any usual way. The most important thing is to close the row in a circle at its end. Of course, no one can forbid first knitting a hat, and then sewing it on. But in this case youwill have to try to make the seam look nice.

How to add and decrease loops?

In the process of knitting men's hats with knitting needles, you may need to add loops 1-2 times. It is better to do this in the first row immediately after the gum and, if necessary, approximately 1 row after it. Then the product will hold more freely. As for the methods of casting additional loops, there are several of them:

  1. With the help of yarn - the creation of a loop is made on the front side, from the wrong side it is knitted as usual. The disadvantage of this method is the possibility of unpresentable holes.
  2. From broach - a loop is created from a thread stretched between two loops of the previous row. As a rule, the place of increase in the total knitting is invisible.

The loops are reduced when the hat reaches the desired length. To narrow the crown, you need to knit 2 loops together. This is usually done after a certain number of loops: for example, first after 10, then after 9, etc. When there are 20 pieces left on the needles, the thread breaks, is pulled through them and pulled together. This knitting ends.

lapel knitted hat

Which men's hat can be knitted?

I really do. You can safely show your imagination here. But the most popular models of men's knitted hats are:

  1. With geometric motifs. Such products will appeal to any man who dresses in a business or sports style.
  2. With a lapel - classic models, also ideally suited to any face shape.Usually decorated with decorative pom-poms or patterns, very popular.
  3. Beanies - worn with pleasure by men of any age. Tightly fit the head, do not have strings. Their top hangs off the head a bit.
  4. Stocking - hats of a peculiar baggy shape. They are quite long, so they seem to hang on the head. But unlike the beanie, they are not placed upright. But they can be supplemented with a collar scarf.
  5. Ushanka - a warm hat with ears. It is able to reliably protect almost the entire face from cold and frost.
  6. Double design - any hat that looks good on both the outside and the inside.

Most of the items listed are worked in vertical braid, garter st, stockinette stitch or ribbing. Openwork patterns are used either very rarely or not at all.

how to crochet a hat for men

Model 1

Before you start knitting a men's hat with knitting needles, you need to read the description of the model very carefully. For example, even a beginner knitter can easily make such a stylish product as in the photo below. In finished form, it looks very stylish, able to adequately decorate any man. It can be made from threads of other colors or textures (for example, consisting of 50% acrylic and the same amount of wool). And also worn with a lapel.

simple knitted men's hat

Model 2

Another quite affordable knitting hat for beginner needlewomen. To perform instead of the yarn indicated in the description, you cantake any other, but only sectional dyeing. The finished product is perfect for a man who prefers to dress in a business or sports style. He will wear it with great pleasure and remember you with warmth, especially in cold weather.

knitting a men's hat with knitting needles for beginners

Model 3

If you have already got the hang of creating simple products with your own hands, you can safely start knitting a men's beanie hat with knitting needles. Well, or tie another simple one. The hat will reliably save the ears of your loved one from a draft. It will allow him to remain stylish and fashionable even in extreme cold. It will be ideally combined with a scarf knitted in a similar pattern. Description of knitting is shown in the photo.

crochet a simple hat for a man

Model 4

And now we offer to watch a video about knitting a men's hat with knitting needles with a lapel. Everything is explained clearly and in detail. The finished product is able to serve your man for many years. It doesn't even have pimples on it. Naturally, with the right choice of thread.

How to care for a men's knitted hat?

Knitted hat does not require special care. It is enough to dry it after walking under falling snow or rain in a horizontal position somewhere near the battery. You can store it on a shelf, separate from scarves and other similar products, or on a special stand. Washing is recommended no more than once a month. To do this, pour warm water into a bowl, pour a little powder into it,designed for hand washing woolen items, or pour in a capful of regular shampoo. Put a hat in the prepared mixture, let it lie down for about 10 minutes. Then take it out without wringing it out and transfer it to the washing machine. Turn on the "Spin" mode for washing items made of wool or delicate fabrics. Take out, do not dry. Lay on a cotton cloth and leave to dry completely. That's it.

As a conclusion

Now that you have read the description of knitting men's hats with knitting needles, you can safely move on to action. We just want to remind you that the options presented in this article are only a small part of the models out of a million possible. At the same time, it is quite possible that one day you will be able to come up with your own version of a headdress and become a trendsetter of a new fashion. And now just pick up the knitting needles (hosiery or circular) and start knitting the way you know how. We wish you light eyelets!

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