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Small cross stitch patterns and interesting ideas
Small cross stitch patterns and interesting ideas

Small cross stitch patterns will be useful to you in many cases. First, when you want to quickly make a handmade gift. Secondly, when you just started to get involved in a new hobby. Thirdly, this is the most popular size for the game "Round Robin", which will be discussed in more detail at the end of the article.

Therefore, now it is worth highlighting a few main themes and ideas that are most popular for small embroidered paintings.

Animal direction

A wide selection of small cross stitch patterns exists for lovers of cats, dogs, birds, butterflies. You can use both ready-made schemes, already with the selection of colors, and with the help of special programs, create a new embroidery from your pet's favorite photo.

small embroidery butterflies

Try to find an interesting picture that you want to transfer to the canvas. It doesn't have tobe a realistic photo, select a funny penguin cartoon image and sit down on the hoop.

penguin embroidery pattern

Try to create a kind of zoo on the walls of your rooms. Smiling images of animals will make you smile back involuntarily. Thus, they will cheer you up and those around you.

Flower garden on the wall

Pay attention to how attractive and cozy the panel of embroidered flowers on the wall looks. Pick a varied assortment of flower photos for small cross stitch patterns. Then you get a real gallery in your interior. Each time it will be possible to replenish with their new works.

tulips for embroidery

Create your own unusual types of plants or make petals of unprecedented colors. Then you will become the owner of unique works of art.

flower embroidery scheme

Framed embroideries will be an unforgettable and pleasant handmade gift to your friends and family. Also, small-sized pictures can be used as a title cover for documents, a phone case.

For toddlers and older

Embroidery will help you create unique educational materials of its kind. At the same time a picture and a visual aid, a kind of primer. Or a mini-encyclopedia of flowers, animals, vegetables, fruits.

embroidery for children's drawings

Another option is you can use small cross stitch patterns to create pictures to decorate a nurseryroom. These can be images of famous cartoon characters, movie characters, fairy tale characters.

embroidery pattern for children

You can find a myriad of children's drawings and pictures for embroidery. These are the favorite cartoon characters Winnie the Pooh, Piglet or the cat Leopold, and the superheroes of American comics - Spider-Man, Superman. Among the novelties of recent years, try to pick up a thematic picture with minions, cars or Smeshariki.

Mickey Mouse embroidery

Symbols of love

You have no idea how many small beautiful cross stitch patterns already exist, symbolizing the wonderful feeling of love and falling in love. These are all kinds of openwork hearts, and cute Cupids, and plush animals with a heart in their hands.

heart embroidery pattern

Experiment, make your own version for embroidery. Try adding elements of metallic floss. Make a monochrome embroidery pattern for melange threads.

Designed embroidery can be presented to your loved one as a manifestation of your feelings. It doesn't have to be an occasion or a holiday like Valentine's Day. Time it just for a sunny day or a pleasant evening.

love dog diagram

The holiday is coming to us

Tired of running around the shops in search of gifts for the next celebration? Embroider an original and unforgettable phone case or an amazing postcard with your own hands. Embroider the cover of a notebook or a set of Christmas decorations. smallcross stitch patterns do not take much time, but give the opportunity to please your loved ones with a unique and original gift.

small christmas embroidery

What is the next holiday: Christmas, March 8, New Year or the birthday of your beloved niece? Prepare in advance so that the gift is ready for delivery by the right moment. Believe me, this will not be another vase from a nearby store or a bouquet of flowers that will last for a week. The memory of your surprise will be kept for years.

snowman embroidery pattern

Write with thread

That's right, use your canvas and thread to write texts. You can embroider a memorable date on the background of a picture, the names of lovers or the parameters of a newborn. Did you like the quote of a great man? Choose your favorite alphabet scheme and depict what was said on the fabric. You will get a small commemorative cross stitch pattern.

alphabet embroidery pattern

Of course, the most popular options for embroidering letters are the metrics of newborns getting married, but try to move away from patterns. Embroider a birthday greeting on the canvas. Or draw a funny humorous phrase and hang it in the room where you receive guests. After such decor, guests will often visit you.

Schemes for flight of fancy

It is worth taking out this kind of schemes separately. These are monochrome pictures. Or rather, even about cross-stitch patterns for small pictures in one color.

monochrome dog embroidery pattern

Because as a result, your creation can be multi-colored from any number of colors. In this case, the revelry of your imagination begins. After all, now you can use any color, any shade, melange threads with a smooth transition from one color to another, make multi-colored crosses in a chaotic manner or embroider a picture in rainbow colors.

Play around the world

Embroiderers from all over the world have united their interests in one popular game called "Round Robin". Several participants form a single circle. Each of the players chooses any topic, prepares his own canvas and marks it out for each participant. The bottom line is that each of the players embroider small pictures on the canvas of each other participant. In turn, everyone sends the fabric to the next. And so in a circle. Cuts of the canvas of each of the embroiderers will pass through your hands, and as a result, your "Round Robin" will return to you.

This is a kind of exchange of experience, a way to see the skills of other people who are passionate about embroidery. You will communicate and keep in touch with each other throughout the game. Everyone will find new acquaintances, good friends or like-minded people.

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