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Giraffe pattern. How to sew a giraffe from fabric with your own hands
Giraffe pattern. How to sew a giraffe from fabric with your own hands

Sewing soft toys with your own hands is not only useful, but also incredibly exciting. Even if you have never tried your hand at this needlework, be sure to try to sew at least a small craft. As a material for work, you can use old things from the wardrobe or shreds of fabric left over from tailoring. Beautiful and bright toys are made from sheets of felt. Now on sale you can buy them in a variety of colors. Although they are small in size, they are quite suitable for parts of a soft toy.

In the article, we will consider how to sew a toy giraffe according to a pattern. You can draw it yourself or take the options below as a sample. A one-piece giraffe and a variant consisting of separate parts look interesting. If this is your first time making a soft toy with your own hands, then first sew a small craft, for example, a felt keychain. A synthetic winterizer is usually used as a filler, but artificial cotton wool is also suitable for a small animal.

Giraffe pattern

Before starting work, you need to think over the drawing and draw it on a sheet of cardboard. If you don't have artistictalent, then use the scheme below. Just redraw the picture on a sheet of cardboard and cut along the contours with scissors. You will get an excellent template for a giraffe pattern. Next, you need to put it on the selected fabric and circle it with chalk or a simple pencil. Before cutting the part along the contours, step back from the edges of 0.5 cm, making allowances for the seams.

giraffe pattern

If the figure of a giraffe is flat and consists of only two identical patterns, then the template is made one. For a voluminous toy, tailoring contains many elements. On the sample giraffe pattern in the photo above, you can see that you need to cut out 7 parts. We need 2 identical ones for the body, 1 element is sewn from the bottom of the abdomen and 4 parts for the ears, 2 parts for each. The figure of a giraffe on the pattern differs from other animals only in its long neck. If you have a ready-made pattern, for example, a horse or dog, then use it, just extend the neckline a few centimeters up.


A small long-necked creature can be sewn from felt. This is a wonderful material for DIY crafts, which is loved by many craftsmen. To sew such a giraffe from felt, as in the photo below, prepare the following materials:

  • Turquoise and white felt sheets.
  • Needle with black thread (for beautiful decorative stitches floss threads are often used).
  • Internal filler. It can be a synthetic winterizer or artificial cotton.
  • Metal key ring.
  • Satin or grosgrain ribbon matched to tonediy.
  • Template of a picture made on thick cardboard.
  • Sharpened chalk or marker.

Any person, even a schoolboy, can draw a figure of a giraffe for such an easy craft. For the body, two identical turquoise parts are cut out in one template. A similar figure is prepared from a thin sheet of synthetic winterizer and placed between the felt blanks. So that the synthetic winterizer does not peek out along the edges of the pattern and does not crawl out between the threads of the seam, it is cut out without allowances on the sides, but clearly moving the scissors along the contours of the pattern.

keychain giraffe

Further, the details are sewn with an outer decorative seam over the edge. Do not forget to immediately insert a loop of tape on the top of the head for threading a metal ring. It remains to cut an oval to form the muzzle and sew it on the bottom of the giraffe's head. The remaining small details are embroidered with black thread. That's it, the keychain in the form of a giraffe is ready, you can put on the keys!

Finger Theatre Character

A flat giraffe toy can be made without internal filler. The size of the craft should be slightly larger than your finger. To show the finger theater of the hero of a fairy tale, they put on a phalanx, so when sewing two parts of the body together from the bottom side, they are not sewn together.

finger theater figurine

It turns out a small pocket. The main work is carried out on sewing and decorating small details - horns, spots on the whole body of the beast, the image of the nose and eyes. It is most convenient to sew the characters of a theatrical performance from sheets of felt. craftscome out bright and colorful.

Small pattern toy

Kids love small stuffed toys to take with them on the road, put in their backpack or under their pillows when they sleep. Such a small version of crafts, as in the photo below, will definitely please the child. You already know how to sew a giraffe from felt sheets. Let's look at another example of a soft toy with a tail, a large head and a muzzle, made in the form of an application from white felt.

how to sew a giraffe

Pattern to redraw on a sheet of cardboard is not difficult. Ears, muzzle oval and horns are drawn immediately on the main template. Then they are glued on top with elements cut from fabric of other colors. So, the horns can be black or brown, the muzzle is white. The spots are cut out in an arbitrary shape, and then simply glued onto the craft. What is convenient in the work of felt? It is not only pleasant to the touch, but also warm and soft, but also perfectly cut with scissors, sewn with threads and glued with hot glue.

Pattern of a figure from separate parts

A soft toy can be made not only one-piece, but also made up of individual elements. In the drawing below, templates for the body, paws, ears and horns are drawn. You will need to cut several elements at once:

  • 2 pieces - for the torso;
  • 8 pcs – for giraffe paws;
  • 4 pcs – for ears.

Same for thin horns.

giraffe from parts

This craft is sewn of cotton fabric, the material is specially selected inpolka dots, so as not to attach spots on the body of the animal later. For hooves, choose either a contrasting fabric or one that blends well with the main background. As a filler, stock up on synthetic winterizer, but not sheet, as in flat felt crafts, but reminiscent of cotton wool.

Sewing toys

First of all, you need to make the correct cutting according to the pattern proposed in the article. All details are cut out with seam allowances about 0.5 cm wide. The elements of the figure are sewn along the wrong side on a sewing machine or by hand with dense stitches. Leave a small hole for stuffing.

Then the workpiece is turned on the front side and filled with padding polyester. To fill the entire inside to the end, you need a thin rod. With its help, the filler is pushed into the farthest pockets of the workpiece. When the body part of the giraffe soft toy has acquired the required shape, the seam is sewn to the end with neat inner stitches.

The paws of the animal are fastened to the body with buttons. On the outside of the neck, attach a strip of felt cut into "noodles", ears and horns.

One Piece Giraffe

It is easy to make the next version of the craft according to the pattern below from cotton fabric. In total, the cutting consists of two elements that are sewn on the wrong side around the entire perimeter.

one-piece giraffe

Leave a small hole for the filler at the level of the giraffe's tail. To form it, you can use satin or crepe thin ribbons woven with a pigtail; silk will also look good.lace.

Big toy

A large do-it-yourself giraffe made of fabric can be sewn according to the following pattern. The photo below clearly shows what parts the torso, belly and tail consist of. On the sample, they are cut from blue flannel, as are the outer parts of the ears.

cut fabric according to the pattern

Hooves, horns and internal parts of the ears are presented in a different, light shade. A large soft toy is easier to sew than fiddling with small fabric bends. This craft can be put in bed as a pillow for a child.

soft toy

As you can see, sewing soft toys according to patterns is not difficult, the main thing is to try and want to please your baby. By this principle, you can make any animal or fairy-tale hero. Good luck!

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