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Coin 2 kopecks 1973. Features, price
Coin 2 kopecks 1973. Features, price

Produced in 1973, 2 kopecks have several varieties. The difference, as on many coins of that time, is only in the image of the coat of arms and some small details. It is precisely on them that the price of these funds in the numismatics market depends. Some will be priced in rubles, while others have a price tag of about 200 rubles. Today we will try to understand the varieties and features of these coins. Why do some cost more, while others can simply be put in a box and not strive to earn a measly couple of rubles per coin?

2 kopeck coin


Zinc-copper alloy minted. Has no magnetic properties. In many ways, 2 kopecks 1973 are very similar to the coins produced in the Soviet Union in 1961. Weighs about two grams. Issued by the Leningrad Mint.


The upper central part of the coin is occupied by the number 2. Then comes the inscription "kopeks" and already below - the year of manufacture. The images are framed by a branch of oak leaves, from which wheat ears come out. At the very bottom of the coin, exactly in the center,where the parts of the oak wreath converge, there is a shell.


Slightly above the center is an image of the planet Earth. Above - a display of a sickle and a hammer. The earth is heated by the rays of the sun, which is only half shown. Long and short rays come out of the upper part of the luminary. They practically touch the Earth. The composition is framed by a wreath consisting of wheat ears. They are tied with a fluffy ribbon. Only fifteen turns, which symbolizes the number of republics of the Union.

2 kopecks 1973

On coins of 2 kopecks 1973, the coat of arms drawing is called simplified, there is no text on the ribbon on it. At the bottom of the coin is the inscription "USSR", and at the very top, where the ears converge, there is a star with five ends.


The pattern on the coin may vary:

  1. Star with rounded ends. On such a coin of 2 kopecks 1973, a star is rather indistinctly minted. Its ends are too rounded and smoothed. This is noticeable even to the naked eye, especially if there is another type of sample nearby for comparison. The spikes are also different. In rows 4, 5, 6 they are too weakly drawn, the edges are rounded and too close to each other.
  2. The star is clear, but the awns of the ears are to the side. The next 2 kopecks of 1973 will differ from their money "brothers" in that the awns are located very far from each other. If you compare two coins, then the contrast will be clearly visible. The number on the reverse will also be slightly higher. But the star is bright, even, the ends are narrow and long, even pointed.
  3. The star is clear, but the awns have different lengths. In this variety, the star, as in the second case, has very clear boundaries at the ends. They are pointed, narrow, clearly drawn. The awns of ears on the right are close to each other, but have different lengths.


coin 2 kopeks 1973

For the manufacture of coins 2 kopecks in 1973, two types of stamps were used. For the first ones (more rare and expensive), they took an impression under the number 2, 5. On such coins, the relief of the rays on the star appears more clearly and brightly, and the tips of the ears are also more pronounced. The price for such money will vary from two hundred rubles and above. The value increases if the coins are in almost perfect condition.

Coins that have features in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčears of wheat will be cheaper. They are already much cheaper, for their minting a stamp numbered 2, 2 was used. The price varies from 27 to 76 rubles.

The presence or absence of a ledge to the right of the star is another minting defect that 2 kopeck coins of 1973 may have. If there is a ledge, then the coins increase in value. And it does not matter whether the edges of the star will be smoothed or pronounced. If the ledge at the ears is not available, then such a coin will cost from two rubles. Of course, the prices listed are inaccurate, they will change depending on various reasons.

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