Knitting for kids is a useful hobby
Knitting for kids is a useful hobby

Knitting for babies is an activity that young mothers can afford only in anticipation of the birth of a small miracle. As a rule, when a baby is born, he requires so much attention from his parent that she certainly has no time for knitting. But nine months of waiting is a sufficient period to take care of the unborn child by knitting or crocheting original little things.

Knitting for kids

However, if knitting or crocheting for babies up to a year old is a process that precedes their birth, then you can express your attention and care to relatives and relatives through hand-knitted things throughout their lives. They will be very grateful to you, believe me.

Knitting for babies is considered a somewhat more complicated process than similar needlework using a crochet hook. The small details that make up small things for newborns and older children are really easier to crochet. And all kinds of bows, ruffles and flounces, decorating such clothes in abundance, are also much more difficult for many needlewomen to knit with two"sticks" than one. On the other hand, knitting for babies involves the use of all kinds of multi-colored appliqu├ęs or prints that are almost impossible to crochet. In general, the choice of tool directly depends not only on the habits and preferences of the master, but also on the type of product that should see the light as a result of his work.

Knitting for babies up to a year with knitting needles

At the same time, as a rule, many women use knitting for babies, creating winter clothes for them: warm blouses and pants, overalls, envelopes and, of course, hats, socks and mittens. But using a hook, you can crochet simply amazing things for kids for the summer season, especially for girls: dresses and sundresses, hats and T-shirts, blouses and boleros, swimwear and skirts.

Knitting and crochet for kids and adults

Learning to knit and crochet is quite simple. But not every woman will be able to succeed in this type of needlework. But why only a woman? Some men also enjoy this hobby. Admittedly, this is a rarity. Having mastered the simple techniques of knitting loops of only two types - front and back, the whole process of creating things knitted with knitting needles comes down to using them in one order or another.

Crochet by and large is an improvisation with columns that are knitted according to the same pattern. That is, this type of needlework, in fact, is very simple, absolutely everyone can learn to knit. But getting the hang of it is not enoughso that it becomes a favorite hobby for a person. Knitting requires a lot of perseverance, patience and imagination. Only then, really beautiful and necessary things appear from under the knitting needles or the hook of the master.

To fall in love with knitting and crocheting for kids and adults will help specialized magazines, books, of which there are just a huge number. In these sources there are not only step-by-step instructions for creating certain things, but also interesting ideas, by implementing which you can give your baby an exclusive fashionable wardrobe.

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