The most expensive commemorative coin "10 rubles". How many "10 rubles" commemorative coins? Cost, photo
The most expensive commemorative coin "10 rubles". How many "10 rubles" commemorative coins? Cost, photo

Most of the inhabitants of our country do not know that the most expensive coins can be made not from precious metals, but from the most common ones, such as nickel or copper. But despite this fact, there are modern coins that have a value higher than the gold money of the Russian Empire. It is important to understand here that the value of metallic money depends on its rarity, and not on the material from which it is made. For beginners who want to understand this difficult issue, a special catalog of such rare coins has been created.

Significant events on coins

the most expensive commemorative coin of 10 rubles

Even in antiquity, a tradition arose to display various historical events on metal money. But the heyday of commemorative coins came only in the sixteenth century. To date, the issue of such money is actively supported by the main banks of various states. The theme of these coins remains the same: anniversaries of various departments and organizations, historical events, anniversaries andanniversaries of cultural and political figures. Natural history, sports and geographical orientations are also very common. Basically, all coins are round, but in some countries they can be square, rectangular, leaf-shaped, octagonal or with holes.

As for our country, here, in addition to the traditional form, there is another feature - domestic coins are made of non-precious metals. The first commemorative bimetallic money was issued at the beginning of our century. Produced as part of commemorative programs, they attract collectors with various reverses. This is a fairly massive phenomenon that constantly attracts new people. In addition, such an activity is a good investment that can bring a pretty good income. But the main thing here is not material values ​​from collecting, but cultural ones.

Regular commemorative coins

Today, the attention of many is attracted by the most expensive commemorative coin "10 rubles". And this is not at all accidental, their size and original beautiful design attracts and makes you save, while withdrawing from circulation.

commemorative coins 10 rubles cost

The largest number of commemorative coins is kept by ordinary people, and therefore there is an acute shortage of them, and their price is growing rapidly. At the same time, many numismatists argue that if the monetary reform begins, the commemorative coins of Russia "10 rubles" will go into circulation in large quantities due to the fact thatwill become unnecessary, and their cost, of course, will become much lower.

So for people who have a lot of that money, it would make more sense to sell it now, but if you don't have much, you can keep it. In any case, they will cost no less than face value.

Approximately the same value (maybe up to two hundred rubles) have ordinary commemorative coins. But even among them you can find quite rare specimens. What are they, commemorative coins "10 rubles", the cost of which can be much higher? It depends primarily on the region. After all, here they are distributed very unevenly. For example, today it is quite rare to see coins of the series "Ministries and Departments", "Gagarin" or "Politruk" and some others. Their value is now rapidly growing due to the beginning of the second wave of collectors who did not have time to withdraw the necessary money from circulation. It is still difficult to say how many commemorative "10 rubles" coins are in the hands of numismatists. The above coins are almost never found in our time, and those that are are in poor condition.

Top 3

commemorative coins 10 rubles list

Three applicants for the title of "the most expensive commemorative coin" 10 rubles "have their own name, formed from the first letters - CNP. Only real collectors, numismatists of the eighth level have such money.

Initially, these coins were no different from other bimetallic ones, so at the time when they entered circulation, they can bewas to be purchased for only five hundred rubles from those who managed to catch them in circulation. But as soon as the Central Bank of the Russian Federation decided to clarify the circulation for these commemorative coins "10 rubles", their value began to rise, and so far it continues to grow.

Ten rubles "Chechen Republic"

Quite a rare coin, the demand for which is getting higher, but there is also a supply, despite the fact that today it has become cheaper. The minimum that can be obtained for such a coin is one and a half thousand rubles. But there are also collectors who are ready to give away four thousand. Such a rather low cost is explained by the fact that about two years ago some seller or sellers started selling "Chechen coins" at a cost of less than two thousand rubles.

Ten rubles "Perm Territory"

commemorative coins of Russia 10 rubles

In the trinity of contenders for the title of "the most expensive commemorative coin" 10 rubles ", this one has the lowest value. The bimetallic coin dedicated to this region is also quite rare. Its cost ranges from one to two thousand rubles.

Ten rubles "Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug"

how many coins are 1o commemorative rubles

Today, there are so few of these coins in circulation on the numismatic market that collectors buy them, not hoping that one day such a coin will fall into change. Despite the fact that these ten-ruble money were issued in the same circulation as the "Chechen", "YNAO" have much morehigh cost due to the fact that they are not released into circulation. Now it is the most expensive commemorative coin "10 rubles". There is a rumor that some very enterprising person at one time bought up these bimetallic money at face value, thereby setting their own price and great excitement for them.

Far to everyone can afford to buy such a coin in their own collection, because its price is hundreds of times higher than its face value. And everyone wants to believe that one day it will still appear in circulation.

Albums for coin collectors

The market quickly responded to the ever-increasing number of coin collectors. Therefore, special albums were created for them, in which the commemorative coins "10 rubles" are listed. Their list directly affects the cost of such albums. And their annual release does not allow the interest of even novice numismatists to fade.

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