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Crochet flowers - universal knitting motifs
Crochet flowers - universal knitting motifs

Most of the fair sex at least once in their lives thought about creating something handmade. Perhaps it should be a scarf, a napkin or just crochet flowers. However, there are not so many of those who managed to realize their idea. The main problem for novice craftswomen is that they choose too complex or voluminous projects and, after working for two or three hours, they get very tired and disappointed in crocheting.

crochet flowers

Before you start

If you approach the search for a model, reasonably assessing your own strengths and skills, then in a few hours you can enjoy the first finished work. Experienced knitters recommend mastering one simple motif and using it to create a small shawl, scarf or just a brooch on a dress or bag. The best option in this case would be a crocheted flower. The scheme of each model will be different, but they also have common points. First, beginnerthe craftswoman will be able to get used to her hook and choose the right size of thread. Secondly, having mastered a similar motif and simply replacing the yarn with a thicker one, you can create large models of rugs and paths very quickly. To crochet flowers, it does not take much time or thread, you just need to choose the right pattern and be patient for the first twenty of the most difficult loops.

Which plant to knit?

The most common models are red and pink poppies, delicate daisies and exotic Hawaiian plants. The latter option has already captured its niche not only in amateur knitting - many professional designers use crocheted colorful flowers to create their exclusive brooches, necklaces and hats for movie stars and glamorous bohemia.

flower crochet pattern

If you want to create a colorful cape, a delicate napkin made of thin threads or a defiant brooch, to calculate the total work time, you should first knit one motif. Then you can simply multiply the received minutes or hours by the total number of elements. To crochet Hawaiian flowers, you need to choose two or three contrasting colors of suitable yarn. It is better if the threads are not shaggy, otherwise all the beauty of the clarity of the lines may be lost. The hook is selected according to the thickness of the yarn.

Hawaiian motifs in knitting

The crochet flower pattern uses the following abbreviations:

  • VP - ordinary single air loop;
  • СБН - single crochet stitch;
  • PsN - a simple half-column with onedouble crochet;
  • Сс2Н - single column with two crochets;
  • SS is a simple connecting post.
crochet flower pattern

Description of the Hawaiian Flowers motif

  1. We take the first thread color. 8 ch, then sl-st in 1 ch to form a ring.
  2. 1 VP to rise to the level, 12 Sc into the resulting ring, then sl-st to the first Sc.
  3. Tie a new yarn color to any of the previous row's Sc. 1 VP, then Sc in the same loop,one Sc in the next loop, 11 VP, one Sc in the same loop, 1 Sc in the next, 1 VP, 1 Sc in the next. Repeat from asterisk to asterisk to the end of the row, without knitting the last sc. Instead, you need to make an SS in the very first Sc.
  4. Knit in the same color.18 Сс2Н we knit into the resulting arch of 11 VP, then SS into the arch of the previous row, which was obtained from 1 VP. We repeat everything until the last petal and finish the row with one SS.
  5. Attach a new thread.9 Sc, starting from the center of the side of the element, then 3 VP and back, towards the center of the motif 9 Sc, in the arch of the second row, consisting of 1 VP, we knit 1 Sc. Repeat to the end and make one SS at the beginning of the row.

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