How to shorten your trousers? What do you need to know for this?
How to shorten your trousers? What do you need to know for this?

Every woman at least once in her life had to deal with the question: "How to shorten trousers?" And each of them was looking for an affordable solution that would be fast and high quality. We will consider some of them in our article.

What do you need to work?

shorten trousers

To shorten the pants, you need to first prepare the thing itself, a centimeter tape, thread with a needle to match the fabric, scissors, a sewing machine. Choose a small needle with a small eye. And the thread should be taken strong, but thin, be sure to match the color of the trousers, well, or to match all the seams made by the manufacturer. This is especially true when hemming denim pants.

How to prepare pants

Classic pants or any other model of trousers must be properly prepared before work. To do this, you should wash them and smooth them well. After all, it is very difficult to perform an even cut on wrinkled fabric, and even more so to correctly calculate the length of both legs.

Taking measurements

Women's pants

Remember: for different models of trousers, the length of the legs is different. Check out the latest trends before you and make sure they are not the length you need. Then feel free to start measuring. To do this, use a measuring tape to determine the length of the trouser leg from the waist to the ankle. Then fold the leg at this distance and secure with a pin. Put on your trousers and look at the result in front of the mirror. If necessary, unfold the lapel and increase or decrease the length. Remember that men's trousers are hemmed a little shorter than women's trousers. After all, most ladies wear them with high heels.

How to shorten trousers and hem them by hand

classic pants

Pants must be cut 2 cm from the intended length. At the same time, do not forget about the bend, which will serve as a fabric for the fold. Having cut off the leg, you can start sewing stitches. They are stitched in such a way that only a small part of them is visible on the front side. Remember that the "steps" should be the same distance apart and have the same size. This will ensure the beauty and aesthetic appearance of the legs. You can also sew machine stitches, but this will require more time and skill from the needlewoman.

How to properly shorten trousers and hem them on a sewing machine

We shorten the trousers in the same way as described above, but we hem them in a different, more convenient way. It is known that seams made on a sewing machine are not only more attractive, but also stronger and more reliable. Therefore, if you have such a device, use it immediately. In order for the seam to be even and elegant, it is necessary to perform a preliminarybasting. This is a type of stitch that, after sewing on the machine, unfurls and does not leave any trace. They also reduce the time spent on hemming trousers. To complete the work, thread the necessary threads into the machine, both upper and lower. At the same time, be sure to adjust it to a specific seam and to the appropriate tension. Sew the seam along the edge of the fold so that most of it remains at the edge of the leg. This will ensure that the lapel does not unfold. Then cut the thread with scissors and iron the trousers again.

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