DIY hat pattern
DIY hat pattern

For some girls, choosing a headdress is an unusually difficult task. The model does not fit, then the size. And sometimes the hat seems to suit her, but the design does not make her very happy. How to find a way out? Sew your own hat. Hat patterns can be found below.

do-it-yourself hat pattern

Simple headwear

It is very easy to make a pattern for a hat of this style. For its manufacture, artificial or natural fur is required. Before you start making a hat, you need to measure the circumference of your head. For accurate measurements, use a soft meter. Next, you can start drawing a fur hat pattern. By analogy with the sample, you need to build such a geometric figure, the bottom of which will consist of a rectangle, and the top - of four triangles. If your sizes differ from the above, then you should redraw the hat pattern with your own hands. If the size matches, you can simply print the picture in the correct scale. Now you should draw a pattern on the back of the fur. It is best to do this with soap or chalk.These materials are easily removed even without washing. Finishing the headdress will not be a problem. Align the back seam and sew the triangles so that they all meet at the center.

hat pattern

Wide hat with fur trim

Sew such a headdress is not difficult. The hat pattern above is one rectangle and 6 more details. From what to sew a headdress - it's up to you. It is desirable to use natural fur and leather, but they can be replaced with any synthetic materials. You need to start sewing a hat by cutting out 6 parts. They are sewn together in a circle. In order for the product to be worn even in the most severe cold, it should be made of fabric or knitted with a lining. It remains only to cut the fur edging and sew it onto the headdress. The fur hat pattern can be modified. For example, add more wedges or make them a little smaller. Each girl should decide individually, taking into account her parameters and personal preferences.

women's hat pattern

Turban hat

This headdress is suitable for girls with an oriental appearance. The hat pattern consists of one piece. Measure the circumference of your head and, based on this figure, modify the drawing. If you are afraid of making a mistake, you can take measurements from your hat, which fits you exactly. Now you need to choose the right fabric. The turban looks good in both bright and neutral colors. But you should not choose something printed, otherwise the embossed seams that serve as the maindecoration of a headdress, they will simply be invisible. We draw a pattern of a woman's hat on the back of the material with chalk. Now it needs to be cut. The next step is to assemble the headgear. We sew all the darts in such a way that they converge on the back of the head at one point. Now you need to close this place with a decorative overlay, and the hat will be ready.

fur hat patterns

Snood parody

Today it is fashionable to wear not hats, but scarves. But in severe frost, such a product does not protect from the wind and heats poorly. Alternatively, you can sew a snood hat. It looks like a twisted scarf, but it warms well and is not blown by the wind. You can make it from fur, fleece or even knit. It is advisable to collect such a headdress from two fabrics. Moreover, the lining can be of a contrasting color relative to the top. That will be even more interesting. When the material is purchased, and you are set, you can start making a pattern for a women's hat. Print the picture attached above, redraw it in the correct scale. Now you should cut two parts from each material. We should not forget that one part will be the same as on the pattern, and the second should be its mirror image. Now you need to sew the details of the top and bottom, and then connect them to each other. The last step is sewing on a large button and making a hinged buttonhole for it.

hat pattern


Today it is difficult to meet a man in a hat of this style. But girls just love earflaps. These hats look cool and great.Suitable for everyday wear as well as sportswear. How to sew a headdress that can be worn both in a feast and in the world? You need to print the pattern. It can be scaled in advance on a computer in any graphics program. If you don't have the right skills, no problem. It is allowed to independently draw a pattern in the desired size. Now transfer the pattern to fabric or fur. To make the headdress look more interesting, you should make it multi-colored. For example, combine pink and white. We cut out all the details and start stitching one by one. First you need to connect the side parts with a long wedge, and then sew on everything else. To make the product look strict, you should not sew on ties, but in a children's or teenage version they will be quite appropriate. Instead of ordinary laces, you can sew braids or pompoms to your ears.

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