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DIY rope baskets - 4 craft options
DIY rope baskets - 4 craft options

Linen or hemp rope is a great material for creative crafts. They are used for decorating flower pots, weaving and creating macrame. Handmade baskets made of ropes are wonderful. There are many options for making them. It is best to use material made from natural fibers. The containers are denser and last longer.

Some craftsmen pre-sheath the rope with fabric, creating floral or striped crafts. In the article, we will take a closer look at how to make baskets from ropes with your own hands in four different ways. The presented photos and a detailed description of the work will help to repeat the sample at home. Making crafts is easy, the main thing is to choose a quality rope.

Crochet stitching

The first presented sample of a do-it-yourself rope basket is made using strong nylon threads and a crochet hook. Sheathing with threads begins from the bottom. The rope must be folded in half and with a seam over the edge go around the entire length of onestripes. Attach the next segment next to it and continue the seam, grabbing it already. The photo below shows how the rope is positioned further. She goes around several times around the first part until the desired area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe bottom is obtained. The nylon thread is tightened tightly so that the rope is taut.

how to make a rope basket

Next, the height of the basket is raised. They continue to wrap the bottom with a rope, but they already place it not in a spiral, but one above the other. You can use a template, such as a round or rectangular bucket or box. To form handles, leave elongated loops on the sides in two rows, without attaching the selected segments to the basket. They can be additionally tied with a cloth or colored tape.

Pasting the container

A do-it-yourself clothesline basket is easy to assemble around a dense base. They take any container, wrap it with an additional cloth on the outside and glue it in a spiral with a rope.

wrapping a container with rope

Use hot glue for strong attachment. When the required height is reached, the craft is left aside until the glue dries completely. Then the fabric is taken out of the container along with the rope basket and decorated as desired.

Based weaving

Do-it-yourself baskets from ropes can be made by weaving. To do this, you need some kind of container, on which the work will actually be done. Weaving begins from the center of the bottom, several separate pieces of rope of the same length are tied together. Its ends are distributed alongcircle at an equal distance.

basket weaving

Further, the long segment is wound around in a spiral, and the end is threaded in a checkerboard pattern, that is, under one segment from the bottom, and the next goes around the top. Weaving is done tightly, each turn must be carefully straightened.

Stitching with threads

The following do-it-yourself rope basket is made using a sewing machine. They start work, as in most cases, from the bottom. The end of the rope is folded into a loop and sewn with a zigzag seam. Gradually twist the rope into a spiral and sew each level to the previous one. In this way, they act until the height of the craft reaches the desired one.

rope stitching

If the basket is made with an extension upwards, then the loops are not sewn so tightly, the spiral turns are attached more freely. To form the handles, the rope is slightly moved away from the main part and continues to be attached further. A similar action is performed on the other side of the basket.

In the article you got acquainted with the manufacture of rope baskets with your own hands, a master class will help you make crafts yourself at home. Good luck!

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