How to make flowers with your own hands from paper and ribbons?
How to make flowers with your own hands from paper and ribbons?

Any person at least once in his life made a flower with his own hands, whether it was an application in elementary school by March 8 or a bouquet to decorate a room. There are many techniques and methods by which you can make your own flowers from almost any material. A flower can be a plastic bottle, a piece of s alt dough or clay, a piece of fabric, scraps of paper, packaging from a bouquet or multi-colored beads. What the flower will be, whether it will become an independent product, part of a bouquet, a picture, or a beautiful wrapper for a candy, depends only on the imagination of the master.

Paper flowers

This material is the most accessible of all. You can use both colored and simple office paper to make flowers from paper with your own hands. Even an ordinary A4 sheet can become an amazing flower. To add brightness to it, you can use paints, pencils or colored chalk.

Handmade paper flowers can be a beautiful decoration on anyholiday, and children will be happy to help in their manufacture.

Water lily

origami flower

The plant is a symbol of trust and sincerity. There are many ways to make this paper flower with your own hands, one of which is origami.




Indeed, you will need one sheet of square paper.

  1. Fold the sheet in half 2 times to form 2 intersecting lines in the center.
  2. Expand sheet. Bend each corner to the center so that the top is connected to the intersection point of the folds.
  3. The corners of the resulting rhombus are also lowered to the center to make a square. You can repeat this action as long as the paper size allows. The more repetitions, the more rows of petals will be.
  4. At the last rhombus, bend the corner from the center to the middle of the side so that the fold line is 1 cm from the edge.
  5. Next, you need to bend all layers of petals from the center.
  6. If necessary, the corners at the base can be slightly bent back, and the center of the water lily can be decorated with paper in a contrasting color.


Dahlia from paper bags

This DIY paper flower is very easy to make. It consists of a set of bags glued to the base. As it can be either a sheet of paper - in this case, you get a voluminous application, or a circle of cardboard, which can be decorated with sepals, and a stem can be made from wire. You can use any paper to make a dahlia, especiallyHandy notes for writing. They already have a square shape, so they save a lot of manufacturing time. Dahlia can be made up of leaves of the same size and color, but to make it look more natural, it is better to use sheets of 3-4 different sizes.

Fabric flowers

Ribbon flowers

Fabric flowers have been popular for a long time. For many centuries they have been used to decorate clothes and hairstyles, and in Japan their production is one of the oldest types of applied art. Today, such flowers not only serve as an addition to the dress, but are also an independent decor. They do not need to be looked after, they do not fade like real flowers, they retain their original appearance for a long time, therefore they are perfect for decorating the rooms of busy people. Fabric flowers can be assembled into a bouquet, a wreath or an original panel. To make your own flowers, you can use fabric scraps and ribbons. The composition of the material can be absolutely anything. Depending on the desired result, you can take both cotton fabric and organza or burlap. Particularly naturalistic flowers are obtained from satin and silk, and flowers from ribbons will be the simplest and most affordable. Even a child can make them with their own hands.

Ribbon tulip

This flower has long become a symbol of International Women's Day. On the eve of this holiday, the counters of flower shops, and not only, are littered with tulips of different varieties and colors, however, they, like many other fresh flowers, fade very quickly, so connoisseurs of this flower decorate their rooms with tulips fromsatin or any other ribbons.

To make such a flower with your own hands you will need:

  • red satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide - 90 cm;
  • green ribbon 5 cm - 15 cm wide;
  • threads are red;
  • needle;
  • candle;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • skewer.


Step by step photo: red tulip
  1. Cut the red ribbon into 6 equal strips of 15 cm each. Melt the edges with a candle.
  2. Twist each segment in the center 2 times, fold in half. Sew from the bottom, stepping back from the edge 1 cm.
  3. Cut out a leaf from a green ribbon, melt the edges. Fold it in half lengthwise and hold it over the candle so that the fold is slightly fixed. The main thing is not to melt the fabric through. Glue the leaf onto the skewer, wrap it with the remaining green tape.
  4. Gather the petals on a single thread, place on the stem 1.5 cm below the edge of the stem. When doing so, they must look down.
  5. Start to form a bud. This can be done with glue or thread, securing the desired position of the petals with stitches. The first row consists of half of the petals, the second - of the remaining. They should be located between the petals of the first row. The bottom edge of the ribbons should be inside the bud.


Making such a flower is very interesting. It consists of the same modules, connecting which in different ways, you can get a lot of completely different flowers.

To make it you will need:

  • cream ribbon 2.5cm wide - 30see;
  • green ribbon 10cm;
  • pins;
  • scissors;
  • candle;
  • glue;
  • stamens.


Step by step photo: flower
  1. Cut the cream ribbon into 6 pieces.
  2. Put a piece of tape 2.5 x 5 cm face down on the table, lower the short sides to the base to make a triangle. Secure with two pins.
  3. Turn over and fold in half to form a right triangle. The edges of the ribbons must remain outside.
  4. The lower leg, consisting of 4 layers of tape, must be melted over the candle along the pins, and then press the still hot material with tweezers or scissors. Thus, all 4 layers will stick together. It remains only to turn the part out a little so that the fold falls on 1/2 of the second leg. Prepare the remaining 5 petals.
  5. Prepare the stamens. You can use ready-made ones, make them from beads or improvised material. For example, in the photo, the melted edge of the yellow mesh was used.
  6. Arrange the petals in a cone so that the melted edge is in the center. Apply glue to the sides of the blanks and gently press. Place stamens in the center.
  7. Make a sepal and, if necessary, a stem. It is better to fasten it with stamens in advance so that the product is more durable.

Corrugated Paper Flowers

Corrugated Paper Flowers

Another material from which you can make flowers with your own hands is corrugated paper. It is quite easy to work with it, while products fromit is very similar to the real ones.

There are two types of this paper:

  1. Thin corrugated. The folds on it are practically not noticeable, the material is easily wrinkled and does not hold its shape well. It is suitable for making small delicate flowers, such as forget-me-nots. Roses from such paper also look very beautiful, but making them look like real ones is quite difficult.
  2. Dense corrugated. Making flowers with your own hands from paper of this kind is much easier, as it is quite rigid and holds its shape well. You can buy it at any flower shop, as this material is actively used to decorate bouquets.

Regardless of what kind of corrugated paper flowers are made of, they have only two drawbacks. Firstly, such products are afraid of water. And, if only an ugly spot appears on thick paper, then a product made of thin material can be completely damaged from one drop of water. Secondly, they are afraid of bright light. Paper under the influence of the sun burns out quickly enough, it turns yellow, regardless of the original color.

But despite this, crepe paper flowers are still very popular.


This is one of the most popular flowers. Following the step-by-step photo, DIY crepe paper flowers will be easy enough to make.


  • paper pink 21 x 30 cm;
  • green 10 x 15 cm;
  • scissors;
  • glue stick;
  • threads;
  • skewer;
  • napkin.


Step by Step Photo: Rose 1
  1. Roll the napkin into a ball, fasten it on a skewer. If the flower will be in a bouquet or on its own, then it is better to close the sharp edge. If it is in a composition based on a sponge or foam, then for ease of attachment, it is better to leave the sharp edge at the bottom.
  2. Pink paper cut into 3 strips 7 cm wide.
  3. From the first cut 4 petals 7.5 cm wide. From the second - 6 pcs. 5 cm each, and from the third - 8 petals 3.7 cm each. For this, you can use templates, but it is easier to fold each ribbon several times and immediately cut out several petals of the desired size.
  4. Pull out the upper edge of each petal with scissors, making semicircular movements from bottom to top so that it arches. In addition, you need to stretch each petal a little in the center so that it takes on a natural look.
  5. Next, you need to form a bud. To do this, wrap a ball on a skewer with a narrow petal, secure it with a thread. It is better to take threads that are strong and close in color to paper. To keep the paper well on the workpiece, it is enough to make a few turns around the skewer, while pulling the thread well. In this way it is very safe, and most importantly, quickly fasten the petals. They must be applied in a spiral from smaller to larger, each wrapped with a thread.
Step by Step Photo: Rose 2
  1. Cut out a blank from a sepal from green paper, pull out the edges with scissors. Glue is best used in the form of a pencil. It glues corrugated paper well, while it does notgets wet, like PVA. It must be applied along the folds so as not to deform the material ahead of time.
  2. Glue the sepal to the bud, remove excess paper. If it is necessary to hide the edge of corrugated paper, then it is better not to cut it, but to tear it off, and not very evenly, and stick it well.
  3. Wrap the skewer with a strip of green paper. To do this, glue must be applied to the tape, cut off the beginning, and then glued in a spiral to the base, gradually pulling out the paper. Cut off the remaining edge and fasten.
  4. Fluff the rose, if necessary, stretching the petals from the inside at the base. The rose is ready.

Instead of a napkin for the base of the bud, you can use round-shaped sweets wrapped in foil. It will not only allow you to fix them on a skewer (like caramel on a stick), but also protect the candy from the high temperature in the room. A bouquet or arrangement of these handmade paper flowers will be an original replacement for a classic box of chocolates.


Peony symbolizes a happy wedding, so it is used to decorate these particular events. The process of making this DIY flower for beginners will be easier than roses, since the shape of the bud depends not so much on the skills of working with corrugated paper, but on the number of layers.


  • corrugated paper for bud 50 x 25 cm;
  • green paper 10 x 15 cm;
  • threads;
  • skewer;
  • scissors;
  • glue stick;
  • napkin.


Step by step photo:peony
  1. Roll a ball out of a napkin and fix it on a skewer.
  2. Cut the corrugated paper into strips 7 x 25 cm, 3 times 10 x 25 cm and 13 x 25 cm.
  3. Cut 12 petals on the first strip, 8 petals on the second and third strip, and 6 petals on the remaining strip.
  4. Using scissors, cut out the top 1/4 of each petal.
  5. Use your fingers to stretch the petals in the area 3/4 of the height closer to the base.
  6. Wrap ribbons with petals around a ball on a skewer, securing with a thread.
  7. If necessary, stretch the petals again.
  8. Cut out a sepal and a 1 x 15 cm strip from green paper.
  9. Glue the sepals, wrap the skewer with green paper.
  10. Fluff the flower.

Pink Tulip

The technique of making a crepe paper flower is similar to making a tulip from ribbons. It cannot be said that any method is easier or more difficult. A paper flower holds its shape better, but looks more rough, and it is more difficult to form a bud than from ribbons, which, on the contrary, are easily bent, look more natural, however, they do not hold their shape well.


  • pink corrugated paper 15 x 20 cm;
  • green 10 x 15 cm;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • skewer;
  • glue stick.


Step by Step Photo: Tulip
  1. Cut 2 leaves out of green paper, pull out the ends with scissors so that they are slightly bent.
  2. Attach the leaves to the skewer with a thread.
  3. Cut off a strip of green paper 15 x 1 cm, grease with glue. wrap,gently pulling the tape, stem, tear off excess paper.
  4. From pink (or any other) paper cut 3 strips 5 x 20 cm.
  5. For each strip, outline the middle, folding in half. Twist the paper 360° along this line and fold it in half again.
  6. Attach the resulting petals to the stem. To do this, each segment must be laid overlapped down, the upper part must be gathered, threaded to the stem.
  7. Raise the petals up, pull them out with your fingers at the base, giving the shape of a bud. If necessary, fix the petals together with glue or with a hot gun.

Big flowers

Decoration of the hall with magenta flowers

One of the current trends in fashion is the decoration of rooms with flowers of large sizes. They are used in both festive and everyday decor. In addition, with the help of such flowers at the photo shoot you can feel like a real Thumbelina!

You can make such flowers with your own hands both from fabric and paper. The technique of their manufacture is similar to the creation of ordinary flowers, however, in this case, you need to pay attention to the glue. It must be strong, and its quantity must be sufficient, since the weight of each part due to the size will be significant.

To make large fabric flowers with your own hands, it is better to take a material that is dense enough, but not heavy. In order for such a flower to keep its shape better, you can sew a wire into the edges of the petals, starch the fabric well or fix the finished work with a lot of hairspray.

From papermaking large flowers with your own hands is easier. A simple paper always keeps the desired shape well, and with such dimensions, even thin corrugated material will not lose it much, and growth flowers from it are especially delicate and airy.

Large paper flower

A person who creates a flower with his own hands always leaves a part of his soul in it. That is why, regardless of what the craft is made of, what size, shape or shade, the flower will bring joy to people, keep warm memories. Such flowers will be a good decoration for a holiday, a decor in a room or a gift for a dear person.

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