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Program for creating patterns for cross stitch
Program for creating patterns for cross stitch

Embroidery is an art that can depict anything. The same picture, photograph, drawing, but much more valued due to the fact that it requires much more effort to implement. It happens that you want to embroider something, but there are no suitable patterns on the Internet. Especially when I decided to embroider a photo. And it's such a great gift. A soul and a heart are invested in it, if you are given this miracle of floss, it means that they are very appreciated and respected. A handmade gift has always been valued more than a store bought one. The program for creating patterns for embroidery comes to the rescue! After all, it is not in vain that they say that it is not so difficult to embroider a picture as to find a good pattern.

program for creating patterns for cross stitch

What are these programs and how do they work?

The bottom line is simple, you just upload the necessary photo and get a scheme for which you can create. Choose how it will look. It can be symbols, signs, each denotes a certain color. In general, the same as in the usual schematic drawing. If the finished result does not have many colors of different shades, then you can make the scheme more visual. Every squarewill show what color the future cross should be.

The program for creating cross stitch patterns indicates which article has a certain color of some popular floss companies. Used such as Anchor, DMC, Coats and others. This is very convenient because you do not have to run around all the hardware stores in search of suitable shades. You know right away what you need. It is advisable to use exactly the recommended companies, because they create high-quality material. This saves you from problems such as tangles and broken threads.

You choose the number of colors to be used, their anti-aliasing and image size.

A program for creating embroidery patterns can be paid, free, work online on the Internet or require downloading to a computer.

program for creating patterns for cross-stitch from a photo


"Cross" is a great choice for those who decide to create a cross-stitched picture. The program is paid and installed on a computer. The cost depends on the version, ranging from about 1000 to 2000 rubles. It was developed by Russian programmers, so the interface language is Russian and floss threads are only those that can be purchased in our stores.

Its difference from free analogues lies in the quality of the finished result. That is, this program for creating patterns for embroidery works out the image more efficiently for more convenient and understandable use. The picture will be as close as possible to the photo.It does this by automatically removing single crosses, suggesting a partial fill (required in some paintings, such as portraits or icons), and you can manually correct imperfections.

The program is always being developed and automatically updated on your computer. It comes with video tutorials and instructions.


The program for creating embroidery patterns EmbroBox has the advantage of calibration. Before starting work, you choose how many threads you embroider, calculate how many cells per ten centimeters of canvas, indicate thread data for calculating the cost, and determine the structure of the fabric. Not all programs have such data, and this one is also free, but it is installed on a computer.

Works can be saved, then opened and modified.A great option for those who want to get a high-quality result without material costs.

program for creating embroidery patterns

Myxmap and XFloss

Xfloss works online. This is more convenient because you do not have to spend time installing and allocating space on your computer. This program for creating patterns for cross stitch from a photo is less practical. Suitable for small, light jobs. More complex drawings with fine details will not be very well depicted. You will have to finish a lot of things manually in the editor.

You can print out the chart in a large format very quickly.

In general, the program is not bad, but the charts are not always accurate.Myxmap is a program for creating schemes for embroidery,which also works online. You choose the colors of your choice or use the automatic selection. You can mix two colors that are close in hue to make a third. So the image will be as close as possible to the original.

program for creating schemes for embroidery

Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch

Many consider this program the best of all options. In the working interface, you will find a large number of buttons that allow you to process the image as you like. She is very functional. The Foreground tool requires special attention, it allows you to highlight the main colors.Single cross stitches are not automatically corrected, after all, this program for creating cross stitch patterns is free and does not provide all the functions that, for example, have "Cross". But you can highlight crosses of the same color and get rid of them yourself.

cross stitch pattern maker


"Beads" automatically selects the colors of the future embroidery in accordance with the assortment of the Preciosa beading company from the Czech Republic. Divides a big picture into small parts, which allows you to view every detail in detail without spoiling your eyesight. Also, errors can be corrected manually. Has educational information. Separately, you can create material for embroidery on fabric.Installed on a computer. The price for the basic version is up to 1000 rubles, the master version costs a little more - 2000.

When choosing an image to create an embroidery, consider some factors:

  1. The image quality and resolution must be high.
  2. Skip faded or too dark areas, as floss is usually bright colors.
  3. You should not choose a too bright original, which is already "painful" to look at, hurts the eyes.
  4. Keep the balance of colors. Everything should be even.
  5. Too colorful images require many different shades and colors to get a decent result.
  6. If you are not sure that you have the patience to embroider a big picture, then do not choose a photo with a lot of small details as a basis.

The program for creating patterns for embroidery will help you make an unusual picture and instead of the usual photos in the frames you will have masterpieces. And there is simply no better gift than an embroidered picture!

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