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Do-it-yourself gift for children - interesting ideas. Gifts for children for the New Year and birthday
Do-it-yourself gift for children - interesting ideas. Gifts for children for the New Year and birthday

Holidays are the most favorite time for children. It doesn’t matter what the name of the holiday is, whether it’s New Year or Birthday, the main thing for children is to receive a long-awaited gift. In anticipation of extraordinary surprises, boys and girls are counting down the days to bring the fabulous time to receive gifts closer. It is sometimes very difficult for parents to make a good present for various reasons. Some can't afford to buy an expensive gift for a child, while others have already given everything before, so now they can't think of anything original.

An alternative to choosing holiday surprises in various situations can be a gift made by yourself. An original gift for a child, created with their own hands, will be more valuable than a purchased one, because when making it, parents put all their love and warmth into the product. It doesn't matter how old the child is, the main thing is to make a gift that will be unique and unforgettable.

DIYt for children

What gift to make?

Sometimes it happens that many mothers and grandmothers lack ideas for makingcreative things. But this is not a problem, it is worth watching the child and, having learned about his preferences, get to work. Children under ten years old can safely sew, knit, glue various toys from cardboard and other materials. Homemade earrings, beads, sweater bracelets, bags and other things are suitable for seniors. In fact, the choice of things for needlework is very large, and everyone can always make exactly the one that suits him.

Universal gifts

A great surprise for any holiday as a main gift or addition to something will be the so-called universal gift. Most often, sweets are called this way, but not just a bar of chocolate or a box of chocolates, because you can buy and eat them on a weekday, but a chic set consisting of various delicacies. A basket of sweets filled to the brim with delicious surprises will be remembered for a long time by any person, regardless of his age.

handmade candyts for children

Candy Paradise

Probably, there are no children who would not like sweets. Multi-colored jellies, delicious caramels and chocolates in beautiful wrappers will not leave any child indifferent. With the help of all these goodies, you can create a beautiful souvenir if you make any figure out of sweets. Handmade candy gifts for children look very beautiful and unusual.

To create such a gift, you will need some tools: thick cardboard, scissors, double-sided and regular tape, corrugated paper, ribbons, glue. materialsare selected depending on the type of product, so they can be supplemented with all kinds of decorations.

basket with sweets

The principle of work is to make a three-dimensional frame of the required shape from cardboard. For example, if you make a car, you must first glue it out of cardboard, then give it a presentable look by pasting it with corrugated paper and edging it with ribbons. Only after the work done, you should start decorating with sweets. Sweets must be chosen taking into account the shape of the product, for some round sweets are suitable, for others - rectangular or square. The selected goodies must be glued in such a way that no bare spots are visible from under them. Candies should be glued only on double-sided tape and in no case should glue be used. The final step will be wrapping the candy souvenir in a transparent gift wrap. For such types of gifts, it is necessary to choose sweets in very colorful wrappers, then the made present will look festive and, undoubtedly, will cause a lot of applause.

Christmas fantasy

Children of all ages are undoubtedly waiting for such an unusually fabulous holiday as the New Year. Looking out for gifts from Santa Claus, children spend a lot of time under the Christmas tree. Parents should not disappoint their children in any way, so it is important to make the most unforgettable souvenir from a fabulous grandfather. A very good gift would be Santa Claus, made with his own hands, he will always remind the child of the winter holidays. You can make such a souvenir fromvarious durable materials so that the gift can last a long time.

do-it-yourself Santa Claus

Gift Santa Claus can be created from candy using the method described earlier, but then it will be short-lived. Santa Claus, made of threads with his own hands, looks unusual. To make it, you will need the following materials: white threads, two balloons, PVA glue, pieces of black and red felt, white fleecy threads (for a beard), a small cut of scarlet velveteen or velvet fabric (for clothes) and strips of any white or golden color. Having collected all the necessary materials, you can get to work:

  1. Inflate two balloons, one large (for the torso), the other smaller (for the head).
  2. Balls carefully, in turn, smear with PVA glue.
  3. The ball smeared with glue must be wrapped with white threads so that there are no large bald spots between them. Outwardly, such a ball looks like an openwork product. Do the same with the second ball as with the first. After that, you need to let the glue on the spheres dry.
  4. When the glue is completely dry, you will need to pierce the balls with a needle and carefully remove them. Thus, strong balls of thread will be obtained.
  5. Next, you need to start gluing the torso and head of the future Santa Claus. Do it with PVA glue.
  6. The next step is to make clothes for a fairy-tale hero. The easiest way is to make a red fabric cape that will look like a coat. To do this, you need to take the fabric and cut out a circle from it, the size of which will fitbig ball (torso). In the center of the large circle, make a small circle, you need to cut it out, this will be the neck. Then, from one edge of the large circle, make a cut to the neckline. Thus, you get a cape that will need to be glued to the body.
  7. At the edge of the cape and on the neckline you need to glue a white border of fluffy fabric.
  8. Next, you should start making a beard. Take fleecy threads and, cutting them into small pieces, glue them in the place where the beard will be attached. In the same way, make and glue the hair to Santa Claus.
  9. Now it's time to start gluing the felt eyes, nose and eyebrows.
  10. It remains only to make a hat for the festive hero. To do this, you need to cut an oval out of red fabric, bend it in half and glue it on the sides. Glue the same material to the bottom of the cap as on the hem of the cape. Glue the cap to the head of the main character. Santa Claus is ready.

If you wish, you can make a small gift bag for grandfather, which will fit small souvenirs for children. If Santa Claus is meant for a girl, then you can put hairpins and hair ties or other jewelry in the bag. For boys, you can fold small cars or designers. A bag filled with sweets will also look good. Such a gift will be good not only as a toy, but also as an annual decoration for the Christmas tree.

By making gifts for children for the New Year with your own hands, you can not only create a creative thing, but also have a great rest. After all, the creative process allows a personmove away from the hustle and bustle of everyday problems and relax in the process of bringing your plans to life.

To make gifts for children for the New Year with your own hands, it is not necessary to buy expensive materials for their manufacture. Surely in every house there is everything you need for this. Indeed, from various unsightly pieces of fabric, beads, ribbons and threads, you can make delicious toys.

Little fashionistas

Making a gift for a girl with her own hands sometimes seems easier than for a boy. After all, you can always please little fashionistas by giving them homemade beads, hairpins, bracelets, rings and other little things. A suitable gift for a young lady would be a handmade bag. Even if the child already has bags, another one will not hurt, because it will differ from others in its unique design. And children always want to show off their original new clothes to their peers, which no one else will have.

do-it-yourself children's handbags

Before you start creating your own baby bags, you need to be sure that you can do the job efficiently. Therefore, if you do not have much experience in knitting, crocheting or you do not know how to sew, then choose bag models a little easier.

There is a huge selection of patterns and schemes for making children's handbags with your own hands, but if you wish, you can come up with a completely unique model. Small handbags knitted on knitting needles look very nice. To make a simple model of such a bag, you need to knit a canvas measuring 20 x 20see. Choose the size of the threads at your discretion. If you plan to make a lining, then the threads can be of medium thickness, if without it, then choose thicker yarn.

The fabric is knitted with any patterns, for beginners it is best to knit it with either purl or facial loops. Then it is sewn on the sides with a needle or crochet. To make handles for a bag, you need to knit two identical strips 5 cm wide on knitting needles, the length will depend on the height of the child (the handles should not be too long or short). Then, sewing the handles to the bag, you need to start decorating the product. Even a bag of the simplest style can be turned into a designer item by properly decorating it with various little things.

You can decorate the product with various beads or embroider with crocheted flowers. The original badges also look beautiful on a knitted bag, on which there may be inscriptions with the girl's name. If desired, the handles and edges of the bag can be additionally tied with threads of other colors using a hook or a large needle. It is not necessary to sew a snake into such bags, but if a child wears a bunch of little things in it, then, in order not to lose them, you will have to mount a zipper into the product. Multi-colored zippers are most suitable for these purposes.

Having made a gift for children with their own hands in the form of such a handbag, it can additionally be filled with various surprises. For example, if you put a beautiful mirror and a hairbrush into your purse, as well as perfume and nail polish designed for little fashionistas, then you can surely surprise a child with such a surprise.

To little defenders

Toto please a little son or grandson with a gift, you do not need to sit and waste time thinking about what would be so interesting to do. A beautiful car is a great gift for a boy, which will be very easy and simple to make with your own hands. It will be possible to involve dads and grandfathers in such work, because they are more versed in cars and will surely be able to suggest good ideas.

do-it-yourself machine

By making such a gift to children with your own hands, you will definitely please them, because there are no boys who do not like cars. The choice of car models is very large, from the truck to the race car version.

Which one to choose?

It is very hard not to get confused when choosing a car model for handmade, because it is not always possible to make a miniature copy of a real car. But it is very easy to get out of this situation by making a large cardboard model. A makeshift car doesn't have to be the same size as a real car, but big enough for a child to fit in.

Almost everyone at home has unnecessary cardboard boxes left over from the purchase of household appliances, and it is from them that a wonderful do-it-yourself machine can be made. To do this, you need to take a large box, for example from a washing machine, and give it the shape of a car. To make a windshield, you need to bend one of the closing sides of the top in half and unbend, then attach the lid to the box with tape until the fold. The rest of the closable top (unused) must be cut off.

boytdo it yourself

The whole car should be covered with colored paper or painted with paint. Then draw all the necessary parts of the car on top of colored paper (doors, handles). Wheels can be drawn too, but there is another option. Turning the plastic plate upside down, paint it blue and attach it to the center of the painted tires, these will be the wheels. The steering wheel is also made from a plastic plate, attaching it to the right place with a secure fastener that will allow the steering wheel to rotate. Headlights draw and paint with yellow paint. That's all, the machine is created with your own hands! Now it remains to decorate it with a gift bow.

Will you like it?

When making some kind of gift for children with their own hands, many people worry about whether they will like the thing they have made. What if the gift is not to your liking and the child is upset? In fact, all young children are always happy with any gifts. And when they find out that the item was specially made for them by their relatives, they appreciate the presents even more.

What to make the smallest?

Sometimes parents find it hard to come up with a gift for their youngest children. They think that children from 3 to 5 years old need completely different surprises. Undoubtedly, all toys should be appropriate for the age of the child and participate in his development. But little girls and boys will be happy to play with various homemade products, the main thing is not to use small parts for their manufacture. When making a gift for a child with your own hands (5 years old or 10 - it doesn’t matter), you need to remember one thing - all materials for gifts must be non-toxic andsafe.

Gift wrapping

When preparing for the holidays and making gifts yourself, you need to think through everything to the end, because in this business, as in any other, little things are important. Therefore, after you have made a gift for children with your own hands, you need to take care of its colorful wrapper. It doesn’t matter at all whether it will be a beautiful oilcloth or hand-made packaging, the main thing is that it should be as bright and colorful as possible. Such bright impressions from the holidays your children will remember for a long time.

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