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DIY origami envelope: instructions for creating and manufacturing features
DIY origami envelope: instructions for creating and manufacturing features

The envelope is a simple and versatile item that can come in handy in a variety of situations. You can store small items, discs, money, etc. in it. Beautiful decorative envelopes are used for solemn occasions. They can be used to present a greeting card or money.

Of course, you can buy ready-made envelopes. But sometimes it is not possible to find an envelope of a suitable size, color, etc. In this case, you can make an origami envelope with your own hands.

DIY envelope

Tools and materials that will be needed in the process

Before you start manufacturing, you need to prepare all the materials. As a rule, everything you need can be found at home. For a do-it-yourself origami envelope you will need:

  • The main material is paper. Regular A4 sheets will do. Or other paper: colored, white, wrapping, kraft paper, etc.
  • Glue for paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Ruler.
  • Pencil.
  • Decorative jewelry - beads, rhinestones, lace, ribbons, etc.
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How to make an A4 envelope

A4 paper will allow you to create a standard size envelope (for example, for a letter).

  • It is necessary to place the sheet in front of you in a horizontal position.
  • Measure 72 mm from the upper right corner and mark this point with a pencil. Then connect the mark and the lower right corner with one line.
  • Now you need to measure 72 mm from the lower left corner and draw a line from there to the upper left corner.
  • Now you need to cut off the resulting triangles on the sides with scissors, following the drawn lines.
  • The result is a rhombus, which must also be placed horizontally in front of you.
  • The sides need to be bent towards the center so that they touch the corners.
  • Fold the top and bottom pieces in the same way.

Now it remains only to fix everything except the upper part with glue. It should open freely. Do-it-yourself origami envelope made from A4 paper, ready.

holiday envelopes

Regular self-made envelope

A sheet of paper of any size is suitable for such a product. It does not matter what shape it is: square or rectangular.

  • The paper sheet needs to be folded diagonally. Then turn back and position in front of you so that the fold is horizontal.
  • Now the bottom corner must be bent to the center of the sheet. Corner may extend slightly beyond the fold.
  • The side parts are also bent inward and fixed with glue. BUTthe top must remain open for the envelope to be used.

The method is very simple. Depending on the original shape of the sheet, you can get a rectangular or square envelope.

kraft paper envelope

How to make your own envelope for money

You can make your own origami envelope for money. A4 format or any other rectangular sheet is also suitable for this method.

You need to do the following:

  • Place the paper rectangle in front of you horizontally. Divide it with a vertical line so that its side is 1 - 1.5 cm wider than the other.
  • Bend the sheet along the marked line. In the same position, it is necessary to bend the sides by 1 - 1.5 cm.
  • After that, the sheet needs to be expanded and on the wider half, cut off the narrow side parts, following along the marked lines.
  • The result is a blank that needs only to be folded and fixed with glue. The protruding sidewalls are bent inward, the sheet is again folded in half. In this case, the part that was wider forms a label for the envelope.
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Do-it-yourself origami envelope without glue

The method is also quite simple, even for those who are not fond of origami. To create an envelope, you only need paper and a scheme by which it can be folded.

Paper must be square. It must be folded diagonally so that a triangle is formed. It should be placed base down.

Now the top corner of the sheet must be folded down without crossing the bottom line.

Side corners should fold inward with an overlap. The top corner (“overlap”) must be folded back so that it is in the center of the envelope.

When expanded, this corner forms a small pocket into which you can tuck the top tab and close the envelope.

This craft looks unusual and original.

Fancy DIY envelopes

Creating an origami envelope with your own hands, you can show your imagination and give it an unusual shape.

For example, try making an envelope with rounded edges:

  • To make, you need a square sheet of paper. In this case, it is desirable that it be dense. Then the envelope will keep its shape well.
  • In the center of the sheet, you need to draw a square of the size that the finished envelope should turn out to be.
  • From the side parts you need to form rounded labels. It turns out a blank with a square center and 4 rounded parts on the sides.
  • square envelopes

Now in the center you need to place the contents of the envelope, bend the labels and fix them (for example, with tape). The original handmade origami envelope is ready.

Some tips for making beautiful envelopes

Create a beautiful envelope quickly and easily. The main thing is to follow the following tips:

  • Not recommended for paper that is too thick. For example, do-it-yourself A4 format for an origami envelopemanufactured, fits perfectly. It turns out a standard product. You can also use cardboard, but not too thick. Otherwise, all the folds will turn out to be sloppy.
  • Don't use too much glue. Just a little is enough to fasten and fix the corners of a sheet of paper.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment. An envelope made of kraft paper tied with ordinary twine will look very stylish. Get creative and use a variety of materials.

Ready-made envelopes are very easy to make festive, gift and suitable for a particular event. Even the most ordinary white envelope can be decorated with colored paper applique, and you will already get a bright, unusual product.

If the envelope is made for a children's party, then you can use decorations in the form of eyes and ears to get the muzzle of an animal (or images of your favorite cartoon characters).

envelope for children

For girls, an envelope decorated with ribbons, lace, beads, etc. is suitable.

Do not forget that the envelope is perfect not only for money, letters or notes. It can also be used to present small items.

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