Simple dot painting. Technics
Simple dot painting. Technics

Recently, this type of fine art, like dot painting, has become incredibly popular among the world's population. The basic principle of applying patterns lies in the name itself - the pattern is formed as a result of a combination of points. They can have different sizes and colors, and can also be applied with different paints. The main advantage of dot painting is its simplicity. Thus, even the person who has never held brushes in his hands and has no idea how to draw correctly will be able to create his masterpiece.

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Dot painting becomes a worthy decoration of dishes in any home. Using different types of paints, you can paint both cutlery and decorative elements of dishes. When applying a pattern to dishes that are used on the table, you should use only environmentally friendly paints that can be combined with food and will not cause adverse reactions of the body. If we are talking about decorating decorative dishes, then you can use any paint, but in the first and second cases, they must be waterproof and not photosensitive.

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Also, an easy way to breathe new life into old accessories and souvenirs is dot painting. The technique of this type of painting will depend primarily on the shape of the product and, of course, on the type of material from which it is composed. You should carefully choose the colors, otherwise they will not last long on things. Therefore, it is advisable in this matter to take the advice of professional artists or designers who have encountered this type of creativity.

Dot painting allows you to transform the most boring and unexpected items, make them a decorative element in the interior. For example, using this technique, you can turn a standard glass bottle from a drink into an original vase. By simply applying the pattern in separate dots to the glass surface, the bottle can be turned into a unique masterpiece. The main thing is to choose the right color scheme and texture, so that as a result the accessory matches the appearance of the room and logically complements it.

With the help of special paints, dot painting can be realized both on home textiles and on your own things.

Dot painting technique

For such cases, there is a dot painting of MK. It describes in detail both the technique of applying paints to fabric, and the features of this process. Dot painting can easily combine all the textile elements in the room into a single style - a bedspread, pillows, curtains, towels, and so on, even though they will be made from different fabrics.

Recommended after completion of work on spotapplying a pattern, varnish the surface (if, of course, it is solid). So, the ornament or pattern will be more securely fixed, therefore, it will last longer and retain its color qualities for a longer period. You can also decorate and complement the dot painting with all kinds of beads, beads or rhinestones, depending on the tastes and features of the interior.

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