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Butterflies for men with their own hands: size, photo
Butterflies for men with their own hands: size, photo

In recent years, stylish bow ties for men have become extremely popular. It is customary to wear them at social events, at the opera and theater, as well as when attending official events. In addition, bow ties for men are considered a common addition to a daily business suit. Depending on the dress code allowed by the company, these accessories can be extremely formal or have a rather cheerful color scheme.

how to sew a bow tie for a man
how to sew a bow tie for a man

Who wears a bow tie

Just like traditional ties, bow ties make a great gift. Women and girls often present such accessories to their dear men, buying them in specialized stores, at needlework fairs, or making them with their own hands.

For those who know the basic techniques of sewing on a typewriter, this work will not seem difficult. Butterfly for men with their own hands is made in just a few hours, often it is the main "highlight" of the photo shoot. Here, for craftswomen, there are no restrictions on the choice of color ormaterial texture.

If for an office worker a pink striped bow tie is most often considered unacceptable, then for a fun pastime it is just right.

Following Sarah Bernhardt, who discovered the convenience and comfort of trousers for women, girls are adopting more and more elements of men's wardrobe. They successfully use butterflies to give their look a mischievous or, conversely, sophistication.

Preparatory work

To quickly and efficiently make a butterfly, you need to prepare the workplace, materials and tools in advance. Recommendations for the fabric from which the bow ties for men are made will be given below.

DIY butterfly for men
DIY butterfly for men

Below you can see a pattern for sewing an accessory. It can be redrawn on thick paper or simply printed.

butterfly pattern
butterfly pattern

The drawing consists of two parts. After cutting, they need to be combined along the dotted lines. This will be one detail. Each side of the product will consist of two parts, so you need to cut four in total.

butterflies for men
butterflies for men

The numbers on the bottom of the pattern indicate the size of the butterfly for men in centimeters. It is determined by measuring the girth of the man's neck. This is important as it will not be possible to tie a bow tie in the wrong size.

How to sew a bow tie for a man

First of all, you should choose the material. Butterflies for men are rarely sewn from woolen fabric, unless it is necessary according to the idea of the craftswoman. Much more often used silk, satin, cottonor artificial fabrics.

It is desirable that the material is rigid, then it will be easier to cut and sew. In the event that the selected fabric turned out to be too soft, it should be glued with interlining.

This is done as follows:

  • Four parts are cut out of the fabric according to the pattern.
  • Two identical elements are prepared from interlining.
  • Interlining is applied to the wrong side of the parts and glued with an iron. To prevent the material from sticking to the soleplate, it should be covered with a sheet or ironed on the right side of the fabric.
  • Check whether the interlining is firmly glued to the part (trying to separate the layers).
  • how to glue fleece
    how to glue fleece

Butterfly stitching for men

If the interlining sticks well and does not lag behind, you can sew two parts of each side (two out of four elements turned out). Then the resulting canvases are folded with the right sides inward, the structure is fastened with pins and basted.

how to sweep details
how to sweep details

Then sew on a typewriter. The seam should be laid carefully, maintaining the same distance from the edge.

stitching details
stitching details

Otherwise you can get asymmetrical bow ties for men. The photo below shows what a properly executed stitch should look like. You can also see here that a gap is left along one of the seams. Its length should be about 3-4 cm, it will come in handy in order to turn the finished butterfly inside out. Overlocking is optional.

stitching butterfly details
stitching butterfly details

The secret of the right eversion of the product

There are several tricks that will allow you to quickly and accurately turn out such a narrow product as a butterfly. However, before proceeding to this stage, you should cut off all the corners without touching the line. This is necessary to form the correct geometric shape of the bow.

Shallow cuts can be made on the folds.

stylish bow ties for men
stylish bow ties for men

Next, take something hard and long (a knitting needle, an unsharpened pencil, a Chinese hairpin) and put it on the widest part of the butterfly. Putting a butterfly on an object, gradually turn the product inside out.

butterfly size for men
butterfly size for men


The resulting "sausage" looks rather unattractive, but it has not yet been leveled and ironed. To see the real shape of the product, it should be straightened with tweezers. Then the sewn parts are ironed with an iron, achieving a perfectly flat fabric.

butterflies for men photo
butterflies for men photo

Now you can sew up the gap through which the butterfly was turned inside out. To do this, use a hidden seam. You can also sew it on a typewriter, since this section remains under the collar anyway.

That's it, work is done. Now, knowing how a butterfly is sewn, you need to understand how to tie an accessory for men. It is not difficult to fix a butterfly of a suitable size with a knot. It's enough to figure everything out once. The following photo will clearly show how to tie an accessory for men. Butterfly forgirls are tied up in exactly the same way.

how to tie a bow tie for men
how to tie a bow tie for men

An alternative way to make a butterfly

It is not necessary to make a classic accessory that needs to be worn correctly. You can make it easier for yourself and for a man in the future.

The following paragraphs will describe how to sew a bow tie for a man with an elastic band.

To work, you will need the same tools and materials, plus an elastic band.

Cut fabrics

You need to cut three rectangles from the material that is selected for work. Part sizes:

  1. 30 cm x 15 cm.
  2. 20 cm x 15 cm.
  3. 6 cm x 10 cm.

The first two segments need to be glued with interlining or doubler.

Now you need to form ribbons from all the cut rectangles:

  • Pieces of fabric are folded in half.
  • Iron the fold line.
  • Then unfold and fold one side so that the open edge touches the ironed line.
  • Fix with an iron.
  • The other side is treated similarly.
  • Fold the fabric so that all cut and raw edges are inside.
  • Ironing.

Now you have a neat ribbon. Similarly, the remaining rectangles are turned into ribbons.

Butterfly Assembly

Two large ribbons are folded with narrow ends in the middle and sewn on. Here you can not try to carefully perform all the seams, as they will not be visible anyway.

Get rectangles again. Detailmedium size impose on a large rectangle and combine their centers. Then they fix it with a thread (sew) and tighten the seam.

It turned out a two-layer bow-butterfly. The smallest ribbon will serve as a disguise for the ugly middle.

It needs to be sewn into a ring along the narrow edges and dragged into the center of the butterfly. When the tape is placed, it is firmly sewn to the product from the wrong side.

Having cut the elastic to the desired length, it is threaded under a narrow ribbon, and the edges are folded and sewn very securely. If the fastening is insufficient, an awkward situation may occur when the butterfly flies off the collar at the most inopportune moment.

If desired, you can use both methods to make several accessories for different clothes.

Butterflies for kids

Craftswomen who are lucky enough to be mothers know perfectly well how difficult it is to find the right accessories for their children. If you can find the right size, there is no right color or fabric texture.

Here, the ability to create jewelry with their own hands also comes to their aid. Butterflies are a great addition to a festive school costume or used as props for a masquerade look.

As an alternative to various "bears" and "bunnies", the suit of the "little gentleman" looks great. It usually includes strict dark trousers, a white shirt and a vest. Of course, it is impossible to do without a bow tie, which becomes the main highlight.

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