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Use of elastomeric yarn to improve fabric quality
Use of elastomeric yarn to improve fabric quality

Artificial fabrics, natural materials, and synthetics without additives have reduced elasticity and do not stretch at all. Products from them are wrinkled, stretched, it is almost impossible to restore their original appearance. In addition, in such clothes it is not very comfortable to move. To improve the performance of fabrics, a synthetic fiber, elastane, is added to their composition. In Canada and the United States, it is called spandex, which translates to "stretch".

From the history of occurrence

The first synthetic elastomeric thread appeared in the late fifties of the last century thanks to the invention of the American scientist J. Shivers, working for DuPont.

elastomeric thread

Later, the Lycra trademark was registered by Invista, part of a well-known American corporation.

In Japan, elastomeric filament materialsproduced under the brand name "Dorlastan".

Material specifications

Elastane is a practical and bright fabric that is used to sew light, comfortable clothes. It wears for a long time and does not wrinkle. The main quality due to which the material has gained popularity is its high extensibility. The length of the elastane fibers can increase up to 5-8 times.

In addition to elasticity, spandex has a number of important properties:

  • Elasticity - after stretching, it returns to its original shape.
  • Strength - not afraid of loads, does not change characteristics under the influence of water.
  • Fineness - the thickness of the elastomeric threads is minimal, so they can be woven into any fabric.
  • Softness - Elastane-blended material is flexible and drapes easily with soft pleats.
  • Lightweight - the use of material hardly changes the overall weight of the fabric.

The elastomer thread used in synthetic and natural fabrics allows to obtain materials that are breathable, elastic, comfortable and pleasant to the touch. Clothing made from such fabric practically does not wrinkle, retains its original appearance for a long time, does not wear out and does not hinder movements.

elastomeric thread photo

Elastane (elastomer) threads are produced in shiny, white, opaque or transparent. The warp consists of oval, round or dumbbell-shaped fibers in cross-section.

Use of elastomeric thread products

As a rule, elastomer is produced in the form of threads wound on a bobbin. Usually cotton, linen, viscose are added to it.or polyamide materials, since pure polyurethane is practically not used. This combination increases the strength and elasticity of finished products, making their appearance more attractive. This is the reason for the use of an elastomeric thread for beading. At the same time, an increase in wear resistance is noted. Clothing is more comfortable for a person, does not cause irritation and dry skin.

The disadvantage of spandex is the instability to ultraviolet radiation and water with a high content of chlorine. In addition, threads with elastane can become a source of allergies, so when buying, pay attention to the composition of the fabric.

Clothes with added elastomeric fibers

It is recommended to add from 5 to 15% elastane to the starting material. The most popular combination of polyurethane fibers with viscose is used to make sports uniforms and clothes for everyday life. In addition, viscose with elastane is used to make bodycon dresses for cocktail parties and celebrations.

Increasing the percentage of elastomer up to 20-30% provides the material with increased wear resistance. Most sportswear, swimwear, stockings and tights are made from it.

For festive dresses and carnival looks, in addition to lycra, the composition of the fabric includes lurex. Elastomeric threads (pictured below) are also used in the production of jeans clothes - in addition to cotton, about 5% polyurethane threads are added.

elastomeric thread price

The hero of "Spider-Man" during the filming wore out more than one such costume. And the movie costmoreover, and all thanks to these synthetic threads. They literally turned the world of clothing for show business, sports - wherever you want to look catchy and fresh.

Proper care of clothes

The rules for the care of finished products depend on what is included in the composition of the fabric in addition to elastane. Recommendations are indicated on the label:

  1. Wash clothes on a delicate cycle or by hand. The water temperature must be below 40°C.
  2. Polyurethane threads tend to burst, so when wringing out clothes, do not twist them too much.
  3. "Aggressive" powders and bleaches quickly destroy matter, so their use should be abandoned.
  4. To keep the shape, dry the products in a horizontal position.
  5. It is recommended to iron the fabric at temperatures up to 150 °C.
elastomeric thread for beading

The inclusion of lycra in the composition of the fabric, even in a small amount, can greatly change the quality of finished products. Clothing becomes not only beautiful and comfortable, but also durable, thanks to the elasticity provided by the elastomeric thread. The price of elastane products directly depends on the amount of this substance in the composition of the fabric used, as well as the percentage of other additional materials: cotton, lycra, polyurethane fiber, etc.

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