How to mend a wool sock the right way
How to mend a wool sock the right way

For those who are just learning to knit, the simplest product is a scarf. But socks - this is almost the height of skill. But in fact, even a novice needlewoman, who has barely learned how to knit the front and back loops, can knit a woolen sock.

Five needles and a ball of thread

You can knit woolen socks with knitting needles in different ways. For example, on five or two knitting needles, high and short, with different decor. But you should always start work with the choice of yarn and knitting needles. It is clear that the thicker the yarn, the thicker the working knitting needles should be.

Basically, the principle of selecting yarn and knitting needles is as follows: the thread you like and suitable for a particular model is folded in half, twisted slightly, and knitting needles of equal thickness are selected for the resulting skein.

wool sock

Quick new socks

How to knit wool socks quickly? For example, for size 36, dial on 4 knitting needles No. 3, 12 loops each=48. The simplest and most reliable elastic band is 1 to 1. With ityou should knit the height of the sock for the desired number of centimeters. Then, leaving the work on one knitting needle, knit a heel on three of them. This part must be strong enough, since it is the heel that wears out the fastest. In order to get a dense, reliable and beautiful fabric, knitting should be like this:

  1. Remove one loop, knit the second, and so the whole row to the end.
  2. Reverse row, purl all the way.
  3. Repeat the first and second rows for heel height.
  4. Knitting again needs to be divided into three knitting needles with 12 loops on each.
  5. The main fabric is knitted on the middle loop, but the side knitting needles help form the heel itself. To do this, the outer loop of each row must be knitted together with the first loop on the side needle.

When the heel is formed, knitting is again carried out in a circle. The loops on the knitting needles get from the edges of the heel. If there are more of them than necessary for the volume of the trace, then the decrease is best done along the line of the toe.

how to darn wool socks

To make knitted woolen socks fit well on the leg, knitting on the needle that forms the upper part of the product can be continued with an elastic band, and all other parts of the fabric (sidewalls and footprint) - with front stitch.

Beautiful socks

All the beauty of socks is always on top. Therefore, it can be decorated with braids and lace. For example, a braid of 6 loops for weaving 3 by 3 looks beautiful on children's and women's products. If there is a desire to knit fishnet socks, then the pattern can only be used according tothe upper part of the thing - like a path from openwork. So it will not be necessary to calculate rapports and the number of loops.

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Men will appreciate Scandinavian-style socks - with jacquard pattern. For such work, you will have to count the number of loops for rapport so that the pattern matches the loops. Jacquard is easier to knit in two colors, although experienced craftswomen work with multi-color patterns. This is painstaking work, the threads must be interlaced behind the canvas, they get confused and slow down all the work. Two colors in jacquard will cause fewer problems. In any case, the heel should still be knitted with reinforcement, so the work will not go to waste after a few days of using socks.

knitted wool socks

Pyatkin's secrets

The most problematic place in socks is the footprint. This is where the holes appear first, especially on the heels. To make wool socks last longer, you can knit them with reinforcements:

  • add synthetic thread, such as nylon;
  • use a special knitting method.

But still, this does not always save from holes. Then the question arises: "How to mend woolen socks?" It's easy to do.

how to knit wool socks

Disguise for holes

Any thing must be looked after, repairing the problems that have appeared in time. With wardrobe hosiery, you should do the same, avoiding the transformation of socks into a sieve. Small abrasions must be immediately strengthened with thin synthetic threads,stitching the future hole with small stitches in different directions. How to darn wool socks correctly?

Darning guide

In order for a leaky woolen sock to last longer, it must be mended properly.

  • Lay the canvas on a flat, smooth, preferably rounded surface. Not so long ago, every housewife in a box with sewing supplies had an ordinary incandescent light bulb, using it as a darning device. The light bulb is smooth, rounded, small in size, and the base is a kind of handle, which made it possible not only to hold the work in the air, but also to turn it in the right direction.
  • Threads to pick up, suitable in color and thickness. It should be noted that a properly made darning will be almost twice as thick as the yarn, so you can choose threads slightly thinner than the yarn of the sock itself;
  • The needle should be long enough, especially if the hole is already large. It will be more convenient to weave threads with a long needle.
  • The working thread is secured to a strong fabric with a few reverse stitches.
  • First, the hole should be strengthened around the edges by laying small stitches in a circle on a strong canvas.
  • The first layer of darning is applied in several rows close together, gripping and strong fabric that will hold the darning as it is worn.
  • The second layer is cross weaving, which should be done by picking threads one at a time: pick up one thread from above, the next from below. In the opposite direction, the thread that was on top should become the bottom, and vice versa.

Woolen sock should be pulled over a smooth surface while darning. The darning itself does not need to be tightened or tightened, it must correspond to the tension of the product itself.

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Socks are a necessary thing. They can be not only functionally necessary, but also constitute an element of the wardrobe that creates an image. They can be worn only for warmth, or you can love socks, especially if they are connected by a loved one. Parting with torn socks can be a shame for many reasons. Then they should be darned by all the rules so that they continue to be useful.

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