Fancy slippers-sneakers: a master class
Fancy slippers-sneakers: a master class

Graceful, with a snow-white sole, and from afar, just like real fashion sneakers. Such unusual slippers will be appreciated by everyone. Any craftswoman can knit them if she strictly adheres to the scheme.

unusual slippers


Slippers are comfortable indoor shoes that perform several functions at once. They must be comfortable, conducive to relaxation after a hard day's work. In Japan, changing shoes upon entering the house is considered a mandatory ritual that helps to get rid of problems, leave them outside the door and immerse yourself in a cozy homely atmosphere.

Unusual slippers-sneakers are also a good mood. Made of bright yarn, complemented by an interesting decor, they are sure to attract the attention of others.


After the gray winter days, you really want to please yourself with something bright and stylish. Knitting unusual sneaker slippers will not take much time. No more than an ordinary shopping trip, but you will not find such an exclusive model in any hypermarket.

For work you will need:

  • four circular knitting needles - regular, for socks, it is advisable to use 3 here, they are a little thinner and the product will looktighter;
  • threads are always white for finishing, and the main color can be any (blue, red, orange);
  • hook - for making decorative details.
knitting unusual slippers

Main part

Size 35-39 cast on 48 sts, larger sizes 40-44 cast on 56 sts. Spread them evenly across all four needles.

1. The first ten circles are knitted with a regular elastic band (one front - one purl).

2. Next comes a flat surface (as in a regular sock), but on the back side you should knit the trim, like on classic sneakers. To do this, change the front loops to the wrong ones and knit them on the outside.

Heel work

All craftswomen know how this simple operation is performed. Unusual sneakers in this case are made in the same way.

1. We move the loops from the first knitting needle to the fourth and then we knit only on them.

2. We knit with a stitch for at least 26-28 rows, in each of which we remove the extreme loops on the knitting needle without knitting.

3. We turn the heel, decrease the loops, knitting two together up to a quantity of 12 pieces (for size 35-39).

4. We collect the missing loops from the side parts of the already almost prepared sock and continue knitting with the front stitch.

5. Start reducing the toe when the little finger is completely covered by the work. You need to do this when knitting on the face, every three loops knit two together.

As a result, there should be two loops on eachfrom spokes. We stretch an additional thread through them and close the work, tightly fixing the knot from the wrong side.

unusual slippers knitting

Additional items

Unusual slippers with knitting needles, as it turned out, are not at all difficult to knit. It remains to decorate them in the manner of sneakers and add some interesting decor.

Planck - it will give the product the look of real sneakers, to create it, type on the side parts of the workpiece two rows of loops parallel to each other (in the places where the bar is usually located) and knit them with front stitch. Later, laces will be sewn into them, which can also be made independently from bright threads.

Sole - using a crochet hook, knit white stripes along the entire base of the sole, you can add one black row along the top and bottom edge of the trim, for a complete resemblance to sneakers. To make the product wearable and please its owner for a long time, its lower part should be sealed with a leather insole.

Brand logos - crochet four air loops, connect in a circle, knit to the desired size. It is better to make the logo white, and embroider the star on it with a regular needle with black thread. Attach the emblem carefully to the outer side of the product.

Fancy sneaker slippers are ready, you can try them on.

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