Easter bunny in pictures - from simple to complex
Easter bunny in pictures - from simple to complex

The Easter Bunny is not a typical and traditional symbol for our Russian culture in the celebration of Easter. We are closer to krashenki, a festive cake and a small muffin in the form of larks. But recently, following the ever-increasing number of tourists who have been abroad, the cute Western Easter Bunny is becoming more and more popular with us. Moreover, he has the magical ability to collect colorful chocolate eggs in his nest, hidden in the most secluded corner of the house or garden. Such a wonderful property simply could not go unnoticed by our little sweet tooth. And now, following St. Nicholas, who only recently began laying out surprises for our children under pillows at night, the Easter Bunny has also almost trodden a path in our gardens. And so that it does not become overgrown with grass and does not get lost among the bushes, it is worth placing its symbolic images in the house.

Creating a fairy tale with children

The Easter Bunny, created with your own hands and on the eve of the holiday, lovingly placed in the most prominent place, will bring warmth and joy, fill the atmosphere of the house with the expectation of a miracle. And, of course, it is best to make thismagician with children, because kids are closest to a fairy tale. Give them materials, suggest a direction in technology, and they can easily think of the details and image themselves.

From simple to complex

Of course, even with the appearance of various new techniques, the simplest and most accessible for children of any age are still drawing and application.

easter bunny
easter bunny do it yourself

The next in terms of complexity of execution can be an Easter bunny, made using a combination of the two previous techniques, but not on a plane, but in volume. An eggshell was taken as a model for its manufacture, from which the contents were carefully blown out.

Easter Bunny

Here's a simple version of the Easter bunny that can be assembled using colorful grosgrain ribbons.

easter bunny rep ribbons

The option of painting on stone will be more difficult. In the hands of a master, this cold material truly turns into a work of art.

easter bunny stone painting

You can make the whole Easter composition with your own hands, without resorting to the use of additional forms. For example, an egg is made using the papier-mâché technique.

papier mache easter bunny

You can create fundamentally different homemade products if you use various techniques for working with fabrics. There are no very simple options here. Indeed, for sewing a rabbit from fabric, you must have a successful pattern, and then sew all the details in the correctsequence and very neat. And complete the work by adding the smallest details with embroidery or appliqué on fabric. Here are examples of what it might look like when finished.

easter bunny we sew ourselves

And this is a stylish Easter bunny made of fabric using Tilda doll technique.

Easter Bunny Tilda

The next in complexity is a hare made by dry felting. Here's how it looks in the photo.

easter rabbit dry felting

Fans of plasticine creativity can be offered to make such a magical hare from polymer clay. In the photo, in addition to the "eared", there is also a house for him, made using the quilling technique.

easter bunny polymer clay

There are still a lot of options for manual creativity in making an Easter bunny. And the only limitation in choosing a method of needlework can be only your desire, imagination and skill. But whichever technique you choose, the value of the work done exclusively and with love will remain unchanged.

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