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Dot painting mugs: work steps and useful tips
Dot painting mugs: work steps and useful tips

Dot painting mugs is called point-to-point. This is a very exciting activity, which, after the first attempts at writing, turns into a hobby. A mug with a beautiful dotted pattern can be presented to a loved one, sold to a handmade goods store, or kept for yourself. No need to be an artist or have special skills. Absolutely anyone can do this kind of art.

Required Materials

To paint a mug you need a desire to create something beautiful and some tools. You will need:

  • contour paints designed for glass or ceramics;
  • acrylic paints with thin brush;
  • ceramic marker;
  • mug surface degreaser;
  • sponges for applying degreaser;
dot painting
  • cotton buds to correct drawing errors;
  • scheme (drawn or printed);
  • templates (as needed).

Steps of work

Painting workproduced in the following order:

  1. The first step is to degrease the surface of ceramic or glassware. Pour some acetone onto the sponge and wipe the mug where you want to paint.
  2. Attach the diagram or picture you will be transferring onto the cup. If the dishes are transparent and made of glass, then they put it on the inside and strengthen it with tape. If the cup is ceramic, then you can cut out patterns of large details of the pattern from paper and fix them in the right places with double-sided tape. Then go around the template with dots along the contour, and remove the paper.
  3. Check all the tubes with the selected colors on the cardboard palette so that you don’t accidentally get too liquid paint and the pattern doesn’t drip. In the same place, practice putting dots of different sizes.
dot painting mugs

Now start painting the mug. After its completion, the drawing will need to be fixed at high temperatures in the oven.

Helpful tips

Begin drawing at least 2 cm from the edge of the cup so that the lips do not touch the toxic paint.

First of all, they draw large elements, and then fill in the voids and add small details.

beautiful mug with dot pattern

Large dots can be made with a cotton swab or an eraser attached to the end of a simple pencil.

A symmetrical pattern with the same distance between points looks beautiful. If you accidentally put a dot in the wrong place, then wipe off the paint with a cotton swab and apply it again.

A bitmap looks interesting if it is complemented by thin lines and areas painted over with a brush.

If you draw with contours, then try to adhere to the in-line principle, that is, use dots of the same diameter in one row.

Bake a painted mug in an oven heated to a temperature of 150 ° C to 170 ° C. It is enough to hold the craft in the heat for half an hour so that the paint is fixed on the surface for a long time.

Try your hand at a new kind of needlework. Good luck!

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