Remembering the old days: how to make a paper bomb
Remembering the old days: how to make a paper bomb

Earlier, in the days when fathers and mothers of modern youth wiped their pants at school, a paper bomb was considered a very popular entertainment. This simple craft in those days was created from drafts and notebook sheets, since children had a large number of them. A water bomb made of paper was made in a matter of minutes, and could bring joy for several hours. In the hot season, the children threw such blanks as snowballs, accompanying this action with laughter and screams. In a collision with a target, the bomb "exploded", in other words, burst. In this case, the victim most often turned out to be wet through, but in summer this circumstance brings more relief than problems.

The elders taught the "little thing" how to make a paper bomb. Thus, this technology has entertained more and more new generations. But with the advent of computers, everything changed. Today, children prefer to spend time at the monitor, and not on the street. They are not at all interested in learning how to make a paper bomb. They rarely walk even in the summer, idealsuitable for swimming in the river and running around in the garden.

Nevertheless, any child of the two entertainments will surely choose the one that will bring more joy and pleasure. And it is quite possible that if parents show their child how to make a paper bomb and how to use it, then it will prefer a more active activity. It is best to present this material before leaving for any body of water. In this case, the child will have a great opportunity to practice a new skill and better master how to make a paper bomb.

But what if adults have forgotten this technology too? Do not despair! Our step-by-step tutorial on how to make a paper bomb will help you brush up on the material and ensure a good family holiday.

For work we need a square sheet of paper. Let's fold it diagonally. Then expand.

how to make a paper bomb

Now repeat the same with the second diagonal.

paper bomb

Fold the square in half.

paper water bomb

And bend the top corners inwards as follows.

bend corners

Now do the following operation on both sides. We bend the lower corners of the triangle so that they touch the upper one.

bend the corners of the triangle

This step is also done on both sides. Bend the side corners of the square to the center line.

bend the side corners

Now we fill the ponytails (4 pieces) into the pocketsas shown in the photo.

tuck ponytails into pockets

This should work.


In order to add volume to our model, you need to blow into a small hole located at the bottom of the product.

add volume to the model

Our bomb is ready. In order for it to become water, it is necessary to draw liquid into it. This can be done with a thin stream from the tap or use a tube. To do this, you need to insert one end of it into the same hole through which we inflated the figure, and put the other end under the water.

fill the bomb with water

That's it, now our water bomb is ready to use, and you are ready for an active holiday by the pond.

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