Old coins: Portuguese, American, Brazilian, Soviet. How much are old coins worth today?
Old coins: Portuguese, American, Brazilian, Soviet. How much are old coins worth today?

Numismatics is one of the favorite hobbies of many people not only in Russia, but also in European countries. However, for some, collecting coins from the past becomes a form of income. How much are old coins worth? This question haunts many novice collectors. There can be no unequivocal answer here, since everything depends on the state of the money, their face value and other factors.

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Rating of the most expensive coins in the world

"How much do old coins cost?", you ask. Some are thousands, while others are a fortune that can be valued in millions of dollars. Getting rich with just one coin in your pocket is easy, the main thing is to become the owner of one of the rarest and most expensive in our list.

  1. US 1933 Double Eagle coin. This sign is made of pure gold, its face value is $20. However, this coin was purchased for $7,900,000. What is so valuable in this copy? And this is due to the fact that in the 30s in the USA they stopped issuing gold coins, all the “double eagles” were melted down. Butby some miracle, 10 coins were stolen from the Ministry of Finance. 9 copies were found by the special services, and one was sold in London for the unrealistic amount indicated above.
  2. The second place in the ranking is taken by the “Loose Hair” coin. The dollar banknote was made of silver in 1794. This series is recognized by collectors as the rarest and most valuable, and therefore the cost of the last sold coin was no less than 7,850,000 dollars. According to other sources, this coin was sold for $10 million.
  3. Well, the bronze medal in the list "The most valuable gold coins" is occupied by the banknote of 1343. Its face value does not exceed 6 shillings, but it was sold at auctions for $6,800,000. This "Edward III" (or "Double Leopard") coin is made of solid gold and is one of the oldest coins in the world.
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Valuable coins of Portugal

Ancient Portuguese coins are quite valued by numismatists, but not all. One of the most expensive today is the silver 1000 escudo coin from 1999, which is in very good VF condition. For this banknote, they can offer a price of $ 20 (if there are no scuffs, and if the pattern is clearly visible).

The old Portuguese coins from 1913 with a face value of 50 centavos have no less value. For this silver banknote, collectors are ready to pay about 1,400 rubles apiece. The weight of the coin exceeds 12 grams. Belongs to the XF category. If a numismatistwill be able to get himself a similar money in the collection - he will be unrealistically happy. Archaeologists usually find them during excavations on sandy soils. The cost of such copies at auctions often breaks all conceivable records.

One of the most popular today are such ancient coins (Portuguese) as 5 escudos from 1990 and a silver rupee from 1935. For the first coin that was in circulation, numismatists are ready to pay about $100, despite the category (IV, F). The silver rupee will cost collectors less, around $50.

Well, and perhaps the most valuable lot in the ranking of "The most expensive old Portuguese coins" are 6400 flights. The banknote is made of pure gold, its weight reaches 14.34 grams. The coin depicts Joan 6. For a coin in excellent condition (category II+), numismatists offer amounts equal to 95-96 thousand rubles.

Valuable Soviet coins

In the USSR in the 20th century, coinage was not established, so many banknotes are of great value to collectors. In addition, due to the instability of the political system, monetary units, if any, were issued in limited quantities. Only rare specimens have survived to this day, which every numismatist dreams of getting.

Golden coins

To date, the most expensive old coins of the USSR are 50 kopecks of 1929, issued in a trial run, as well as 20 kopecks of 1934. According to the data, fifty dollars was preserved only in a private collection, thereforeits cost is at least 10 million rubles. A banknote with a face value of 20 kopecks can be purchased at auctions for 100 thousand rubles. The value of this coin is due to the fact that there are only 15 copies left, one of which is housed in the Hermitage.

Cruzado currency valued or not?

Today, many speculators make money by issuing Brazilian banknotes for dollars. Cruzado acts as a "double" - a currency that looks very similar to American banknotes. In addition, they often try to sell these banknotes to novice collectors. The true cost of the cruzado will not exceed 50 rubles.

Cruzado currency

How to determine the value of old coins?

Each owner of an old coin wants to know the true value of his find. There are several ways to do this:

  • Peek into the Internet. It is on the Web that people come who are faced with unsolvable questions. However, in our case, this method is not correct. Unfortunately, most of the articles and ads are posted by speculators who want to cash in on people ignorant of numismatics.
  • Use the numismatics guide. This method is most likely suitable only for owners of coins of the USSR, the Russian Federation or the RSFSR. It is almost impossible to find such books on foreign coins in the public domain.
  • View completed auctions. As practice shows, the information posted on such sites is the most relevant. The error in the cost will not exceed 10%. priceshould be compared on 4-5 auctions and come to an average value.

Finally, let us remind you once again: you should not take the word of everything you see on the Internet, because it is almost impossible to find a really valuable coin today, since the most expensive copies have long been sold to private collections.

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