How to make DIY Jedi swords: assembly instructions
How to make DIY Jedi swords: assembly instructions

In the already distant 1976, the first creation of George Lucas appeared on the screens - the beginning of the Star Wars saga. The author's fantastic idea captured the hearts of people who became ardent fans of the film. Every girl dreamed of being like Princess Leia, and the boys imitated the heroic warriors. We suggest you make a Jedi sword with your own hands. It will be a great toy for a little fan or complement the role-play image of an adult Star Wars fan.

Jedi swords

Flashlight sword

In order to create Jedi swords for children, you need to choose safe materials. The most suitable option is to make a toy weapon from a simple flashlight. It should fit comfortably in the baby's hand. It is better to choose a lighting device, inside which there are diodes. They are durable and consume a minimum of energy, so you will not change batteries often. Trace to flashlightemitted colored light. If you don't find one, don't be discouraged: you can remove the glass and paint the diode in the desired shade with ordinary nail polish.

The second part of the toy sword is a polycarbonate tube and a small plastic cap. Adjust the length of the blade yourself by trying it on with your child. 60-80 cm will be enough. The cross section of the pipe should be slightly smaller than that of the flashlight. You will also need hot glue or transparent "Moment" and electrical tape.

Toy assembly

Assembling a formidable laser sword is quite simple. First, prepare your blade. Polycarbonate is transparent, and you need a material that will scatter the rays. To make the tube matte, carefully go over it with sandpaper. Use hot glue to attach the cap to the top of the blade. Remove the glass from the flashlight and try on the tube to the handle. If it does not fit snugly inside, make a few turns of electrical tape. Fix the blade with glue at the top of the lantern. It remains only to check the toy in operation. Your child will jump for joy! Create Jedi swords for his friends so they can play against the forces of evil.

DIY Jedi sword

Such weapons, made by hand, will cost you inexpensively (unlike offers in toy stores, where the price bites very much), and you will spend a minimum of time to make them.

Diode tape sword

To make a lightsaber you will need:

  • LED strip, or cold neon. He has massbenefits, including safety, durability and low energy consumption. The price depends on the width of the tape and the number of diodes. On average, it ranges from 350 to 500 rubles per meter. A wide range of glow shades will make it easy to determine the color of radiation that your Jedi swords will emit.
  • Metal lantern. You do not need this device as an illuminator, it will serve as a reliable handle for a formidable weapon. When choosing, rely on personal preferences: color, design, size. It is important that the handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and the inverter can easily enter the inner tube.
  • Pipe. As in the previous version, use a cut of polycarbonate processed with sandpaper. Make sure you have a plug at the end.
  • Inverter. This is a special battery for flexible neon. Coin-cell batteries are inserted inside a small box.

You'll also need hot or instant glue and duct tape.

Preparatory part

Now let's take a closer look at how to make a Jedi sword. First you have to "gut" the flashlight. Carefully remove the insides from it. See if the inverter fits inside the tube. If yes, then everything is fine!

Remember that the cross section of the tube should be slightly smaller than that of the top of the lantern. Choose your own blade size. Treat the ends of the plastic with sandpaper, as they are very easy to cut yourself.

Jedi swords


The size of the neon ribbon should be slightly larger than that of the tube. Reinforce one endusing hot glue to the plug that will close the top of the weapon. The tape must be inside the polycarbonate tube. Jedi swords glow evenly along their entire length, cool neon will give you such an effect.

To connect the tape to the inverter, you just need to insert the connectors into each other. No soldering or additional manipulations are required, which is very convenient. Check the lighting.

For the sword to serve you for a long time, carefully fix the inverter inside the tube with hot glue. So he will not hang out and beat against the walls of the case.

It remains only to carefully insert the tube into the base of the handle and secure it with glue. The lightsaber is ready! This option is suitable for both role-players and children.

DIY Jedi sword

For those on the dark side

Fans of insidious images also need Jedi swords. After all, the Sith simply switched to the dark side of the force and created their own order. Darth Maul was the wielder of a dual weapon that provided an element of surprise in battle. His red lightsaber terrified everyone who crossed the dark lord on the way.

Jedi swords

As you may have guessed, it won't be hard to make. You just need to collect two swords with a red neon ribbon. Please note that their blades should be slightly shorter. Connect the flashlight handles together with black electrical tape. Make the winding strong so that the parts do not hang out. You can first fix their bases with "second glue", and then go over with black electrical tape.


Now you know how to make a DIY Jedi sword. Real fans turn metal hilt parts on lathes.

Jedi swords

They use special steel processing compounds to achieve a realistic effect. Thanks to the assembly process described in the article, you can continue your journey to make a formidable weapon to protect the universe.

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