Modular origami: box. Assembly order
Modular origami: box. Assembly order

It is believed that paper crafts are completely useless and do not bring tangible benefits. But it's not. Craftsmen make beautiful things from paper triangles to decorate the interior.

craft example

Modular origami box is not only a decorative item. It can store women's earrings and other accessories. This is a great item that is inexpensive but takes time to make.

Simple triangular modules

Modular origami box is made from triangular elements. It is advisable to pre-select the colors and make all the elements. Those who do not yet know how triangular blanks are made will quickly understand all the nuances by watching the following video.

These are the simplest elements from which you can make anything you can think of by drawing up the appropriate scheme. For a box with a diameter of 12 cm, it is necessary to prepare 653 such modules.

Decorative box

Now let's figure out how to make a paper box.

First, choose a scheme, then strictly followselected pattern. Later we will indicate the scheme of our box and the subtleties of working with it.

Any craft begins with the first three rows. They close in a circle. After that, the craft is gently curved with sharp corners down. The first row will become the bottom of the box. If you want to make a box larger than 12-13 cm, then use more modules at the base. The number of units in a modular origami box can be increased in each row so that it becomes round, but you can leave the same number.

When doing work, you need to constantly count the number of modules and look at the diagram. So that there are no errors in the pattern, the drawing should always be in front of your eyes. When the craft is finished, you need to glue the usual cardboard bottom below.

Modular origami: master class

Each craft is individual and beautiful in its own way. Having trained on one scheme, then you can make a more complex pattern, large products. But for items with more than 20 modules at the base, it is advisable to use a glue gun. Then the craft will not fall apart in the hands when pressed.

So, detailed video diagram.

You will need:

  • 160 blue modules;
  • 34 yellow;
  • 343 red.

To make the bottom of the box, prepare a thick circle of white or colored cardboard.

finished box

The modular origami box shown in the photo was made similar in scheme, but with elements of a different color.

The cover here is intricate, invented by the author of the craft.You can make it much easier by connecting three or four more rows of parts of the same color scheme.

Variety of modular products

Now a lot of author's works are done in the origami technique. Everyone wants to create something unique. The modular origami box is easy to assemble. There are the same number of modules in a row, and everyone can draw a drawing for themselves on paper, then turn their idea into reality.

how to make a small box

But there are other interesting techniques. Like, for example, the technique of creating crafts from simple rows of single modules, then glued together.

For beginners, it is difficult to do large crafts right away, so it is better to start with simple and small work patterns.

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