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Bra, pattern: taking measurements, building a foundation
Bra, pattern: taking measurements, building a foundation

If you learn how to sew ordinary bras with your own hands, you can create original and exclusive models for yourself and even for sale. After all, whatever one may say, this little thing is necessary for absolutely every girl. Nothing is more pleasing to the eye than a variety of underwear, because it is our secret weapon.

It is said that all women feel much more attractive if they are wearing beautiful lingerie. In this article, we will talk about how to sew a pitted bra with your own hands and at home, how to properly take measurements from a model, and also consider all the subtleties of building a base. Let's get started.

Bra: Underwire pattern

We will create a pattern for a new bra by ourselves. To do this, we need a large sheet of paper, a ruler, a compass, a pencil and the model itself.

Let's give the model a rest, we will need her only when we measure the cup for a new bra, taking measurements - a little later. In the meantime, let's work on the development of the pattern itself, so that later we can fit it in size.

Where to start?

Let's start by making a bowl block. For this block, weuse the size for bowl 4 (the table of sizes will be given below), and then we will adjust it to fit our shapes. We take a sheet of blank paper, most likely, regular A4 will do, unless these are large bra patterns, then you can take a sheet and more. Flip it horizontally.

Working with a pencil and a compass

Closer to the bottom edge and parallel to it, draw a line of 12.85 cm. Now we take a compass and put its tip at the starting point of the line. The scope of the compass (the radius of the future circle) is 8.72 cm, we draw a circle. Now we put the tip at the end of the line and draw a circle with the same radius. Above, at the intersection of two circles, put a point so that if you draw two lines down (to the starting line), you get a triangle.

bra pattern

Next, add two more triangles to the newly formed triangle. Again we put the compass at the starting point of the first line and draw a circle of 9.4 cm. Next, transfer the compass to the top point of the triangle and draw a circle of 10.26 cm, as shown in the figure. On the other hand, we do the same, but the lines will be 10.8 cm and 9.24 cm.

bra pattern 2

On top draw two more triangles with circles of 11.5 cm and 10.45 cm.

bra pattern 3

Now we put the compass at the starting point of the line 10.45 cm. We make a circle of 7.13 cm. Further - at the end point of this line, we make a circle of 11.57 cm. From the end point of the line at 9.24 cm draw a circle with a radius of 11.57 cm and 13.6 cm. Understand how it iswill look quite complicated, so pay attention to the picture.

large bra patterns

Rounding pattern lines

Check all the measurements well again, because, as they say, measure a hundred times, cut once. Now we will need to carefully “round off” some of the sketch lines: two at 8.72 cm, two at 11.8 cm and 10.8 cm from the outside, and where the line was at 7.13 from the inside. The following pictures will clearly show what is required of you.

Make smooth and beautiful lines, take your time. As a result, you should get something like this pattern, the base of the bra, the cup itself. Look also at the wrong pattern options, if your base is more similar to the other two patterns, it is better to redo it immediately, before cutting it into fabric.

pattern base

How to make a pattern for yourself?

The resulting handmade bra pattern is fitted to a size 4 cup. If this is not your size, it needs to be expanded. Take a close look at the following figure. The lines that come from the middle of the cup are numbered from the highest point (number 1) and further clockwise. The length of each of these lines must correspond to the size. All necessary measurements are shown in the table below. Just look at the line number and find the one that matches your size. Pay attention to lines 3 and 6. Subsequently, they form one horizontal line.

do-it-yourself bra pattern

Customizing the pattern to size

We need a well-fitting bra, cutting and taking measurements is a very important point in our business. The model must be fitted according to the following table.

Cup size Chest measurements Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 Line 5 Line 6
1 14.1cm-14.7cm 8.36cm 6.69cm 6.81cm 6.44cm 7.68cm 7.51cm
2 15.8cm-16.4cm 9.43cm 7.54cm 7.62cm 7.2cm 8.54cm 8.49cm
3 17.5cm-18.1cm 10.5cm 8.39cm 8.43cm 7.96cm 9.4cm 9.47cm
4 19.2cm-19.8cm 11.57cm 9.24cm 9.24cm 8.72cm 10.26cm 10.45cm
5 20.9cm-21.5cm 12.64cm 10.09cm 10.05cm 9.48cm 11.12cm 11.43cm
6 22.6cm-23.2cm 13.71cm 10.94cm 10.86cm 10.24cm 11.98cm 12.41cm
7 24.3cm-24.9cm 14.78cm 11.79cm 11.67cm 11.00cm 12.84cm 13.39cm
8 26.0cm-26.6cm 15.85cm 12.64cm 12.48cm 11.76cm 13.7cm 14.37cm
9 27.7cm-28.3cm 16.92cm 13.49cm 13.59cm 12.52cm 15.56cm 15.35cm
10 29.4cm-30.0cm 17.99cm 14.34cm 14.1cm 13.28cm 15.42cm 16.33cm
11 31.1cm-32.8cm 19.06cm 15.19cm 14.91cm 14.04cm 16.28cm 17.31cm
12 32.8cm-35.6cm 20.13cm 16.04cm 15.72cm 14.8cm 17.14cm 18.29cm
13 34.5cm-38.4cm 21.2cm 16.89cm 16.53cm 15.56cm 18cm 19.27cm
14 36.2cm-41.2cm 22.27cm 17.74cm 17.34cm 16.32cm 18.86cm 20.25cm
15 37.9cm-44.0cm 23.34cm 18.59cm 18.15cm 17.08cm 19.72cm 21.23cm
16 39.6cm-46.8cm 24.41cm 19.44cm 18.96cm 17.84cm 20.58cm 22.21cm
17 41.3cm-41.9cm 25.48cm 20.29cm 19.77cm 18.6cm 21.44cm 23.19cm
18 43.0cm-43.6cm 26.55cm 21.14cm 20.58cm 19.36cm 22.3cm 24.17cm
19 44.7cm-45.3cm 27.62cm 21.99cm 21.39cm 20.12cm 23.16cm 25.15cm
20 46.4cm-47.0cm 28.69cm 22.84cm 22.2cm 20.88cm 24.02cm 26.13cm

As you can see, chest measurements are from and to. "From" is the top line of the chest. And "to" is the bottom. You need to take measurements by mentally drawing a horizontal line in the middle of the chest. If you move the centimeter a little higher, you get the top line, respectively, if you move it down, you get the bottom one.

Next, take our pattern for a size 4 cup and cut it out of paper. Let's put it on a new sheet, circle it. We will extend all the lines on a new sheet and make them the right size. Now, moving the base of the pattern to cup 4, we draw a new pattern already in our size.

It's a new pattern. The base is ready. Now you need to build the wings of the bra.

Bra Wings

Now you need to measure the chest from below. Use a wire or flexible ruler. It will be necessary not only to take measurements, but also to find the right shape.

taking measurements

Now transfer this shape to paper. Remember that the length of this line must match the bottom line of the cup. Now add a few centimeters from the right side. Draw another line down as shown. The bottom line of the bra belt can be slightly curved.

Now we need to make the back. Take your back measurements and cut out the "back" of the shape you want according to them,it could just be two stripes.

When we sew all these parts together, we get a wonderful bra. The pattern is quite simple and clear. Difficulties will not arise if you do everything right step by step. If you figure it out, then the bra pattern without wires will turn out the first time.

Unpitted model

The pattern of a lace bra, a bralette, as it is also called, consists of only a few details. Even a beginner needlewoman can sew it. All that actually needs to be cut out for such a bralette is a cup. This is done according to the following pattern, which also needs to be adjusted to fit your size.

bra pattern without wires

When the lace bra pattern is ready, it must be cut out. Now you need to take rolled lace, its width should be about 20 cm. Put two parts of the pattern with a large straight cut to the side of the lace and secure with pins. You can circle with a special pencil or a small piece of chalk or soap if the lace is dark. Or you can just cut along the contour, and only then unhook the pins.

Please note that if you did not take into account the seam allowances in your pattern, you should leave a little space on each side. Now you need to sew the two formed parts. This should be done along the side of the large cut, but not where the lace edge is, but on the other side. You can first sweep the two parts of the product, and only then sew on a typewriter. In general, the pattern of a bra without wires even allows you to sew it by hand, if you know how to do it. We got one cupfuture bralet. Now let's do the second one in the same way.

Sew all parts of the bralette

For the bra belt, you can use a narrower strip of lace or cut it off from the wide one. It should be the size of the entire girth under the bust, plus a couple of centimeters for the seams and fastening. Now it remains to sew the cups to the belt and attach the straps. By the way, the clasp and the straps themselves can be bought ready-made in the departments of accessories or sewing stores.

You can use not only wide lace as a basis for a bralette, but also other various materials, just cut out triangular bowls, they can be made whole, from one piece of fabric and without sewing anything, and simply sheathed with lace of a suitable color. Here we have a light and sexy bra, the pattern is nowhere easier!

lace bra pattern

This bralette looks great under a translucent summer T-shirt or T-shirt, you can wear it under a sweater or dress. Unlike bras with underwire, it does not create even the slightest feeling of discomfort, it is quite easy to wear, you just won't notice it. You can decorate such a thing in completely different ways. On the shelves of shops it is easy to find a variety of rhinestones, beads or ribbons that can be sewn on top of our product. And from the remnants of the lace that will go on the bra, you can build bows and sew them on top. By the way, sewing panties for this set is also very easy.

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