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Knitted women's hat with a lapel knitting needles: description, patterns, patterns and recommendations
Knitted women's hat with a lapel knitting needles: description, patterns, patterns and recommendations

Making hats is not only an objective necessity, but also great fun. Despite the fact that, on average, one or two hats are enough for a person, many knitters have an impressive strategic reserve, which would be enough for a large family.

Partly this situation can be explained by the fact that such a headdress as a knitted women's hat with a lapel can be made with knitting needles quite quickly. With experience and skills, the craftswoman knits such a thing in just a few hours.

double knitted hat with knitting needles for women

Another factor is the variety of patterns that work with such small canvases. Each ornament and material gives the product a new sound. Therefore, even the simplest knitted hat with a lapel (for women), the scheme of which has been replaced with openwork, braids or jacquard, looks different.

Often, girls choose several suitable models for themselves and experiment only with the pattern and color of the yarn. So theyinsure themselves against unsuccessful silhouettes, because no one wants to waste material and time.

Straight or circular rows?

Traditionally, hats are linen with a seam at the back. But some models are made in circular rows.

In this case, the craftswoman has to pay attention to several important points:

  1. The place where the rows join should be neat.
  2. The number of loops should not arbitrarily decrease or increase (if this is not provided for by the pattern);
  3. Cuts at the crown should be done evenly (this item is relevant for absolutely all hats);
  4. If the work is done in spiral rows, then do not make stripes of a different color. The beginning and end of the rows cannot be matched, and the color bars will be open.

But another option is possible. When a knitted women's hat with a lapel is created, straight and return rows are made with knitting needles - then many problems are solved by themselves. True, in the process of stitching striped hats, you have to carefully compare the sections of the fabric connected with different colors.

Knitted women's hat with a lapel knitting needles: work steps

Given the variety of models and types of yarn, it is impossible to give a detailed description that would suit absolutely everyone. However, universal stages can be distinguished:

  • stitch set;
  • knitting a flat section of the fabric;
  • reduction of loops and narrowing of the product;
  • completion (stitching, decorating).

Preparation and initial stage

To get the right size, measure the circumference of the head of the person who will wear the hat. For example, you get 55 cm. Then you need to knit a control sample with the selected yarn and the desired pattern. After measuring the sample, it will become clear how many loops (in width) and rows (in height) are per 10 cm of fabric.

For example, take the following numbers: 10 cm=22 loops and 10 cm=18 rows.

To calculate the number of loops for the set, subtract 5 cm from the circumference of the head (50 - 5 \u003d 45 cm). So a knitted women's hat with a lapel with knitting needles will “sit” better.

Now calculate the number of loops in the first row: 50 x 22 / 10=110 pieces.

Knitting lapel

Now hats made of thick threads with large lapels have gained wide popularity. In this case, the edge is wrapped at least two times. It should be noted that this model is well suited for women with a round and oval face shape.

Lapel is most often knitted with 1:1 ribbing, hosiery or handkerchief pattern. For the rest of the headdress, almost any pattern will work fine. For example, one of those below. Of course, simpler knitted hats with a lapel (women's) will be made with various types of elastic bands or a simple front surface.

simple hats with a lapel knitted for women

English gum looks good. It gives the canvas extra volume and allows you to create the effect of a relief pattern.

First row: faces are knitted in turn. and out. loops (1:1).

Second row: persons.knitted, out. transferred to the second knitting needle with yarn over.

Subsequently, you just need to repeat the 1st and 2nd rows.

The pictured model is made as follows:

  1. Lapel (15 cm) in garter stitch.
  2. 15 cm English rubber band.
  3. 5 cm - decrease loops (12 pieces in each row).

How to properly style the top of the cap

In the photo below - a knitted hat with a lapel knitting needles (female) with an elastic band. To fit the shape of the human head, the loops at the crown should be gradually reduced.

knitted hat with lapel knitting women's elastic

Usually this is done like this:

  1. Select 6 stitches and mark them with markers.
  2. Two stitches before the marked stitch and two stitches after are knitted together (total, 12 stitches are reduced in a row).
  3. Reduce every row.
  4. Remaining 20-25 sts. gather on a strong thread and pull together.

What to do if the hat is tied with braids

Reduce loops using the method described above will not work if there are braids in the pattern. In this case, cuts are performed in several stages:

  1. They also remove 12 sts each, but distribute them between the braids. It is convenient to cut elements in gaps. Here you have to be careful not to overdo it or, conversely, not to reduce a smaller amount.
  2. When the gaps disappear, you should reduce the elements on the sides of the braids.
  3. The remaining few pet. need to pull off.

If you remove not 12, but less pet., Then the crown of the cap will beelongated. In the case when the contractions occur too sharply (more than 12 pet.), The crown comes out small.

knitted hat with a lapel

A good option for people who are sensitive to the cold is a double knitted hat with a knitted lapel. Women's or men's, it is knitted from the top of one product to the top of another. Thread color changes in the middle.

Better start with a few initial loops, then add 12 pet. in the front rows until the product reaches the desired width. Next, the fabric is knitted evenly. At the last stage, subtractions are performed.

This model should be knitted in circular rows, otherwise it will be quite difficult to sew the details.

knitted women's hat with a lapel spokes

It is better not to steam the hats with an iron, as they lose their shape. True, if we are talking about hats made of cotton or linen, then, on the contrary, they shrink. That is, the volume of a beret or cap will not increase, but will decrease.

The best method of wet heat treatment is a gentle wash in warm water. To dry the product, it should be laid out on a towel. Hats should not be hung up or twisted as they may stretch.

To prevent the canvas from fading in the sun, the product should be turned inside out before drying. However, this rule applies to any clothing.

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