Beautiful dresses with a half-sun skirt: patterns, patterns, recommendations and reviews
Beautiful dresses with a half-sun skirt: patterns, patterns, recommendations and reviews

Modern fashion is changeable. However, such feminine outfits as dresses with a semi-solar skirt occupy a special place in women's wardrobes. For more than one century, this style has not gone out of fashion, remaining in demand and loved by many fashionistas.

Perhaps the huge popularity of this outfit is due to the fact that it looks very attractive on almost any figure, and it is also easy to sew. The last fact is easy to verify: the article below presents a pattern of a dress with a half-sun skirt. Skirts of this style can be completely without seams, or they can be with one or two seams. The length of the dress can be completely different: from the minimum to the dress to the floor.

dresses with a half-sun skirt

Dresses with half-sun skirt: features

The skirt of this style is a close relative of the sun skirt. It's no secret what the latter looks like: lush, cut in a circle from a single piece of matter. It usually has no slits, no side seams, no fasteners.

The semi-sun skirt is very similar to her. The only difference is that it is less curvaceous, sincecut from a semicircular piece of fabric. From which it follows that dresses with a half-sun skirt have at least one seam. The only exceptions are wraparound models: they are usually seamless. A pattern of a cut-off dress with a half-sun skirt is presented below.

Outfits with a skirt of this style are considered quite restrained, even though the pleats on the skirt give them some coquetry. Dresses with a semi-sun skirt will be appropriate in almost any situation: you can safely wear it to work, go to school, visit a restaurant, theater or just friendly gatherings.

Who suits this outfit?

Dresses with a half-sun skirt are suitable for any girl, as the natural folds that form on the hem add grace and sophistication to the image. This outfit will hide extra inches and add volume in missing places.

  • A dress with a semi-solar cut-off skirt will suit girls whose figure looks like a rectangle. The length of the dress should be just above the knee. This cut will make your waist look slimmer and your hips look bigger.
  • If the figure of a fashionista looks like a triangle, then she needs to find a dress in which the skirt begins to expand from the hip line, and not from the waist. This will add lightness to the look while hiding the fullness.
  • For a girl with an inverted triangle figure, a dress cut off at the waist with a half-sun skirt is perfect. It will be an excellent choice: the thigh will visually increase due to the many folds. This will balance the silhouette.
dress pattern withsemi-sun skirt

What flaws will a dress with a half-sun skirt hide?

The following figure imperfections can be masked with this outfit.

  1. Belly. If you consider this area to be problematic, then a dress with a half-sun skirt will successfully hide it. The top, made of dense fabric, will not additionally fit the bulges, and the fluffy skirt planted on the yoke will distract attention from the waist.
  2. Plump legs. This shortcoming will hide a dress with a skirt, the length of which is not higher than the middle of the knee. An outfit like this will balance out a heavy bottom, especially if you're wearing high heels.
  3. Narrow hips. Another drawback that a flared half-sun skirt can cope with: it will increase the difference between the volume of the hip and waist, which will bring the figure closer to the desired ideal.

Outfit with sleeves

A dress with a half-sun skirt may not have a sleeve at all, but if this detail of the cut is still available, then its length may vary. It is best to choose a similar outfit based on the season. For example, in the summer, dresses with straps are more in demand, and for the office, models with long sleeves are more often bought. A dress pattern with a half-sun skirt with sleeves is no more difficult to build than without them.

dress with detachable semi-solar skirt

Dress length

  • Short dress. Fashionistas with long and slender legs especially like such models. Short dresses with a semi-sun skirt for the summer season are sewn, as a rule, from cotton fabrics, and models made of wool, velveteen and velvet are morein demand in winter.
  • Midi dresses. This length of dresses with a semi-sun skirt has gained popularity since the 70s of the 20th century. Today, these models are in demand no less than in the past. Dresses of medium length with a half-sun skirt are sewn from lace, satin or chiffon. They look very feminine if they cover the knees a little.
  • Floor length dresses. In the 60s of the last century, such outfits were very popular. Today they are represented by sleeveless summer sundresses that girls wear with bulky bags, a hat, glasses and sandals. This is perfect for a fashionista with plump legs.

Summer dress

Dresses with a half-sun skirt for the summer season are usually sewn from light, airy fabrics. These are satin, cotton and silk. Distinctive features of such dresses are the absence of sleeves and bright colors. Models with very frank neckline or back cutouts are not uncommon. Very attractive outfits with a translucent chiffon half-sun skirt.

cut-off dress at the waist with a half-sun skirt

By colors

  • Black. A black short dress with a semi-solar skirt will perfectly replace a sheath dress. This outfit is also suitable for formal events, as it is very discreet. If you complement this option with bright accessories, you will get a great ensemble for ceremonial outings. A girl in a black dress with a skirt of this cut will look very elegant and elegant.
  • Red. A red dress with a half-sun skirt is perfect for bold and risky girls. The length of this dressmay be completely different. Short models with long sleeves look very impressive. They are not inferior to them in the attractiveness of knee-length dresses, however, sleeveless floor-length products will look the most festive. To emphasize the waist, this dress can be worn with a white or black belt.
dress pattern with half-sun skirt with sleeves
  • Flowered. In summer models, floral motifs in dresses with a half-sun skirt are most common. Such outfits attract the eye due to their brightness. Often, a floral print is selected for retro models, as well as for summer sundresses with straps.
  • Polka dots. Dresses with polka dots look cute and provocatively. The bodice of such a dress can be plain or with the same print as on the skirt. The size of the pea is chosen depending on the figure. As a rule, a dress with a half-sun skirt with polka dots comes in the following color variations: blue and white, white and black, black and white, red and black, red and white.
  • In a cage. A checkered dress with a semi-sun skirt can be very short, knee-length or floor-length. As a rule, such a print is created in red and black colors or in black and white.

Do these dresses fit full?

Dresses with a half-sun skirt are recommended for women of fashion who have full hips, as they will be hidden in such an outfit. In addition, a voluminous skirt will favorably emphasize the waist.

pattern of a detachable dress with a half-sun skirt

How to wear a dress with a half-sun skirt?

  • Pick to matcha handbag, a small clutch or a tote bag.
  • A dress with a half-sun skirt can be worn with a contrasting or plain belt, the width of which will vary depending on its model and the figure of the owner.
  • If you have a mini outfit, it is better to complement it with high heels, but long models are worn with ballet flats or sandals.
  • Under this dress you need to pick up elegant jewelry. However, some outfits will go well with long beads and large bracelets.
  • To create a vintage look, complement the dress with a polka-dot skirt and sunglasses.
  • If your dress is sleeveless, then you can complement the look with short gloves.
  • You can wear a bolero or a short jacket over the outfit.

Feedback girls

Most fashionistas speak highly of dresses with a half-sun skirt: each of them has at least one such outfit. Among the advantages, they distinguish that among the variety of models you can always find a dress that is suitable in color and length. In addition, an outfit with a skirt of this cut can be found for any season.

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