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Knitting a sweater: patterns, patterns, description
Knitting a sweater: patterns, patterns, description

One of the most functional DIY items is the knitted sweater. This thing not only represents the embodiment of modern fashion trends, but also gives scope for the imagination of the craftswoman. While creating a sweater, you can experiment with the thickness and type of thread, as well as patterns and tools to get the job done. The product is well obtained both crochet and knitting. The women's sweater is very comfortable both on a winter day and on a cool summer evening. It is suitable for office and informal friendly party.

How to choose yarn

Before you start knitting a sweater, you need to decide on the type of yarn that will be used as a base. For winter cozy models, it is recommended to choose woolen and half-woolen threads. This category includes:

  • goat down;
  • merino yarn;
  • alpaca;
  • mohair;
  • mink down;
  • angora.

Kidmohair is great for getting the job done too. It is a type of mohairyarn, has a silk or acrylic base. You need to carefully look at the characteristics of the threads that are indicated on the label. It writes the type of twist and the length of the thread in 100 g. For knitting a sweater, samples are selected that have 200-250 m for this weight.

For a summer thing, thinner cotton or acrylic yarn is suitable. So that it is not hot in it in warm weather, it is recommended to choose openwork patterns for knitting a sweater with knitting needles. Then the product will turn out to be weightless and practical. Such models are especially popular this season.

Knitting Tips

After the knitted sweater you like has already been selected, you need to carefully study the order of the product. Be sure to take into account the original size, so that everything works out correctly. If a specific type of thread is given in the description, and it is not possible to purchase it, you need to select yarn with the same thickness or knit a control sample measuring 10 by 10 cm, wash and iron it. So it will be much easier to calculate the number of loops and reports of a pattern in a row.

Other tips to help you tie things much faster include:

  1. Performing a full-size paper pattern. If a knitting pattern for a sweater is not included, then you can do the work by applying it to a finished thing that fits well.
  2. Sewing the details with a knitted seam, so the joints on the sweater will be less visible.
  3. Steaming the product after knitting is finished and all seams are completed.

For the first time, it is recommended to take not too complicated models, so as not to be disappointedin this type of handicraft. For beginners, the best option would be to knit a sweater for a boy or girl, made with front stitch. If the knitter prefers a crochet, then it is better to stay on a model knitted with double crochets.

Fashion Trends

Do-it-yourself items will always be at the height of fashion. A knitted sweater (it’s easy to make with a photo and diagrams) will allow you to add another original product to your wardrobe. However, while choosing a model, you need to study current trends.

fashion model

Today, things with the following characteristics are especially relevant:

  • simple pattern and cut;
  • natural yarn;
  • an interesting way of knitting (raglan or long back);
  • for a summer thing - openwork;
  • for a winter product - voluminous braids;
  • thread color close to natural;
  • a good combination of yarn thickness and shade.

Designers pay a lot of attention to the ways of knitting products. Women's sweaters are now relevant, knitted in the form of a pillowcase, from a square front and back. Also, things connected from the neck, using the raglan method, do not go out of fashion. Such sweaters, among other advantages, have functional features. After all, if the product sits down or becomes small, then the sleeves and bottom can be knitted.

Women's raglan sweater

This model is simple, elegant. To knit a raglan sweater, you will need the following materials: knitting needles for knitting in a circle No. 4, DROPS NEPAL yarn - 6-7skeins. The number of threads will depend on the size. If it is not possible to take this particular yarn, you can choose with a similar composition - 35% alpaca and 65% wool, 150 m per 100 g.

raglan sweater

How to knit a sweater on top:

  1. Cast on 66 stitches, connect on circular needles.
  2. Make a division according to the scheme - 18 loops on the back, 22 - on the front, 11 on the sleeves.
  3. The remaining 4 divided into four raglan lines.
  4. First two rows in garter st in the round.
  5. After this, a sprout is performed - 8 rows, while turning rows should be done in the back area so that the neckline is lower in front.
  6. Next, you can continue knitting in the round, making increases on the ragged lines in every second row.
  7. Knitting must be constantly tried on to the pattern, and when the raglan lines are completed, the loops of the sleeves are removed on additional knitting needles.
  8. Now knit the body of the sweater in the round. If the pattern involves a slight expansion, then you need to make an increase, according to the pattern of knitting a sweater with knitting needles.
  9. By knitting the fabric to the bottom, you can close all the loops with a needle.
  10. After that, the needles are threaded into the loops of the sleeves, which are also knitted according to the pattern. Here, on the contrary, you need to make small reductions from top to bottom.
  11. The sleeve loops are also processed with a needle.
raglan sweater pattern

It remains only to sew, steam the product, and it will be ready to wear.

Sweater in voluminous wool

Such models are very relevantAnytime. In addition, they have an undoubted advantage - fast knitting. If you have skill and experience, you can knit a thing in 2-3 days. Thick wool is specially taken, DROPS Eskimo (50 g per 50 m) is suitable, and straight “eight” knitting needles.

The cut is also simple, it has a minimum of details that have the shape of a rectangle. It is uncharacteristic for the model to choose an openwork pattern, since thick knitting needles will not cope with it. Stocking or garter stitch is chosen as a knitting method.

Raglan with jacquard yoke

Sweaters knitted with a jacquard pattern look very feminine. They will need threads of contrasting colors. Such a model must be taken after the necessary skill has been acquired. Materials for work: yarn DROPS AIR red and white - 7 skeins, knitting needles No. 5.

Sweater with jacquard yoke

How to tie the product:

  1. First, cast on 80 stitches, they are distributed in a circle and knitted with an elastic band 10-16 rows.
  2. Next, knit according to the jacquard yoke pattern.
  3. sweater pattern
  4. When the pattern is finished, you need to separate the loops for the sleeves and the body of the sweater. To do this, the loops on the sides are put aside on additional knitting needles, and the front part is knitted to the bottom.
  5. At the end of the front, back and sleeves knit 10 rows of elastic 1x1.

To finish working on the raglan, it is most convenient to close the lower loops with a large needle. Then the edges of the product will not stretch much.

Long back model

Knitting a long back sweater will help you create a product that will remain fashionable for several seasons. To complete the work you will need: DROPS AIR threads - 8 skeins, or the same yarn with a footage of 150 m per 50 g, straight knitting needles No. 4.

with long back

For the manufacture of such a model, you need to choose a smooth knit or not too pretentious openwork. First, the details of the front and back are done. The last part of the sweater is knitted from a small rounding so that it turns out to be longer than before. A pre-drawn scheme according to its own dimensions will help to make the product correctly. After sewing the sleeves, back and front, the neck and bottom of the sweater are tied with a crawfish step using hook No. 3.

Short Sleeve Sweater

A very interesting option is obtained by knitting short sleeves. Any pattern is perfect for this model - straight knit, lace or braids. The short-sleeved knitted sweater can be worn on its own or paired with other pieces, such as a long-sleeved turtleneck.

Short Sleeve Sweater

For knitting you will need: DROPS Eskimo yarn, knitting needles No. 6. First, the main parts are made - the back and front. After stitching these parts, loops are cast on the shoulder. The sweater sleeve is knitted from top to bottom. Next, you should knit a voluminous braid in the middle part. After the desired sleeve length is reached, you can close the loops and tie on the collar.

Sweater with flared edges

Foropenwork patterns are selected for this model to emphasize an interesting cut. Bright threads will add freshness and originality to the product; sectional-colored cotton is perfect. If you take such a yarn, you get a smooth transition of shades. Work is done from the bottom. Therefore, you need to knit a raglan sweater strictly according to the pattern. To complete the product, you need to take: threads "Alize Bella batik", circular knitting needles No. 3.


  1. Cast on front and back stitches and knit these pieces first.
  2. Run the sleeves using the suggested pattern.
  3. Last of all, the flared edges are knitted in the form of triangular parts.
with openwork inserts

To make the model harmonious, you need to try to start knitting from the bottom with the same sectional shade. Such a product will turn out light and airy. In addition, it will suit not only slender girls, but also ladies with full forms.

Children's turtleneck sweater

This model is designed for those who are just mastering this type of needlework. Knitting a sweater for a boy or girl 6-8 years old is much easier to do. In addition, less yarn is needed to make a thing. For work you will need: Alize lanagold yarn - 2-3 skeins, circular and toe knitting needles No. 3.

sweater for boy

Knitting is done according to the instructions:

  1. Cast on 65 sts, rib 2x2 15-16 cm to get a lapel.
  2. Divide the loops: on the front - 23, on the back - 18 and sleeves - 10 each.The remaining 4 loops will be used to knit raglan lines.
  3. Increases should be done through one row, crossing the yarn over while purl.
  4. When the work is done up to the armpits, the loops of the sleeve are removed to the auxiliary fishing lines, and the front and back are knitted further in a circle until the length is as it should.
  5. Sleeves also need to be done in a circle on toe knitting needles.
  6. A 2x2 elastic band is tied at the bottom of the body of the sweater and sleeves.

How to choose a model according to the figure

It's nice to look at slender beautiful girls who demonstrate knitted sweaters. But what if the figure is far from ideal? It is necessary to choose the right model of the product, suitable for a certain type. Stylists give the following recommendations on this occasion:

  1. Women with a figure resembling the shape of an apple, it is better to choose a pullover, which is finished in the form of vertical braids or contrasting lines. It is best if the product is slightly flared, starting from the armpits. In no case should you stop at models of sweaters that have bulky knitting and a round neckline. Neck shape should be asymmetrical or triangular.
  2. Many styles work well with an hourglass body type, so a fitted, low-cut sweater will work. If you decorate such a thing with large buttons, it will look even more stylish. An elongated jumper with a wide belt of the same color will also work.
  3. Women who have a figure similar to a pear, a jumper-tunic with an elongated bottom will suit. Thisthe model will help to visually reduce large hips. You need to try to make sure that the product is not too tight. Therefore, it is better to exclude accessories such as a belt.
  4. Polo sweaters are universal products that fit any type of figure. They are made with a collar adjacent to the throat and a clasp. To make a thing more fashionable, you can use contrasting buttons or a beautiful brooch.

It doesn't matter which sweater you choose to knit. Most importantly, using the same scheme, you can create a fashionable image. Things that will be made with your own hands cannot be repeated. Therefore, the craftswoman can be sure that she is the owner of an exclusive, unique product.

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