Warm crochet hat, instructions for beginners
Warm crochet hat, instructions for beginners

Winter in Russia is the time for warm knitwear. However, knitwear in stores is unreasonably expensive, and the colors with patterns are not original, and some people are not satisfied with the quality. Maybe there is a desire to make a stylish and one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one with your own hands?

Skill Training Hats

hat warm crochet

Knitting such a part of the wardrobe as a warm crochet hat for women, men and children is available even for beginners, this is a fairly simple piece of clothing, the mistakes in knitting of which are not so noticeable. The abundance of various drawings provides wide scope for creativity and the creation of a truly unique thing. In addition, areas that did not turn out very well can always be dissolved and bandaged.

Below we will look at how to create simple warm crochet knitted hats, and at the end of the article, patterns of an openwork hat and a chic beret will be presented. Knitting differs only in that there is an option with a seam across the entire width. Whereas a warm knitted hat is often crocheted without seams. A complex solution is also possible, when the front side of the product is madecrochet with an ornate pattern, and the inner one - with knitting needles, for additional warmth, and sometimes because of the elastic band, for better fixing the hat on the head.

Step One: Planning

At this stage, you must decide on the color of the future hat, size, yarn and tool, that is, crochet. To determine the size, you can use the approximate table below, or measure yourself.

Knitwear tends to stretch significantly, so if you plan to surprise someone, do it by eye. For a child, the size can be taken with a small margin, but not too much, the human head grows much more slowly than anything else.

hat warm crochet

Age of a person

Head circumference (cm)

Minimum depth (cm)


35 - 36

11 - 12

From 6 months

40 - 41

13 - 14


50 - 51

18 - 20


56 - 58

21 - 23

Big adults

60 - 63

24 - 26

Step two: material selection

Yarn does not matter for experienced needlewomen. It all depends on the personal preferences of the craftswoman and the one to whomthe hat is designed warm, crocheted. However, beginners should choose a more elastic yarn to fill their hand. Strive for average thread parameters, so it will be easier for you to get used to any changes later.

A good yarn for a knitted hat is considered to be a four-layer of smooth wool or acrylic. The hat is warm, crocheted, does not require a lot of threads, 50 g of medium size is enough for one layer. Remember that thicker yarn will require a little more material and vice versa.

Remember that natural material tends to shrink slightly after washing, be sure to adjust the size when using wool or cotton.

Step three: choosing a tool

Hook is better to choose by hand. If you are just starting to knit, you need to decide how you will hold the tool in your fingers: like a knife when cutting out eyes from a potato, or like a writing pen. In any case, when buying, turn the tool in your fingers, try to imagine the knitting process. For such yarn, as suggested earlier, an aluminum hook 4.5-5 mm is suitable. For beginners, this size will allow you to better control the thread of yarn and more clearly see the intermediate results of work. For tighter knitting, it is better to take a 3-4 mm hook, but it will be difficult for a beginner to keep even rows without jerks (the fabric can “go”).

Step four: start knitting with a simple column

Preparation is over, we know what and how to knit, we have material and tools. It's time to get to work. To stuff your hands, the first warm hat is crochetedan extremely simple column. A column with 1 crochet is knitted simply, in our case, 5 initial loops are tied and tied up 3 lifting loops. From the last loop we throw 1 turn of the working thread on the hook and pull out 1 more loop of the working thread through the initial ring. Next, we get the 4th loop of the working thread, stretch it through 2 in a row and take it out. There are 2 loops left on the hook, we get the 3rd from the working thread and stretch through the first 2. Done!

warm crochet hat for women

It is better to start knitting from the top of the hat, so it will be easier to calculate the rounding and control the size. In addition, you do not have to knit a sample and calculate the number of loops needed for the cap fabric, and calculate the number of additional ones when knitting the top. Loops can be added by eye, and the size can be monitored by measuring the circumference of each row with a centimeter tape.

warm hats crochet patterns

Step Five: Calculate the loops, move to the sidewall and complete the work

How many stitches to add on each row? With the initial row of chain stitches and the first row of simple stitches more or less clear, 5 loops for the ring, 3 loops for the instep and 10 stitches to close the first row. Then you can apply by eye the usual school geometry: the diameters of the circles are related to each other in the same way as the circles themselves.

For the diameter of the first row, you can take 2.5 columns (half a column for the initial loops), then in each next row the diameter will be 2 more. In each row, you need to add 8 columns (210/2, 5), distributing themaround the entire circumference so that the cap does not bulge on one side. For example, it turned out 18 columns in the second row, which means we knit 2 columns in each loop of the first row, except for the 3rd and 8th, where there will be 1 column.

When approaching the desired size, the addition can be reduced to 4 or 2 loops to match the circumference of the head, and then knit without additions for the entire remaining planned length. The last row is usually performed with a half-column, this is when a loop stretched through the bottom row is immediately passed into the loop on the hook.

crochet warm knitted hats

Schemes for experienced

You can't stay at the beginning of the path forever, it's worth experimenting in knitting, trying something new. Knitting an openwork women's hat for autumn / spring seems much more difficult, but thanks to the scheme, you will not get confused in loops and posts.

warm crochet hat for women

Young fashionistas may be interested in a crochet winter beret. Remember to choose the right thickness of yarn and hook.

hat warm crochet

Turn your free time into beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly, useful things, these skills will obviously never become obsolete. Crochet various warm hats, patterns for which can be found in special magazines, and some of them are presented above.

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