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Scheme of crochet booties for beginners: options, description with photo and step-by-step knitting instructions
Scheme of crochet booties for beginners: options, description with photo and step-by-step knitting instructions

Crochet booties for beginners can be a variety of designs from any kind of yarn. Do not forget about decoration, as even the most elementary decoration can improve the aesthetic appearance of shoes for newborns. Booties can be summer analogues of socks, winter indoor ugg boots or just house slippers. To do this, you need to choose the right yarn and method of execution.

Selection of material for making baby booties

Crochet booties for beginners can be complex and simple product options. But to make soft shoes for children, you need to choose the right yarn.

The thread should be soft so as not to irritate the baby's skin. Many needlewomen recommend using children's acrylic. Such material is intended for the manufacture of clothing items for babies.

If you need to make a warm version of booties, it is advisable to choose a wool mixture. The thread will be mostlysoft, but slight tingling will be present due to the presence of natural fiber in the composition. It is advisable to wear ready-made shoes on a toe.

material for making booties

Lighter, namely the summer version of shoes, can be knitted from cotton or linen thread. The thing will turn out not very practical, it will rather have a decorative character. These booties are the perfect substitute for light socks.

Knowledge needed to read diagrams

First of all, you need to decide who the booties will be made for - a boy or a girl. Then you can choose a pattern. "Guys" fit the simplest knitting option - a single crochet. For girls, you can use more complex and even openwork knitting patterns. Here, combinations of double crochet, single crochet, air loops will become relevant.

So that the pattern of crochet baby booties for beginners does not seem complicated, you should pay attention to the footnotes and decoding of the sketch. All designations are universal for any language, like mathematical signs. Therefore, even in the absence of designations, the transcript can be found using an additional source.

Possible designs and patterns

Determining how to crochet booties for beginners is sometimes very difficult. Therefore, the most practical and simple option will be booties in the form of slippers. Warm and practical are products in the form of felt boots or boots.

As decorative options, booties in the form of flip flops, slippers can come in. Can be craftedbeautiful socks with a hard base. With imagination and a little understanding of the technique, it is easy to create unique booties of various designs.

The easiest universal crochet booties that are the basis of any model

To make beautiful shoes for a baby, using the simplest patterns and patterns, it is enough to know how to knit a double crochet. Additionally, you should be able to read the diagram. For manufacturing, you need to take a skein of yarn weighing 50 g and a hook. The color scheme is determined by the gender of the child.

Crochet baby booties for beginners are mini shoes, consisting of one piece:

  1. First, the sole is formed. Dial a chain of 6 air loops. Additionally, 2 more air loops are knitted to raise the pattern. Knit 5 stitches with a crochet. In the last loop of the chain, knit 5 of the same elements. Get a kind of fan. By the same principle, tie the chain on the other side. In one loop, from which 2 air ones come out, knit 5 double crochets. The second row is knitted according to the same principle, only in the turn, knit 2 columns in one loop, then 1 column in one and so alternate. In the third row, the distance between the addition in the turn will already be 2 loops. Usually three laps are enough.
  2. The second stage will be the formation of walls. It is necessary in the first row after making the sole to knit with double crochets, but without additions and decreases. It is worth capturing only one thread from the loop. Thus, the transition between elements will turn out. The height of the walls is determinedthe size of the child's legs. Usually 2 rows are sufficient.
  3. Then divide the number of loops in half along the circumference. Only one half will be tied, which will form the sock. Through one loop, make 3 half-columns, which are knitted at the top into one loop. Elements are formed through 1 column of the previous row. When a certain part of the loops is knitted, expand the work and knit the second row in the same way. Then knit the last loop with the end of the row.
the principle of creating booties-slippers

The easiest option for baby booties is ready.

Crochet booties for newborns

In the cold season, you need to knit such booties so that the product hides the leg as much as possible. Boots would be ideal. To work, you need 50 g of yarn, 4-6 buttons, a cord and a hook. Crochet booties with a description for beginners in the form of boots:

  1. The sole and base of the knitted boot is made according to the same principle as the shoes described above. An oval element is formed according to the size of the leg, then the walls and toe are knitted.
  2. When the base is ready, you can start making the upper part of the boots. You need to continue to knit the toe up. It will turn out a kind of shoe "tongue". This can be done using regular single crochets. The height of the element is determined by the desired size of the boot.
  3. When the "tongue" is ready, it is worth starting to knit the rest of the boot. Fix the thread and knit the back and sides of the booties until they reachfront element length.
boots knitting pattern

Next is the finishing. You can tie the edges of the front and side with “grass” yarn. In front, sew 2-3 buttons on one side of the side element. And on the other, make an exhaust loop.

Universal booties-sandals

Crochet booties for beginners can be not only an option for the cold season, but also a summer product. Knitting algorithm for booties-sandals:

  1. Form the sole according to the standard scheme. It is advisable to use thin knitted yarn. The upper part is easy to make from cotton yarn. When this element is completed, you need to fasten the thread and cut it.
  2. A stripe will be knitted in the front of the sole, which wraps around the leg from the toes and along the instep and goes into the heel. The thread is fixed approximately 1-1.5 cm from the edge of the element. A chain of air loops is knitted, which in terms of girth will correspond to the volume of the leg. Attach the end of the element to the second edge. Knit with single crochet from edge to edge. It is enough to make 3-4 rows.
  3. The third step will be the formation of the middle part of the sandal, which is the transition from the front to the back platform. You need to knit along the edge, connecting the upper element of the bootie with the sole, leaving the middle part of the strip without work.
  4. Then you need to make a backdrop. In the usual way, the walls of the booties are performed. When this part is formed, it is desirable to make a strip that will be thrown over the leg and fixed with a button orvelcro to the second half of the upper "body" of the sandal.
making booties-sandals

You can use other options for making summer booties of this type, but they will be a little more difficult.

Kimono booties are the easiest shoe option for newborns

There are completely primitive options for knitting booties for newborns, which do not even require the ability to read the simplest patterns. It is enough to be able to knit a single crochet. These are kimono booties. You need to prepare yarn and a hook, a button and a needle and thread.

Crochet booties pattern for beginners step by step is the following instruction:

  1. First you need to tie a strip that will match the width and length of the baby's legs. This will be the sole.
  2. Then expansion is done. On the one hand, they collect a chain of air loops. The length of such an element should be 1-2 cm longer than the sole. On the other side of the sole, a second chain is made in the same way. The width of such a branching should ultimately correspond to the same parameter of the sole strip. The result is a pattern that resembles the letter "T".
features of making kimono booties

Next, assembly is done by sewing together a knitted pattern.

Peculiar assembly of kimono booties

The question before you is how to crochet booties for beginners? The scheme of such a product in the style of "kimono" is very simple, as well as the assembly of a ready-made pattern:

  1. You need to apply one ofdetails with an extension to the strip of the sole in front and sew the elements.
  2. Do the same with the second strip, but it will be superimposed on top of the first.
  3. Next, the side parts are sewn together with the sole. You can sew not to the end, only at the beginning. Then you get a summer version of booties.
  4. Sew on a button in the area where the stripes overlap at the front of the shoe.

This design option can be used not only for making a children's version, but also for knitting slippers for adults.

Funny muzzle booties

Crochet booties for beginners with a photo diagram is the most understandable way to make. Shoes with animal muzzles look very simple and unusual. The manufacturing principle is very simple:

  1. Any variant of knitting booties can act as a basis. The optimal one is the one that involves manufacturing according to the principle of slippers.
  2. Next, certain elements of the future muzzle are knitted from the yarn. Usually a circular pattern is used.
  3. To add volume to the decor, you need to fill the spaces of the details with padding polyester.
photo-scheme of booties with a muzzle

The last step will be sewing the details to the base of the booties.

Circular pattern, which is used to form the elements of volumetric finishing of booties

When choosing the option of making children's shoes, inexperienced needlewomen mainly pay attention to the appearance of the product. Beginner crochet booties circle pattern to decorate:

  1. Cast on a chain of 6 stitches.Lock in a circle.
  2. The second row involves an increase in the columns by 2 times. In each loop, knit two columns.
  3. In the next row, increase after 1, 2, 3 stitches.
  4. To get a sphere, just knit a few rows without adding, and then make a decrease in the same way as increasing the columns.

The beginning of a circle or sphere can be an amigurumi ring, which is formed as a result of tying a prepared loop.

Possible finishes for booties

A correctly selected crochet bootie pattern for beginners is only half the job. You need to think over the original decoration, which is suitable for the redone model of booties. The best options are:

  • Embroidery with thin satin ribbons.
  • Formation of fasteners from buttons and hinged eyelets.
  • You can make applications from jeans and leather.
  • Attach finished fabric stickers.
  • Yarn pom-poms and crochet items.
  • Sequins, beads and textile flowers.
  • Lace and nylon bows.
booties decorating option

You can combine several options when decorating one product - it all depends on the type of model of knitted shoes.

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