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Crochet dress: diagram and description. Warm crochet dress, photo
Crochet dress: diagram and description. Warm crochet dress, photo

A crochet dress, the scheme and description of which will be clear to every knitter, will become a luxurious wardrobe addition. It is easy to execute it. Even a beginner knitter will cope with this task. The most important thing is to carefully monitor the execution of the pattern and be patient. Without self-confidence, nothing will work either. A crochet dress for women is a kind of symbol of femininity and beauty, grace and grace. Almost all models fit well, emphasizing the dignity of the figure and concealing the flaws.

crochet dress diagram and description

Depending on the weather, the thread and style are easily selected, which means that you can create a masterpiece for both summer and winter.

It all depends on the thread

In winter and autumn, when everything around is gray, cloudy and cold, you really want something warm and cozy. A great option is a warm crochet dress. Despite the opinion that they can only be knitted with a summer openwork robe, we will also consider a warm option. It is not necessary to take a thick thread or knit a solid fabric with half-columns. Today you can find a thin soft woolen thread and performan openwork model with a lining, which will be not only original, but also very warm, especially if the lining is made of warm fabric. A crochet dress, the scheme and description of which will be clear even to a beginner needlewoman, will decorate your wardrobe. Almost any model can be turned into a warm one by choosing the appropriate thread. In order to do the job, you can first build a pattern, and then knit the parts, focusing on its dimensions. Another option is to carefully monitor the number of loops. The first option is much faster. So, a rather simple model is based on half-columns with the inclusion of motifs.

A simple crochet dress: diagram and description

The upper part of the shoulder and the bodice are knitted with semi-columns, which allows you to make a warm dress with a crochet even without a lining, although its presence will only be a plus. The lower part of the sleeve and the bottom of the product - any openwork pattern, you can even use a simple French mesh. A decorative element is introduced to shape the silhouette and spice up the model. 2 air loops are skipped and two columns are knitted from the third, then an air loop, and then two columns again and again a pass. By increasing the number of loops between the columns knitted from one loop, you can adjust the degree of expansion of the product for a year-length skirt or sleeve. As you can see, a crochet dress, the knitting pattern and description of which is presented above, can be made both warm and openwork.

crochet dress for women

Almost all summer options are transformed into winter ones if you add tohim a sleeve. Variations with color and the selection of contrasting or monochrome threads will make the outfit not only warm, but also colorful. It will attract the eyes of others, filling the room with light and beauty.

Crochet dress for women for summer

Speaking of summer models, let's first consider the motives. Motif dresses are somewhat lighter than solid pieces. The fact is that in this case progress is immediately visible and you can fantasize about how the product will look. One of the simple, but very effective motifs is the "wild flower".

warm crochet dress

A crochet dress for women associated with its use was first presented at one of the fashion shows. Despite the elegant, festive look, it fits very simply.

Description of motifs for the item

The base motif is knitted like this. First, 8 air loops are dialed and closed. Then, in the second row, 15 columns with two crochets are knitted, alternating with air loops. The third row is only double crochets, there should be 47 in total. The fourth row is knitted with repeating reports from a half-column and five air loops. There should be twenty such reports. The next row is knitted in the same way. The sixth row is the last. Three double crochets are knitted from each arch, alternating with pique or with loops of 3-4 air loops. This is a more complex version of the motive. A simple variation consists of only increasing the number of double crochets and spades on the last row.

crochet dresses with a description

Motif size- 4 circular rows. They are used on the sleeves. The knitting pattern of the bottom may vary, but a fabric consisting of alternating reports looks good, in which there are first three double crochets, then three air loops and again three double crochets. It looks like a filet grid, where instead of one column there are three. In the following rows, the columns are knitted from under the air loops.

Baby Models

A crochet dress for a child is not very different from an adult version in technical terms. Even the above descriptions of motives can be used to perform the work. The main thing is to choose the right thread and build a pattern. Dresses for the little ones are best knitted not from synthetic, but from natural threads. They are more pleasant to the skin and do not cause irritation. This is a good choice for summer. An original crochet dress, the diagram and description of which will not be complicated, can be designed by yourself.

crochet baby dress

To do this, you just need to connect the two descriptions above. So, we perform the upper part to the waist and shoulders with half-columns. A skirt can be made from motifs that increase towards the bottom, or you can go the other way, using a French mesh to form a flare. Many crochet dresses with descriptions are full of incomprehensible symbols, which complicates the task. In the described model, the pattern for the skirt is extremely simple. The first and second rows are the alternation of 5 double crochets and one arch of three loops. The third and fourth - 6 columns and 5 loops, respectively. Fifth row - 6 columns and not one, but two small onesarches of three air loops. Similarly, expansion is performed to the very bottom.

What is important to know

Starting a crochet dress, the scheme and description of which are clear, some needlewomen forget about the main thing, namely, checking the thread for shrinkage. This is especially important if the thread contains wool and if a warm model is being made. A shrinkage test is done after the pattern has been knitted. It washes off with warm water and then dries unstretched. The degree of shrinkage is the approximate amount by which the size of the sample will change. It is determined by eye. Synthetic threads do not shrink.

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