Paper games for adults and children
Paper games for adults and children

Earlier, when there were no computers, the main fun for adults and children were paper games. For entertainment, it was enough to take a notebook sheet and a pencil. The whole evening flew by unnoticed for communication with parents or friends. There are many games that will be incredibly interesting in any friendly company. They are simple and do not require special training and complex equipment. The most common today are paper games for two.

Paper games

Bulls and cows

The essence of the game is that one comes up with a four-digit number so that all the numbers are different. The other player must guess the number. To do this, he calls a new four-digit number at each move. If at least one number matches, the first player says: "Cow". If the digital designation from the sounded number is in the same place as in the hidden number, this situation is called a “bull”. Both players take turns, whoever wins.the first to guess the number.


The game involves two people. The first one thinks of a word and draws dashes on a piece of paper indicating the number of letters in this word. A gallows is depicted in the corner of the sheet. Another player names a letter that can be included in this word. If he guesses, the letter is entered, if he is mistaken, then a head is drawn at the gallows. With the next mistake, the torso, stomach, arms, legs are drawn. If the little man is drawn before guessing the word, the first player wins. Then the opponents switch roles and continue their games on paper.


For the game you will need a notebook sheet in a cage. Players in order draw horizontal or vertical lines one cell long. The opponent, who managed to close the whole cell, puts a dot in it and receives a bonus move. The winner is the one who took more cells.

Sea battle

Paper games for two

This fun is a variant of the game on paper for two players. For the battle, you will need two square fields, one for each opponent. 10 warships are drawn on the sheets: 1 has 4 decks, 2 consist of 3 decks, 3 - from 2 decks and 4 - from 1 deck. An important rule is that objects cannot be located on neighboring cells. After the alignment of forces, you can start the war. The first player names the opponent's field. If an enemy ship is located on this cell, he says: "Wounded", and the attacker continues to shoot. If the object is completely destroyed, the enemy reports: "Killed". Players take turns shooting at the opponent's targets.The one who shot down all the ships wins.


Football is a variant of the game on paper for two players. You will need a piece of paper. On this football field, you need to draw a 6-cell gate on both edges. The game starts from the very center of the field. The first player makes a move, which consists of broken lines (each with 1 cell). Next is the move of the second player. An important rule is that you cannot cross the opponent's lines. If one of the opponents cannot make a move, the other person shoots a 6-cell pen alty in a straight line. Play to 1 goal.

Paper games for one

There are different games on paper, for one or for two. But it is always a very exciting and entertaining activity that develops imagination, memory and thinking at any age.

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