Chinese riddles for children and adults
Chinese riddles for children and adults

It's no secret that kids love riddles. Much more than reading books or even watching TV. Moreover, age does not play a special role here.

Chinese riddles are a lot of fun for adults too. This is a great way to awaken your imagination. Chinese riddles will require you to go over, step over the obvious in order to find the answer to the question asked. Why? Because this answer is from a completely different culture.

Chinese riddles. When did they appear?

So, more details. It is rather difficult to say when the first Chinese riddles appeared. Even impossible. No one can find the answer to this question in any encyclopedia. Probably a long time ago.

To successfully guess the Chinese riddle, you need to read its condition as carefully as possible. Therein lies the whole secret. In ancient times, such puzzles existed orally and were passed from mouth to mouth. Over time, they began to write down. And later - to publish entire collections. They contain the real deep wisdom of the people.

Chinese riddles

The most interesting puzzles

Many Chinese mysteries have been given to us by history. This is not at allmarvelous. After all, the ancient civilizations that lived in this area thousands of years ago left behind many secrets and mysteries that still remain unsolved. Modern Chinese scientists even now regularly come up with a variety of exciting tasks that increase the intellectual level of a person.

Chinese puzzles children of this country begin to engage in even at preschool age. They offer all kinds of educational games. Well, in order to go to school, they are forced to pass a special test, consisting of several logical tasks. They, by the way, seem quite complicated even for adults.

chinese logic puzzles

Ancient mysteries

Let's look at some examples. Here are a couple of ancient Chinese logic puzzles.

  1. As soon as dawn breaks, a hard-working old man goes to work. If he does not go there, it means that a strong wind is blowing outside or it is raining. (Sun).
  2. Two round cakes are brought to the gate every day. One is cold as ice. The second is hot. (Moon and sun).
difficult chinese riddles

Modern riddles

Today, there are also more and more diverse tasks. Below are modern Chinese logic puzzles with answers.

  1. Five brothers live nearby. They are not tall. The names are different. (Fingers).
  2. When people undress, on the contrary, she dresses. When people take off their hats, on the contrary, she puts them on. (Hanger).
  3. A fragile girl in the water was born. floatsin a pink dress on a green boat. (Lotus).
  4. Hard and white as snow. Washes three times a day. Resting at night. (Bowl).
  5. Eight brothers spin around the axis. If they decide to run away, they will tear all their clothes. (Garlic).
  6. There is a face, but no mouth. There are no arms, but there are four legs, and they do not walk. (Table).
  7. Green dress, watery belly, black babies inside. (Watermelon).
chinese logic puzzles with answers

The most difficult riddles

And finally. Take a look at the most difficult Chinese riddles. To solve them, you need to use knowledge from several disciplines at once.

  1. A bear fell into a hole. He fell for two seconds. The depth of the pit is 19,617 meters. What color was the animal? Here are five possible answers: black-brown, gray, brown, black or white. We are looking for a solution. We use the physical formula for finding the distance: S=gt2 / 2. The free fall acceleration (g) is 9.8085. After that, you need to use a table that shows the values ​​​​of free fall at various latitudes. It turns out that the found value is typical for 44 degrees of latitude. There are no bears on this parallel in the Southern Hemisphere. That is, we consider only the northern latitude. We pay attention to the fact that the hole was dug in the ground. So, it is for the land bear. In a word, only black or brown animals are suitable. Hunting for brown bears is very dangerous, and they live in the mountains, where it is not so easy to dig holes. And these animals are valued less. Doingconclusion: we are talking about a black bear.
  2. No less interesting is the parking puzzle. There are six parking spaces in front of you. One of them is occupied. All seats are numbered in this order: 16-06-68-88-…-98. You have to guess where the car is. Such a riddle is offered to children in China when they enter first grade in order to assess their ability to think logically. And the right answer is not so easy to find. You need to rotate the image 180 degrees. It turns out that the numbers go one after another in order. That is, the correct solution: 87! In a word, the Chinese know how to confuse! And we just have to make our brain work at 100%!

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