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How to pack flowers in kraft paper: detailed instructions and best ideas
How to pack flowers in kraft paper: detailed instructions and best ideas

Kraft paper is a simple gray-brown sheet of fairly dense and durable material. Such paper is very wear-resistant, used for packaging and creating bags. Environmentally friendly material is easy to decompose and does not pollute the environment. Simple yet stylish craft packaging is becoming trendy and is often used by florists.

What is kraft paper made of?

It is used at the post office to pack flour, cereals, pastries and other food products, to emphasize the "naturalness" of products. Many stores, participating in programs that increase the level of human responsibility for the environment, are abandoning plastic bags in favor of durable paper ones. So is kraft paper really as safe as they say?

Kraft paper is made from wood. Moreover, the requirements for raw materials are very low. It does not have to be conifers; even waste obtained as a result of wood processing (chips, defective products) can be used. Wood is boiled in lyeand from the pulp obtained, a very strong brown paper is obtained. The word "kraft" in German means "strong". This production method has been known since the 17th century, but was not in demand due to the unpresentable color and poor quality of the paper. In the process of "crafting" a lot of useful substances are obtained: rosin, turpentine and vegetable soap. If desired, paper can be bleached or dyed with chlorine (this is very harmful), chlorine s alts, oxygen or ozone.

Environmentally friendly material completely decomposes into safe components in 3 years. For example, plastic bags take about 50 years to decay.

How to pack flowers in kraft paper?

The packaging material discussed is generally unpatterned and rarely comes in a color other than brown. The simplicity of kraft paper means uncomplicated packaging. However, the material is not difficult to find in a different, more interesting version.

packaging flowers in kraft paper

The photo shows a very easy way to pack flowers in kraft paper. In the example, a purple floral pattern is applied to one of the sides of the sheet. Another popular option on how to pack flowers in kraft paper is shown in the following image. It will require a sheet of plain paper, scissors, twine, polyethylene and colored tape.

packaging flowers in kraft paper

Flowers in the bouquet must be sorted out, bring the stems to the same length and cut off too large leaves. The ends must be wrapped in polyethylene andtie with twine. A sheet of kraft paper is made into a "bag" as shown in the image and tied with colored ribbon.

Kraft paper bouquets: the best ideas

You can decorate a small bouquet of flowers like an ice cream cone. This is a very simple and quick way to pack when time is precious and the number of bouquets is large.

how to wrap flowers in kraft paper

The photo shows an example of how to pack flowers in kraft paper and additionally decorate the composition by hand by decorating the sheets. Rough-looking material allows you to combine exquisite callas and chrysanthemums with meadow clover. In any other wrapper, this combination would be impossible.

how to wrap flowers in kraft paper

Packing flowers in kraft paper as a bouquet or individually is a win-win way to emphasize the sophistication of a plant. In the design of a simple packing list and twine, magnolia seems even more unusual and sophisticated. In addition, this flower grows on a tree and has a short and flexible stem, which is not suitable for most of the ways to create bouquets.

how to wrap flowers in kraft paper

In order for the composition to be harmonious, you can combine floor and kraft paper in the design. Delicate pastel palette of colors of the special floral tape will help to make a smooth transition from the range of bouquets to the inexpressive color of the packing list. A harness of green will help create a balance with the green part of the composition.

A little flower packing secret

Packagingcolors into kraft paper involves knowing one little trick. In order for the water and juice of the stems of flowers not to soak the material and leave no stains, you need to wrap them before decorating. For these purposes, a strip of fabric and cling film will do.

packaging flowers in kraft paper

On a small strip of film, first place a piece of fabric, and then a bouquet and wrap the ends of the stems. So excess moisture will be collected in the fabric, and polyethylene will not allow it to seep onto the paper.

Original bouquet design

The next photo shows another option on how to beautifully wrap a small bouquet in kraft paper. The flowers are wrapped not only in a plain packing list, but also in a fabric or any other lace doily in a contrasting color.

bouquets in kraft paper

On such a small bouquet, a card with the sender's name and wishes would look appropriate at the base, and not among the flowers. Large and heavy bouquets can be arranged as a flower cake in a kraft paper box, such as in the photo below.

how to wrap beautifully in kraft paper

In many expensive confectioneries, this is the packaging used for sweets. To do this, the legs of the flowers are cut to the required length and stuck into a special sponge for flowers. The bouquet is placed in a round box, and wrapped with paper on top and tied with a beautiful bow.

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