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How to make an origami cup - detailed instructions and video
How to make an origami cup - detailed instructions and video

An origami cup is a useful thing that even a small preschool child can do. It turns out flat and fits perfectly in a bag or backpack. You can take it with you on a long journey, on a picnic or on the sea.


A paper cup can be useful for a variety of purposes. You can put small items in it so as not to lose them in your bag along the way. It is convenient to pour sunflower seeds or nuts into such a container. But in addition to bulk substances, liquid is perfectly kept in folded paper. Of course, over time, the origami glass will get wet and start to leak, but you can get drunk from it. In addition, if you drank not sweet compote, but plain water, then after drinking the glass can be folded into its original shape, dried in the sun and used again.

how to use paper cup

In the article, we will take a closer look at making an origami paper cup for children.Usually, the sheet is folded according to the scheme, but it is also convenient to watch a video in which an experienced origami master deftly assembles it. In this article, we will present both. In addition, a paper cup can be made from a thick sheet of white printer paper, as well as folded from a regular notebook page or colored paper.

Origami cup for kids

If you are fond of folding objects from a sheet of paper using the origami technique, then the first step is to learn how to read diagrams. Such an easy craft can be done with the child together. First of all, prepare a square sheet of thick paper. To do this, take sheet A-4 and attach one of the corners to the opposite side to make a right triangle. After cutting off the excess strip with scissors and unfolding the paper to its original position, you will have a square in front of you.

origami scheme

Next, you need to act according to the scheme, following the serial numbers under the pictures. The arrows show the direction in which the sheet should be folded, and the dotted lines indicate where the fold should be made. Check the correct operation by watching the video.

Folding colored paper crafts

An origami cup can also be made from a whole sheet in A-4 format, but you will have to act a little differently. Lay out a sheet of colored paper on the table surface in front of you and, on the short sides of the rectangle, fold the corners inward to the center line. You should get 4 right-angled triangles - two on one side and the same number on the other.

Next action -This is folding the paper in half with the flat side inward. The edges of the paper folded into triangles should remain outside. You get a shape that looks like an envelope. Lay it with the flat side facing you. Attach its right corner to the opposite side, similarly to the first version of the origami cup assembly. Repeat with the left corner.

origami cup

Lower the triangular parts sticking up in front and behind. Get the glass shown in the photo above. In the same way, you can make a cup from a double page torn from the middle of a notebook. By making several containers, you can share soda with friends at school, instead of having all your friends drink from one bottle, because this is not very hygienic.

As you can see, you can assemble an origami paper cup in just a couple of minutes from any material at hand. It's fast and convenient! Be sure to try making it yourself!

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