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Deck with "Princess" in the online game Clash Royale
Deck with "Princess" in the online game Clash Royale

Online gamers are interested in ways to defeat their opponents. Legendary cards are very rare in Clash Royale, so users have to build their decks based on randomness. The deck with "Princess" is not the best option among the possible combinations, but if you are determined to use it, then you can safely continue to read the guide.

princess deck

Characteristics of "Princess"

Before the deck with the "Princess" is considered, let's deal with the features of this card. Among the positive qualities worth highlighting:

  1. Low cost. The summon costs only 3 elixir.
  2. High AoE damage.
  3. Huge damage radius.

At first glance, this card has solid advantages, but in fact it has one main disadvantage - too low he alth. "Princess" can be killed by only one "Charge" or "Log" of the same level as her.

Acceptable deck

So, which "Princess" deck is viable in Arena 7? We suggest you use the following card combination:

  1. "The Elixir Collector". The name speaks for itself.Using at the beginning of the battle is a little risky, but after the first minute of the battle, it can completely turn the tide of the battle.
  2. "Cannon". Great cheap card with decent damage and fast leveling. Able to stop dangerous cards like "Boar Rider", and due to invulnerability in the inactive state, it is not destroyed by magic.
  3. "Discharge". One of the most effective spells in terms of damage / elixir ratio. Used to protect the card.
  4. "Fire Spirits". Used to escort a tank. Good for killing weak little things.
  5. "Mini PEKKA". Has huge damage. Use it to destroy enemy tanks or attack enemy towers accompanied by Spirits.
  6. "Miner". Use it to destroy enemy buildings and overcome the defense of tanks, to attack from behind.
  7. "Ice Sorcerer". Used in combination with Cannon, it is capable of repelling almost any attack.
  8. "Princess". The key figure in our deck. Launch it from behind your main building so that by the time of the attack you have enough elixir. To protect her, use a combination with "Sorcerer" and "Cannon".
clash royale princess decks

The ideal start of the battle would be the construction of the "Gatherer". The deck with the "Princess" requires large amounts of elixir, so it's better to start that way. When an enemy has a similar building, use your Miner. Foruse Mini-Pekka or Perfume to maintain an attacking pace.

Characteristics of "Cemetery"

Princess decks in Clash Royale are distinguished by their offensive power and range. If you want to further enhance this aspect of your deck, use the Graveyard. The main distinguishing feature is that it can be placed right behind the bridge in enemy territory. She has a fairly high radius for summoning skeletons - 5 cells. Among the disadvantages are a low standard of living and a high vulnerability to massive attacks.

deck with princess and graveyard

Attack deck

The deck with "Princess" and "Cemetery" is great for high-level competitions. For example, for the league "Absolute Champion". We bring to your attention the following assembly:

  1. "Princess".
  2. "Cemetery".
  3. "Boar Rider".
  4. "Mirror".
  5. "Sparky".
  6. "Miner".
  7. "Clone".
  8. "Witch".

As you can see, this deck consists of almost only legendary cards, but this is not surprising. If you are going to conquer the top of the championships, you will have to work hard to build the right deck.

Use Sparky with Princess. The royal will destroy many small units, while the installation in one salvo will take out more "fat" onessingle soldiers.

If you release the "Princess" far behind the towers, give time to accumulate the elixir, then you can clone the "Sparky" or "Hog" that go ahead. The Graveyard can also be used to distract tower attacks.

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