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How to Play Mahjong: Online Flash Game
How to Play Mahjong: Online Flash Game

Mahjong is an ancient Chinese pastime of two kinds: one is a game of chance similar to poker, and the other is solitaire with wooden chips. Nowadays, this invention of their homeland of silk and paper is very popular, especially among Internet users. There are so many different options that everyone among them will choose his own. But, despite this, it is difficult for many to immediately understand how to play mahjong. Let's try to figure it out.

History of solitaire creation

Mahjong is also called Chinese domino or Shanghai solitaire, and the game itself has been around for several hundred (or even several thousand) years. There are different versions of her appearance. One says that Noah was fond of this game when he sailed in his ark. Another theory claims that Confucius invented it and, traveling around the country, distributed it to different regions and provinces of China. There is another opinion, according to which the creator of the game is General Chen Yu Mun.

How to play mahjong

In the middle of the 19th century, he invented it to entertain his soldiers who were sleeping on duty.The basis was the then well-known card game "ma-thiao", but with complicated rules and with a large number of cards. Gradually, it became popular not only in China, but throughout the world.

At the end of the 20th century, it became possible to play mahjong on a computer - a field with chips unfolded in full screen. With the original version of the game, this solitaire now has similarities only in the images on the plates and in their number.

Traditional mahjong cards

In total, there are 144 different pieces in this game, which, in turn, are divided into seven different types.

The first three are cards depicting bamboo (or "tiao" in Chinese), circles ("bin") and simple tablets ("wan"). There are only 36 of them - nine of each type with numbers from 1 to 9.

Another group of tablets is dedicated to the winds ("feng"). There are 16 of them, 4 each - for the north, south, west and east.

The next species is mahjong dragons ("moons"). There are 12 chips in total, 3 for each suit - green happiness ("fatsai"), white board ("baiban"), red middle ("hongzhong").

And the last 8 tablets - "huar" and "go" - have images of flowers and fruits.

How to play mahjong?

mahjong play in full screen

Chinese domino is not for those who want a quick win, it requires perseverance, attentiveness, calmness and a good memory. The traditional version of mahjong with wooden signs has not been used for a long time, most often fans prefercomputer or online version of solitaire. Understanding how to play mahjong online is not difficult, the rules are quite simple:

  1. The program automatically lays out the chips into a figure (flat or three-dimensional - depends on the type of mahjong). Most often, these are combinations of "turtle", "cat", "crab" and others.
  2. The goal of the player is to remove all the chips from the field, removing the paired tablets one by one. A free card is one that either lies at the very top, or is not blocked on the left or right side.
  3. Paired chips are considered to have the same values ​​and suits.

It is believed that there are no unsolvable layouts, since the program places the tablets strictly according to a certain algorithm.

play butterfly mahjong in full screen

Different versions of mahjong

The imagination of the players is so inventive that the Internet is replete with many options. Among users, animation is very popular, which dilutes for many the boring process of folding plates. For example, you can play mahjong with butterflies flying in full screen and pleasing to the eye with their bright wings with the right combination of chips. Some find it more fun than folding traditional Chinese game cards.

At the very beginning, it may seem to people that playing mahjong is somehow difficult and boring, because ordinary solitaire card games are simpler and more attractive. However, it is not. There are different levels, different layouts and different color and animation options on the Internet, so any player can find something that suits him.fits. Perhaps that is why mahjong is becoming more and more popular among other online entertainment applications.

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