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How to learn to play billiards? Beginner Tips
How to learn to play billiards? Beginner Tips

Billiards is a fun game. Many people are fans of this fun and regularly go to specialized clubs to enjoy the process. Currently, billiards is played not only by men, but also by the fairer sex. Many tournaments are organized in which people regardless of gender take part. How to learn to play billiards? Today, there are many opportunities for this: through regular training with a friend, a coach, studying theory from books and videos.

Game principles

Most people do not realize that billiards contributes to the development of thinking of both a child and an adult. If it were taught at school, there would be no question, where to learn to play billiards? Despite the importance of theory, without practice it is impossible to become a professional. There are three main principles of the game:

  1. Billiards is first of all a strategy. It is played with brains, all options are calculated. It is very important to remain calm, cool-headed. A person often feels excitement, especially when money is at stake. This usually results in a loss, so keep your head cool.
  2. As a second principleare theory and practice. In addition to reading literature and watching videos, you need to play often. To become a pro, you have to train every day. You need to understand that the blow should not be random, you need to choose the best option for getting into the pocket. You don't have to come to the clubs to play - it's good to just watch the pros.
  3. How to learn to play billiards? You need to compete with a strong opponent. The higher the skill level of the enemy, the more useful it is to play with him. You always have to compete with who is better. If you play with a weak opponent, the level will not increase.
how to learn to play billiards


This aspect is fundamental. To learn how to play Russian billiards or American billiards, you need to understand the basics. Specialized literature has recently been much inferior to online tutorials. There are many videos where an experienced player teaches a beginner the basics of billiards.

learn to play Russian billiards

When watching such videos, you should pay attention not to the beauty of what is happening, but to the technical aspects of the process. You won’t be able to become a high-level player without understanding how to choose the right stance, how hard you need to hit in a given situation, etc. Video tutorials will help you master these techniques. It explains in detail how to stand, where to point the ball, how to hold the cue and much more.


How to learn to play billiards? Theory is good, but no practicalparts of all efforts will be devoid of meaning. If you are completely new, it is recommended to play with a player of the same level for the first time. With it, you can work out the correct stance, striking, etc. In this way, you can understand how these elements are made. You can sacrifice time for this, that is, a beginner does not need to try to quickly pocket all the balls into the pocket. Attention should be paid precisely to the correct execution of the simplest elements.

where to learn to play billiards

The cue must be felt, this awareness will come a little later. When a beginner acquires the necessary skills, he will understand that in each situation you need to act differently. Then you can move on to playing with stronger opponents. Here the emphasis should be on technique and learning from the opponent. You need to mark for yourself new chips and strikes that you saw from the enemy.

Classes with a trainer

Many are interested in how to learn to play billiards well? With the help of a trainer. For a fee, he will teach you the basics of the game and give you invaluable experience. You can find a coach by asking your friends and acquaintances who are fond of billiards, through advertisements, etc. You need to choose a person with whom you will be comfortable to practice, and then you will not feel tired after 4-5 hours of training.

how to learn to play billiards well

At all times, billiards was considered a game of chance. It is quite difficult to learn his art, but the main thing is that there is a desire. It may be necessary to improve the physical condition: strengthening the arms and body. Then the beat will be clearer andstronger.

So, how to learn to play billiards? There are several ways, you need to choose the most suitable one. Being engaged in the study of the theoretical part, we must not forget about the practice. Practice and work every day, and then everything will work out.

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