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Chess: history, classic checkmate, checkmate in 2 moves
Chess: history, classic checkmate, checkmate in 2 moves

Chess is a board game for those who wish to develop logical thinking. It is played by two people with special pieces on a board consisting of sixty-four cells, one half of which is black, the other is white (in the classic version). Chess is an amalgamation of game, sport and art, which is why it is so popular these days. The whole gameplay comes down to putting a check on the opponent, that is, driving him to a standstill. Chess virtuosos know how to checkmate in 2 moves - and this is a sign of undoubted mastery.

A bit of history

Now it is impossible to believe it, but the age of the game so beloved by contemporaries is one and a half thousand years. Of course, initially the rules of chess were different. They varied depending on the region of distribution. So, the game migrated from India, its historical homeland, to the Arab East, then to Africa and Europe. By the fifteenth century, the canons of chess had almost formed, but the final standardization did not occur until the nineteenth century, when the first international tournaments began to take place.

Chess checkmate

The word "mat" in Arabic means "died". So calleda chess position in which the king's piece is already in check and has no way to escape. A deadlocked king is the end of the game, and this is what players strive for when playing chess. In order to quickly win against your opponent, you should study the various positions for checkmate in 1 move, checkmate in 2 moves, and so on.

Checkmate for one move

This position is called classical. Here the black king is stumped and has no way to escape. The squares c7, d7 and e7 are well protected by the white king, while the squares c8 and e8 can be attacked by the white rook.

checkmate in 2 moves

Checkmate in 2 moves

This layout is called "stupid", or "fool's mate". This position is considered the fastest of all possible layouts of chess games. Players who know how to play it can "fool" their opponent and score a quick and easy win. So, how is checkmate played in 2 moves:

  1. Playing white pieces puts a pawn on the f3 square, the opponent responds by moving the pawn to e5.
  2. Opponent moves g4, and his opponent checkmates by pushing the queen to position h4.
  3. Checkmate!
  4. checkmate in 2 moves

Everything ingenious is simple

As it turned out, putting a "stupid mate" is not difficult. However, in chess the main thing is not knowledge, but the ability to apply it. Seeing the board and the confident expression on the opponent's face, many are lost and cannot even checkmate in 2 moves. Tasks that abound on the Internet canhelp hone your game skills and win many worthy victories.

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