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Deck with "Hellhound" in the game Clash Royale
Deck with "Hellhound" in the game Clash Royale

There are many ways to conquer the ladder. Even if you only have "Hellhound" from the legendary cards. Today we will look at a couple of decks using this unit that can be used at high arena levels.


Before we look at the first Hellhound deck, let's examine the characteristics and effects of this card. What is positive about her?

hell hound deck
  • Huge he alth (4380 at level 1).
  • Quick activation.
  • Spawns Level 5 "Hell Pups" on death.
  • You can get the card already at the 4th arena.
  • Flies.

This card has many more disadvantages:

  • Cost of 7 elixir.
  • Slow movement speed.
  • Low damage.
  • Flies (melee units will ignore it and hit your attacking troops).
  • Attack only on buildings.

The last point can cause controversy, but if the enemy releases their troops behind the Hound, then it can move further to the tower while your attacking units fight the landing. In general, a deck with "Infernalhound" as a basis will be very weak, but if you have little choice, then let's look at the options.

Deck "Economy"

The first presented deck is designed for a low arena rank and is a budget option. This deck with "Hellhound" will not require you to spend any special resources, whether it be donat or in-game currency.

  • Use "Hellhound" as the main "tanking" force.
  • Ball. Perfectly combined with our "legendary". A flying unit, so it will not be stopped by ground targets, and the "Hound" will absorb all the damage of air defense.
  • Minions. Cheap, but deal decent damage. If there is not enough elixir, you can launch after the tank instead of the balloon.
  • Goblins. Can briefly delay ground units with very strong but single damage. Also used in conjunction with the tank, but the effectiveness is reduced due to the way they move.
  • Valkyrie. Rare card. This deck is used for defense. Release it behind an enemy tank and have it slaughter its retinue.
  • Cannon. Use this building to distract enemy tanks from towers and absorb excess damage.
  • Elixir Collector. This card is found in almost every deck. Its value is very difficult to overestimate.
  • Arrows. Use to clear enemy hordes.
hellhound clash deck

It's worth noting that this deck with "Hellhound" is strong only with good leveling. But when it comes to victories in arenaslow level, almost basic level cards will suffice.

Deck "Major"

If you can afford to invest a lot of money in the game, and just spend a lot of time on it, then this deck with "Hellhound" (Clash royale) is for you.

  • "Hell Hound" + "Ball". This combination is found in almost all decks. An air attack that can only be stopped by a strong spell or a large number of firing units.
  • "Tombstone". Used for protection.
  • "Arrows" and "Fireball". Two excellent spells that can both defend against crowds of enemies and protect your "Ball" with "Hound" from enemy shooters.
  • "The Skeleton Army". Kills single targets quickly.
  • "Megaminion". Protects your towers from tanks.
  • Minions are as versatile as can be. Use them both offensively and defensively.

Upgrading these cards to the maximum, you will get an almost unkillable combo with one of the strongest attacking combinations.


The first thing you need to understand when using these two Hellhound decks is that Clash Royale is unforgiving. If you use an attacking combination at the wrong time, then you may well be left without an elixir and protection. Here are some tricks to use.

Hellhound flare decks
  • Install "Tombstone"exactly in the middle of your territory so that it distracts attackers from both sides.
  • "Hound" and "ball" are better to launch from the very corner of the map in order to accumulate the elixir by the time of the direct attack.
  • You can start the battle simply with the "Orb" to find out what cards the opponent has.
  • A full-fledged attack is best done with double the elixir or the built "Collector".
  • Use "Minions" and "Army‚Ķ" to lure the attacking spells of the enemy and protect the "puppies".

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