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How to play billiards correctly? Strike in billiards. billiard school
How to play billiards correctly? Strike in billiards. billiard school

It would seem that it could be easier than rolling balls? In fact, the game of billiards is one of the most difficult, since all the elements are equally important: the force of impact, the stance, the angle, etc. To become a high-level player, you need to train a lot and make every effort. However, you can understand the most elementary techniques and the essence of the game in theory in a few minutes. How to play billiards correctly? First you need to come to the institution and rent a table. You should carefully consider the choice of cue, pay attention to the sticker that is glued to the end. It should be made in the form of a sphere and hold well. If there is chalk near the table, then you can start playing.

Rules of Russian billiards

There are two most popular types of this game all over the world: Russian and American. Let's consider them in order. How to play Russian billiards correctly? First you need to take a special triangle, position it so that the vertex is at a certain point (it will be visible on the table). All the balls except for one are put into the triangle. The game can be started from either side. The ball that is not intriangle, designed for the first strike. It must be placed on another special point on the opposite side.

how to play billiards

The player strikes first, and if any of the balls hit the pocket, he continues. In case of an unsuccessful result, the right to beat passes to another player. Here, two strokes in billiards are distinguished: “alien” and “own”. The first one looks like this: the player hits the ball, which, in turn, pushes the other ball into the pocket. “Sister-in-law” is when the first ball hits another and flies into the pocket itself. Such a blow is typical only for the Russian type of game.

American billiards

The rules of playing billiards American (pool) are significantly different from Russian. Here the party is faster, easier and more fun. For a beginner, this type of billiards is the most acceptable, since the pockets are several centimeters wider and, if desired, several balls can be thrown into one at once.

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How to play billiards American? First you also need to collect a pyramid of balls, and put a white ball on the opposite side (all hits will be made on it). Then the player who got the first move breaks the triangle. The opponents need to decide which balls each of them will play. There are striped and colored balls. Players must only pocket cue balls of their own type. In addition, there is a black ball that must be pocketed last. If he flies during the game, the player who hit is considered the loser. A game is considered correctly played if one ofrivals rolled all their balls, and then black.

Main beginner mistakes

How to play billiards correctly? To learn this art, you must, first of all, have a strong desire. One of the most obvious ways is to visit a pool club with friends. Just start playing, follow other, more experienced players, listen to advice and try to improve your level. About 95% of all beginners do this, and this is their main mistake. The fact is that not all people playing nearby are professionals, and their advice can be harmful.

To avoid such a development of events, it is necessary to immediately learn correctly, and for this you need to communicate only with high-level players. Playing on the level of intuition will not lead to success. No one else has learned how to properly hit the ball, see the game and control it in this way.

First steps

As in any other business, there is theory and practice in billiards. Of course, the process of playing is very important in order to become a professional. But no one has yet canceled the theoretical part. First you need to learn the rules of the game. As already noted, there are several types of billiards, the main of which are Russian and American. Everyone chooses for himself the one that is closer to him.

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Besides, there are schools of billiards, where for a certain fee they will make a good player out of any person. But it is not necessary to visit this institution to become a professional. Oddly enough, there is literature on billiards, and quite a lot of it. Majoritybeginners are not interested in this, and their skills will not be very effective. This is a very important step, helping to build the right tactics in the future. Thanks to books, you can comprehend the basics of this game, the knowledge of which will make the learning process more interesting and faster.

Stand selection

Proper stance is half the battle. This term refers to the position of the body during impact. However, in order to learn how to properly stand up, it is not necessary to hit the balls. First you need to take a cue, and wrap your fingers about ten centimeters from its heavy end. The tool should not hang out, but you should not strain your hand either.

Then you need to go to the billiard table, and put the thin end of the cue on its edge perpendicularly. The right leg should be placed under the right hand. The left leg must be pulled to the left and placed half a meter in front of the right. Then the left hand must be substituted under the cue. It should walk between the thumb and knuckle of the index finger. The rest of the fingers play the role of support. The palm should be on the table and the knuckles should be raised.

Then you need to put your head so that the chin is ten centimeters above the cue. Usually beginners always have a sore shoulder, but this is a good sign. So he did everything right, with regular training, the unpleasant feeling will go away.

Strikes in billiards

When answering the question of how to play billiards, experienced players answer: first you need to learn how to hit the balls. It is recommended to use chalk before each action, which helps create friction. After that, you need to choose a ball, bywhich is better to hit and the direction where it will end up. Then you should use the rules of becoming in a rack. It must be formed so that the line of impact passes through the center of the ball to be hit and coincides with this direction.

billiards tournament

Many establishments hold billiards tournaments, and if possible, it is better to visit them. Professionals play there, and by watching their actions, you can note something important for yourself. It should be remembered that before hitting, you need to carry out several warm-up movements. The gaze should first be directed at the point where the cue ball will hit, then check whether the cue rests on the center of the ball, and finally pay attention to the level of aiming.

The meaning of strike and stance

In any school of billiards, the main attention is paid to these components. Like it or not, there is nothing to do in this game without the right stance and the right shot. These skills deteriorate over time, so you need to constantly train them. And it is not necessary to do this during the game. You can come to the institution yourself, rent a billiard table and practice strokes.

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Before moving on to this component, you need to be able to properly stand up. After all, it is almost impossible to make a good hit without the right approach. Therefore, in specialized schools, the stance is first trained. It is also recommended to watch video tutorials and attend billiards tournaments. In most cases, entry to the competition is free, but the experience gained is invaluable.

Exercises for beginners

Starting immediately with the game is not recommended, first it is better to work out some points. Of the main types of exercises can be distinguished:

  • Training "idle" strike. Here you need to draw the cue several times along the line, you need to make sure that it does not go to the side.
  • Hit on "your" ball into the pocket. This is fairly easy to do, but strength and precision will be developed in the process.
  • Hit the “foreign” ball. Slowly, you need to try to introduce another cue ball into training and try to hit it.
  • Cutting.

These steps are an algorithm to follow when setting up a strike. Even experienced players sometimes practice by placing two balls on the center line of the table. There are many ways out of this situation. The easiest one is to pocket the "foreign" ball into the middle pocket.

how to play billiards russian

At the same time, "one's own" can bounce anywhere, and the next blow will be quite difficult to perform. Therefore, the location of the ball after the impact is of great importance in the game. Professionals can make a klapshtos (hit in the center of the cue ball), in which "their" ball will remain in place. If you hit with a pull, the cue ball rolls back and there is a chance of hitting the opposite pocket. If you break through with a coast, “one’s own” will roll after another and, possibly, two cue balls will fly at once. Such training will allow you to hone your skills in different types of strikes, if such a situation arises during the game, many options will appear.

Training with a trainer

Many people think that working with a professional is necessary on the way to a high-level player. This has its own truth. We have already considered how to play billiards correctly and what is needed for this. If the goal is to become a professional player, then self-study is not enough. In this case, working with a trainer is mandatory.

how to play billiards

Playing constantly among experts is worth a lot. After all, training with the best, skill develops faster. When all the basics have already been completed, you can learn different chips. In billiards, there are a huge number of them, which is only worth a Leman blow or a screw. Of course, it is very difficult to perform such strikes, but if you try, you can become a master of the game.


Some tips from pro players:

  1. The first strike that breaks the triangle is called the break. For its successful implementation, it is recommended to place the cue ball not in the center point, but 10-15 cm to the left or to the right.
  2. To punch hard, you need to stand up correctly. Feet shoulder-width apart, right on the cue line, left toe at a right angle.
  3. To get a good kick, you need support. You can not pull the hand, the cue should be placed between the thumb and forefinger.
  4. The height of the support should be adjusted so that the cue rests 1-2 mm above the center of the cue ball.
  5. For a soft hit, you need the right cue placement. It should lie on the pads of the striking hand. During the sight, the weight must be kept on the set aside leg, then abruptly transfer it to the front andpierce hard. If you do it right, the hit will be great.

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