DIY balloon flowers
DIY balloon flowers

Balloons always give a holiday and a great mood to both children and adults. In addition, if you make various shapes from balloons with your own hands, you can decorate the interior in an original way and make the atmosphere more solemn. And flowers from balloons will be an excellent alternative to a live bouquet. Such a gift will be original and financially beneficial. And making flowers from balloons with your own hands is not so difficult.

DIY balloon flowers

The art of decorating the interior with the help of balloons is called aerodesign, and the technique of making such decorations from balloons is called modeling. With the help of this article, you will learn how to make wonderful flowers from balloons with your own hands and whole bouquets for creating a festive decoration.

Flower balloons

To create an "airy" flower, you will need to take two balls for modeling: light or bright for the petals and green forleaves and stem. These balloons are made of latex, which is durable and environmentally friendly. It is a pleasure to work with such material. It is necessary to remember the main rule of twisting. All twists are performed with one hand and always in the same direction. In this case, with the other hand, it is necessary to hold the penultimate and first bubbles. Otherwise, the figures will unwind and the gift will not work.

balloon heart

Green balloon stalk

If you want to make your own balloon flowers, the first thing you need to do is prepare the stem.

  1. A ball with a free tail of about 10 cm is inflated. This tail will be filled with air during the twisting process. Having inflated the balloon, it is necessary to let out a little air so that it becomes softer. Then we make a twist in the form of a tulip. It looks like this. Use the tip of your index finger to pierce the neck assembly into the ball. Then, with the other hand, grasp the knot through the ball to carefully pull the finger out. After that, twisting is done so that the knot is located below it. The bud is ready.
  2. A ten-centimeter bubble is twisting, which starts from the twisting of a tulip. Then you need to make two small bubbles and twist them with a lock. This is the first leaf on the stem. In the same way, you can make a second leaf. The stem is ready.


To make flowers from balloons with your own hands, you need to fully inflate the balloon, then release some air to make the balloon soft. Otherwise, during twisting, the ballmay burst. After that, a knot is tied and modeling begins. The end of the ball must be compressed to make a small tail. After that, both ends should be tied together.

At the point opposite the knot, the ball is twisted in such a way that it is divided into two equal parts. The resulting parts are folded together like a fan. The joints should form a straight line. After that, it is necessary to compress the ball at the joints and twist them all together with a lock. After these simple manipulations, you should get a flower with six petals.

Connecting a flower to a stem

do-it-yourself balloon figures

To connect the figure, you need to take the stem by the tulip and push it between the joints into the center of the flower. Other shapes can be made in the same way, for example, a balloon heart, a dog, a giraffe, and so on. Show your imagination, and a real holiday will come to your house.

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