DIY balloon figurines
DIY balloon figurines

Balloons and funny balloon figurines have always delighted children and adults. Light, bright, of various shapes and sizes, they can instantly decorate any room and fill it with a festive atmosphere. And imagine how much delight various figures from balloons will cause: bouquets, dogs, butterflies, flowers, animals.

A person who owns the technique of twisting, that is, knows how to model various shapes from balloons, resembles a real magician. But turning into a wonderful friend for kids and becoming the main character of any children's holiday is not so difficult. The main thing is to master a few simple rules, and then gifts from balloons, bouquets of flowers and animal figurines will be obtained in a couple of seconds.

balloon figurines

Twisting Secrets

Model Balls

Twisting balls are made from latex. It is a natural material that does not cause allergies. And another important quality is elasticity. Working with high-quality latex balloons is a real pleasure, because theydurable and pleasant to the touch.

Inflate the balloon

To create a figurine from balloons, they do not need to be inflated to the end. The size of the tail left will be determined by the number of twists and the future product itself. As a rule, the instructions for twisting a particular figure indicate how long the tail should be left. When you inflate the balloon, you need to release some air. This will make it softer.


When creating a figurine from balls, the left tail is of great importance, because it is into it that air moves during twisting. Before each twist, it is necessary to squeeze the place where the loop will be made several times with your hand in order to move the air. If you forget to do this or there is not enough air in the tail, the balloon will simply burst. You need to start twisting the figure from the side of the knot.

Make a dog out of a balloon

A dog is one of the simplest, but very beautiful figurines that can be created using the twisting technique. Let's determine the size of each section: 8 cm will go to the nose, 17 cm to the ears, 4 cm to the neck, 20 cm to the front legs, 11 cm to the torso, another 20 cm to the hind legs, and the remaining space will go to the tail of the dog. When inflating the balloon, leave a tail of about 5 cm.


The first twist at a distance of 8 cm from the knot will become the nose of the dog. Then the ears curl. They need to be folded in half and twisted around themselves two or three times. The muzzle is ready. We twist the rest of the parts in the same way. Depending on your wishes, sizes canadjustable, for example, if you make the neck long, then you will get a wonderful giraffe, and a long nose will turn the dog into a charming elephant.

Flower balloons

balloon bouquet

You must have seen gorgeous flowers or a bunch of balloons more than once? In fact, making such figures is very simple. We inflate the balloon, leaving a small tail, then we tie the knot and the tail together to form a vicious circle. After that, we connect the opposite sides and twist them several times, so that the result is a figure eight. Now we also connect the centers of the resulting petals and twist them. The first flower is ready. Similarly, we make other flowers for the bouquet. The stems are made from a simple green long ball that twists with the flower head. If desired, you can twist simple leaves.

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