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How to make a balloon bunny
How to make a balloon bunny

Twisting is the technology of creating various figurines from balloons. Such a useful skill is especially useful for parents of young children, and it will be interesting for other categories of people to learn how to do something unusual. In the end, such an extraordinary craft can be a wonderful surprise for the holiday, which will delight everyone around.

The article will talk about how to make a hare from balloons.

What you need for work

Before you try your hand at creating an interesting gift, you need to stock up on the following materials:

  • large size ball of the selected color;
  • two long balls;
  • five small;
  • colored paper;
  • double-sided adhesive tape or rubber glue.

Step-by-step instruction

You need to inflate the balloons, those that are small in size do not need to be completely filled with air. Then, using adhesive tape or glue, you need to connect the three balls. Two of them will act as paws, and one more will act as a tail.

A large ball - the body - is attached from above. Two more balls are glued on both sides of the body, the upper paws of the bunny.

The next step is to do the ears. Here you need a long ball, in the middle of which a loop is made, and the rest of the tail is inserted into the loop, making another loop, then simply twist the ball.

Now ears are glued to the balloon bunny - crafts to the head.

What is colored paper for? It will be required to make eyes, nose and mouth for a hare from balls. With the help of scissors, the necessary details are cut out, which, after manufacturing, are simply attached to the muzzle.

balloon bunny

What other craft option is there

You can make an original decoration for a child's birthday using another technology. In this case, you will need to acquire balls for modeling. If this term is unfamiliar to someone, then it is worth explaining that this is the name of special balloons that have an elongated shape and are intended directly for the manufacture of any crafts. Models come in different sizes, thicknesses, not to mention colors.

do-it-yourself balloon hare

Required Tools

For this job you need to stock up:

  • pump;
  • weight;
  • modeling balls.

The necessary weight is made very simply, you need to pour water into a five-inch ball and tie a knot so that it does not spill out.

How to

  1. You need to inflate 10 balloons of the selectedcolors that are marked 10 inches. They should be filled with air to full volume, then tie everything together.
  2. A load is attached to the already received bundle, which is necessary for the stability of the figure. You will also need to tie a deflated balloon. It is necessary for tying the parts of the bunny.
  3. 5 more balloons of the same marking are inflated, only they are filled with air a little less. Then they need to be superimposed on top of the first ten.
  4. With the help of a tied ball without air, both parts of the craft are attached.
  5. The third part of the hare is formed in the same way.
  6. On the next row you will need to add a white ball to represent the breast.
  7. The fifth row is formed from 2 white and 3 balls of the main color, the latter are located below, the first on top.
  8. Do another row in the same way.
  9. In the event that the tying ball suddenly runs out, you just need to attach another one of the same.
  10. It remains to fill the balloon with air, which will act as the head of a hare. By the way, you can purchase a special balloon for this occasion.
  11. At this stage, paws will be formed; Each paw takes 3 balls.

As soon as these details for the hare are made from balls, you need to tie a ball to them and attach crafts to the body. Thanks to this technique, it will be easy to determine how long the windmill will need to connect a pair of paws.

For each next row, the balloons are inflated smaller.

harewith carrots

Helpful advice

If the head of a hare made of balloons leans forward, and this happens, then there is an error with the size of the balloons on the chest. The difficulty can be solved by simply inflating a five-inch modular balloon that fits under the chin of the craft.

As you can see from the article, making a hare from balloons with your own hands is quite simple.

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